The Wrestling Genius: WWE Payback Fact or Fiction

Here we go another WWE pay per view is upon us, this time it is WWE Payback. I got to say the lead up to this PPV has been both hit and miss for me. The top of the bill is weak but the rest of it is intriguing. The WWE is in a flux of sorts. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this much young budding talent while the top seems so barren. This is a subject I’ve brought up before so I’m not going to beat you over the head with it again, but it needs to be touched on just a little more. I can’t remember the last the WWE Pay Per View where the only match on the card that I didn’t want to see was the main event. Cena vs. Ryback is the least compelling television I’ve seen since I was forced to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls. Cena gave another patented mediocre promo where he tries to seem intense but really he’s just loud. Ryback is so out of his comfort zone on the mic it makes everyone uncomfortable. Also, could you have picked a more mediocre three stages of Hell. A lumberjack match, the most overrated and pointless special match ever conceived that didn’t involve Al Snow and Big Boss Man. Then a table match, which I guess is suppose to be interesting but not three stages of Hell interesting. The ambulance match is the only stage that actually has the possibility to be the kind of violence that the three stages of Hell deserves. When your main event is a gimmick like that, you can’t go 1 for 3 and expect your audience to care. As for the rest of the card let’s play fact or fiction WWE style…

Was Sheamus pushed too quickly?

Fact: This doesn’t mean that Sheamus is bad or that he’ll never be a main eventer again. What it means is he was pushed on the WWE Universe before his character was fully developed and he has had trouble becoming a compelling or interesting character. The WWE Universe has to invest in your character for you to matter to us and Sheamus never had a character. He was sort of a Celtic Warrior but he was kind of a tall Hornswaggle goofball type as well. Now that he has taken a step back and is working a non-title angle with another non-main eventer who is equally talented he seems to have found himself. His angle with Sandow is his best work in a while now and he’s seemed to make his go for a laugh while also maintaining an edge work.His intensity and comedy isn’t cartoonish, it still needs some work, but he’s in a better place now than he was when was champion. He has been a very good foil to the intellectual giant that is Sandow. Sheamus needs a long feud with Sandow and he needs to continue his steady improvement.

Prediction Sandow beats Sheamus but the feud continues.

AJ is the most compelling diva since Trish Stratus

Fact: Have there been far superior wrestling divas since Trish, yes. However, none of captured the spotlight AJ has been able to. She has become the biggest female star in the WWE and she did it without being a finished in ring product. She’s interesting because she gets her character. Very few female wrestlers get the chance to develop a character and the few that get that time haven’t hit the home run she has. As much as the WWE wanted Eve to be a compelling home wrecking diva she just wasn’t fun to watch. Layla and Michelle McCool were close but they needed each other especially Layla. AJ has been compelling on her own and after Monday’s promo has cemented herself as a near must watch every Monday.

Prediction AJ will win the Diva’s title.

Prediction: Dean Ambrose will beat Kane and retain the US Championship.

Paul Heyman could sell a ketchup Popsicle to a women in white gloves

Fact: Now I know I stole that line from Tommy Boy but is Paul Heyman can sell someone as boring as Curtis Axel it has to apply to him as well. Curtis Axel will be great and he is already very good in the ring, but in the limited time he’s had on the mic he has made at least five people go into a deep coma. He’s dull, he has zero charisma, and he sounds like he has marbles in his mouth every time he talks. That’s the beauty of teaming him with Paul Heyman. No one can get you the kind of insta cred and heat that Heyman can. Curis Axel can develop slowly over time on the mic because he has Paul Heyman. There is no rush to get him to be what he isn’t ala Ryback.

Curtis Axel win the Intercontinental Championship.

Randy Orton has found his mojo again.

Fiction: Randy Orton only appears to have found his mojo because he’s paired with Daniel Bryan who has unexpectedly become a mega star. Orton is still the guy who forgets his lines, seems disinterested at times, and has gotten lazier and lazier in the ring. That’s just how great Daniel has become though. Hs star has become so bright it shines on those around him. Make no mistake though as soon as Orton is done with Bryan he’ll go back to being the cyborg that replaced the compelling young Orton about six years ago.

Prediction: Orton and Bryan lose after Orton costs them the tag titles by turning on Bryan…or visa versa.

Prediction: Ziggler retains the World Heavyweight Title.

CM Punk will no show in Chicago.

Fiction: This might not even seem like something I have to bring up but I’m reading a lot of different stories that have people saying he will no show. The evidence is there that he might no show. Paul Heyman NOT Punk signed the contract, and he’s given no indication on social media or other means that he’ll be there. The only person saying he’ll be there is Paul Heyman. This could be a perfect scenario to get Punk out from underneath Heyman’s management. However, if he did no show it would not only alienate a large part of the WWE Universe who likes Punk, but it would also piss off a larger portion of the WWE Universe. Which is why I think he will show up but he’ll lose to Jericho leading Punk to say Heyman forced him back too soon. Gives him a split from Paul and he can go back to his sabbaticalA.

Prediction Jericho beats Punk

I don’t care about the main event of Ryback vs. Cena

Fact: The WWE doesn’t seem to care to make these two compelling so I’m not going to pretend I’m compelled.

Prediction: Ryback beats Cena in the final stage.

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By: Jared Gebhardt