The Wrestling Genius: Time to Give Some a Chance

One of my favorite songs of all time is Elton John’s Tiny Dancer, and I don’t care who knows that fact. Tiny Dancer to me is a beautiful ballot that blends beautiful heartfelt lyrics with the perfect performer to pull it off. Yet this great song according to Elton John when performed live “went over about as well as a lead zeppelin”. That is until the movie Almost Famous pushed it into the main stream, and made an entire generation of people who really didn’t know or care who Elton John was, into believers of his superb talent. Right movie, right song, a connection that pushed a song that had lived in obscurity for almost thirty years into a sing along classic. What’s that you want my top 5 song/movie scene combo, well sense you asked for it.

5. Reservoir Dogs/Stuck In the Middle With You: Amazingly upbeat song, mixed with human mutilation. No director is better at setting mood using lighting, music, and background noise than Tarentino.

4. Rocky 3/Eye of the Tiger: One of the most iconic songs/movie scenes in sports movie history. If this song didn’t motivate you to go out and work out at least once than nothing will.

3. Say Anything/In Your Eyes: A touching scene, beautiful song, everything that was so good about John Cusack in the 80’s. Set the bar for cheesy love scenes in teen melodramas.

2. The Royal Tenenbaums/ Needle in the Hay: Dark movie and this scene defines its darkness. Luke Wilson’s attempted suicide was mixed with this song, gives me chills every time. Love this movie.

1. Almost Famous/ Tiny Dancer: Amazing scene, this song illustrates the power of music to bring people together. Nothing beats the chorus being sung by everyone on the bus.

Why bring this up in a wrestling column, because it just proves CM Punk’s point from Raw. Great talent, or in this case a great song, just needs the right push to be seen for how great it really is. Punk brought up a point that rarely gets brought up on television, but is something we as wrestling fans have talked about for a long time, why does certain talent get pushed over obviously better in ring performers? To keep the Tiny Dancer theme going why did it take an amazing talent like Christian over a decade to get his rightful push? Is it because he doesn’t have “the look”, is it because he was lost in the shadow of his former tag partner Edge, or was it a combination both? I can’t honestly tell you the reason, just like I can’t tell you the reason a guy like Evan Bourne goes nowhere and a bulky, slow, almost unwatchable, scrub like Mark Henry is half way through his millionth push.

Does Mark Henry have something that Evan doesn’t besides size? Bourne is more entertaining in the ring, he is younger, and while Bourne isn’t that great on the mic, Mark Henry hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire with his mic skills. So what is it? Vince has a business love affair with giants, no matter how untalented they are. Do we really need to keep seeing Khali, Mark Henry, and people of that mold continue to lumber around the ring, while crushing opponents and boring us half to death? The concept is simple; they want a giant around so that they can continue to push the old storyline of David vs. Goliath. Giants make for great easy heels, no one wants to root for Goliath, and that makes it very easy to use Goliaths to push new baby face Davids. It is just easy writing, lazy writing if you will, and we have been falling for it for years. We as fans need to say enough is enough, we will no longer put up with a mediocre product. Mark Henry should not be getting a push over far more entertaining performers. We need to let the WWE know that we stand behind CM Punk’s message, we don’t want the same old same old, we crave entertainment, compelling stories, and great in ring action.

So I was thinking of who the best guys right now in the WWE who might not have the look, but deserve a push because of their amazing talents, and also because I love arbitrary pointless lists.

5. Evan Bourne: Bourne is one of the best high flyers in WWE history, and he continues to be buried for reasons other than his talent. Bourne is a more entertaining version of Rey Mysterio, so why can’t he at least get the same push as Rey? Bourne gets the same crowd pop as some of the other big baby faces in the WWE, but doesn’t get the same push. Now I’m not saying Bourne should be a world champion right now, but he should at least not be used as a glorified jobber. He should be in hot feuds, and allowed to flourish before our very eyes. Perfect feud for Evan Bourne would be The Miz. Miz would work great matches with Evan, and would even allow Evan to get some much needed mic work.

4. Drew McIntyre: I was never that sold on him when he was originally pushed. However I’ve slowly grown on his talent and enjoy almost every match I see him in.  He is a guy that was stuck with a crappy gimmick from the word go, and hasn’t recovered. Drew can get it done; he just needs a little help. A perfect feud partner for him would be Ziggler, and I’m talking a real feud. Let it go on for a while, both would benefit from it.

3. Cody Rhodes: Cody is another very talented superstar with a terrible gimmick. Cut the bag crap, cut the mask stuff, and allow him to be a true baby face. Rhodes is very talented, and someone with the pedigree to be a champion, now let him go out and do it. The best feud for him would be Randy Orton. Two very good in ring performers, built in rivalry, and Randy would continue to help him along to becoming a main event superstar.

2. John Morrison: I think maybe it’s time I give up on Morrison. I’ve been saying how talented he is, how amazing he is, and how it’s only a matter of time before he’s a world champion. Time after time, something happens to derail him. I’m not ready to give up yet though; John is a 5 star talent with 2 star mic skills. For a long time I’ve heard he’s the next Shawn Michaels, well John it is now or never. Feud I want him in, Morrison vs. Del Rio. Both are up and coming stars and a high profile feud would help both, assuming they don’t use Morrison as a stepping stone for Del Rio.

1. Seth Rollins: Formerly known as Tyler Black, the most gifted FCW superstar period. He could come up to the main roster and make an impact right away. No one this talented should be forced to stay in the minors as long as Rollins has. If you need proof that he’s a future world champion, just YouTube Tyler Black. You’ll be blown away by his talent. The person to put him over as soon as he gets in is Christian. Christian is a great in ring general, and both have similar styles. Rollins can and would hold his own, amazing talent. Going out on a limb but I’ll say it, if Vince and creative give this guy a chance he’ll be a top tier talent in the next few years.

Again the point of that list wasn’t to take a shot at WWE creative, but just a list of guys that I feel have the talent necessary to get a push. Not everyone on that list is a future world champion, but deserving of being more than what they are now.

Alright, I’ve gotten several emails asking what I think of the Sting/Joker character. All I have to say is, while the WWE gets more ‘real’ TNA decided to go in another more cartoony direction. Sting is better than this, and quite frankly it’s an insult to have him playing that character. Sting should be Sting, and he should be in a feud with Samoa Joe. Joe is the biggest waste of talent I have ever seen. Joe has the potential to be as big as CM Punk, and he’s squandering his prime in an organization that would rather push midcard talent like Matt Morgan. Joe can work circles around everyone in TNA outside of Styles, and Angle. TNA better realize what they have in Joe before he’s gone on to greener pastures.

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