The Wrestling Genius: We are Now Living in the World We Created

So, here we are. HHH is the top heel in the WWE and he’s teaming up with Randy Orton to accomplish that task. No, this isn’t 2003 and no it isn’t a bad thing. What? You thought I would hate this angle? At first I found the “power struggle” between Vince and HHH to be a bit tedious and to be honest I thought it would ultimately be pointless. I thought it was Vince trying to get cheap love on HHH who was sort of liked but wasn’t over like he use to be. Vince was going to use his perceived megalomania as a way to get HHH more cheers. For a while it was working, but it wasn’t exactly entertaining.  HHH even aligned himself on the side of “this business isn’t all about big guys” bandwagon. They were telling a story and they were doing a great job of it. Daniel Bryan inexplicably has become the most over wrestler in the WWE and HHH had aligned himself with him. It appeared to be a savvy move by a guy trying to wrestle support away from his boss.

Maybe we should have seen it coming, and I’m sure many will tell you they did. Call me niave but I didn’t see it playing out the way it did. I thought the WWE would have the Vince/HHH feud continue on until at least Survivor Series. I thought they’d come up with teams to wrestle for all the power in the WWE. Instead, we saw Daniel Bryan become world champion in a great match with Cena. That’s right, Cena was in a great match. The fact that Cena did that on one arm has sold me on him. I don’t think he’s a great in ring performer but he is a tough son of a bitch and he has my respect. We watched the confetti fall and then we heard Orton’s music. I still didn’t see HHH coming. I thought it was a tease, that Orton was only coming out to tease us with a Money in the Bank cash in. I thought he’d just stand there, look at Bryan and leave. Setting up a future fued between the two. Then, well then HHH turned Bryan around and pedigreed him. Orton cashed in and the rest as they say is history.

HHH has taken our perceived views as him being an ego maniac who looks to bury anyone and everyone and has used it against us. He’s now playing the character we all thought he was. He is now a Vince like tyrant and is aiming it all at Daniel Bryan. Bryan to his credit has replaced CM Punk as the anti-corporate guy. Bryan is now the face of the anti-establishment and has become the most over guy in the WWE. Bryan needs HHH to be as big as he is and HHH needs Bryan to be as hated as he is right now. Few wrestling angles get you as much love as being the guy who is against the boss. Bryan has become the vegan version of Stone Cold Steve Austin and HHH has become the new Vince McMahon. I’m not saying Bryan is as big a star as Stone Cold but in terms of being the top face he certainly is. With Bryan the WWE has found the perfect hero. We love three things as fans, underdogs, anti-establishment guys, and beards, and Bryan is/has all three of those things.

The WWE is living in a meta world now where they take what we as fans are saying about them seriously. It isn’t a fluke that as Bryan’s fame has grown so has HHH’s rose again. HHH was the perfect foil for Byran because we see HHH as everything we hate in the WWE. The WWE knows many fans think HHH is only where he is because of Stephanie. They know we think he used this clout to bury worthy wrestlers. They see that we think all of that and they made it happen before our eyes. By thinking that way and complaining about it we created a self fulfilling prophecy. HHH is now the guy burying the smaller guy, all while mocking him for being the smaller guy. HHH has become on TV what we said he was off TV. This is compelling television and in a way it is interactive television.

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  • Jose

    I told my son who’s 18 yrs old and watches wwe (rarely) triple h will betray Daniel Bryan. Been watching wrestling many decades. And most of the time I can read the storylines. example…..( Mark Henry…John Cena) predicted that one to a T

    • Jared

      I thought they were building towards a HHH/Vince show down.

      • Sharath

        There’ll be a vince/hhh showdown where hhh ‘ll be the heel n Vince ‘ll ve the face…. Possibly could end up as hhh retirement match in wmxxx