The Wrestling Genius: This Was a Tough One

I am aware other writers have brought this up but I’m throwing my two cents in on the subject, seeing as I’ve been saying for months now that it was pathetic that TNA had Jeff Hardy as their champion just because he sells t-shirts. Now I’ve read a few reports that this might be an “angle” or that he’s “working” this whole thing. I’m not buying it for a second, and if he was “working”, someone should walk into Vince Russo’s office and punch him in the crotch for every single fan who spent their hard earned money on that abomination of a PPV main-event. To think that people laid down their hard-earned money in this economy to be forced to that stinking pile of crap offends me deeply. Of course, I believe the reports that he was in no shape to be wrestling and that he isn’t working an angle. Jeff Hardy has a problem and no one at TNA seems to care. Do you think for a second Vince McMahon would endanger his wrestlers by forcing them to go out and wrestle a strung out performer. Jeff Hardy looked worse than Scott Hall and I never in my life thought I’d say a wrestler looked worse than Hall. Hardy has been getting a free a pass for too long from too many enablers. I’ve had emailers tell me how wrong I am about Jeff when I’ve written about him in the past. That he isn’t a “drug user” and that he is “an amazing performer that wouldn’t put anyone in danger in the ring”. Tell that to Ken Anderson who was busted wide open with a chair shot, and tell that to Sting who had to go down into the ring with a guy who clearly could have done something terrible at any moment. Jeff Hardy looked dazed, confused, and sick. Someone in TNA needs to tell him to get help, and if he won’t go and get help then suspend him without pay until he does. Keep him under contract so he can’t go make money on the indy circuit, but suspend him without pay. Again none of us know if this is an angle or not, and if it is an angle then I just want all of you to know that I personally will never watch another TNA event. I know I’ve talked about the death of TNA and how I wished it could make a comeback and that I had held out hope it would. Well if this is a work then I am done, and I urge all of you to do the same, because if it was an angle then they screwed me out of the last dollar I will ever spend on them. Whether this was an angle or not shame on TNA for that main event, you are telling me not a single person could have come up with a workable main-event. Throw RVD and Anderson into the ring and have a triple threat match for the world title. Have Bischoff come out, say Hardy was “hurt”, and make the triple threat match happen. Anything would have been better then what the fans got. That was the worst pay per view since December to Dismember ECW in 2006.

Now onto a very entertaining Raw and what I believed to be a fun and enjoyable opening segment. The Rock was picture perfect and I enjoyed it thoroughly. A comedy segment on Raw hasn’t entertained me in a long time, and this was so spot it just worked on every level for me. The crowd seemed more divided than usual with several things The Rock said getting more boos then cheers (must have been a lot of kids at the show in St. Louis). The Miz was great, not just on the mic but fooling the entire crowd into thinking The Rock was there live. The more I think about this main event the more I like it, which just isn’t a thing I normally say about Cena matches. The Miz once again destroyed Cena, which as we’ve seen in the past doesn’t bode well for Cena’s opponent. The WWE loves to make it seem like Cena is down and out and that he has no chance against an opponent only to have him become Superman, Hulk up and beat his opponent. We get WWE writers John Cena is a beast that can summon super human strength when faced with adversity, we don’t need this script to be written out the same way each feud. Cena feuds are more predictable than an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

We can now officially say Sheamus is out of the proverbial doghouse, no longer looking scared and weak, and back to where he belongs. I’ve been a Sheamus supporter since day one, I thought the guy was a beast and deserved a pushed. Now do I think his push came a little too quick? Yes, but I like him as the WWE champion. I like him better as the United States Champion; I think that is where he belongs at this stage of his career. I believe he needs to have a good run as US Champ before he gets another shot at either of the world titles. Not to mention he put on a very good match with Daniel Bryan, who had been pushed to the back burner as of late. Daniel Bryan can put on a great match against almost anybody on any given night if given the opportunity. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that those two put on a very good match, I’m just surprised the people on Raw allowed a match to go longer than three minutes seeing as everything of late has been nothing but talking. Daniel Bryan and Sheamus will make for a quality feud, and if given time could put on an even better match at Wrestlemania.

Apologize for the short article this week but I am battling a head cold and am on the road so even getting  a thousand words out is impressive if I do say so myself. Not gutting it out with a broken trachea HHH style but it lands somewhere between that and walking with a blister so I’m proud of myself.  Again thanks for commenting and emailing me I appreciate every bit of it I get. Hopefully I’ll be back home from the road before next week so I can get a nice long column for you guys. If you wish to email me, you can do so at I’m also on facebook, and will be getting a twitter soon so we can live tweet during Raw.


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