The Wrestling Genius: You Sent’em I Responded 2, the Electric Boogaloo

sAlright it is that time again, time to reach into the bag and get your questions answered, and by bag I mean email and twitter. However before I do that I want to give a few brief thoughts on what happened at Raw. I like the Nash, HHH, Punk angle; I’m just not pleased with how rushed it feels. The ending of Raw seemed slapped together at the last moment. HHH announcing that he’ll be facing Punk at Night of Champions, and then quickly cutting back to Cena in the ring made no sense. It should have ended with a stare down. Now, I’m not sure where it is going so I’m keeping an open mind, but the HHH vs. Punk match seems like it is happening a few months early. I know why they are doing it now, because they can’t put Kevin Nash in a match because his knees are both made of paper Mache knees. With that said, why bring Nash back at all if he can’t go? Unless the reports of his health are wrong, which I highly doubt they are seeing as Nash has no real knees left, and that is just a medical fact not speculation. Maybe they think they can squeeze another match out of him, but first they want him to interfere in the finish between HHH and CM Punk, that way both Punk and HHH save face for another show down, and Nash stays relevant (not that I want him to stay relevant because let’s face it there are more deserving men who aren’t past their prime by a decade). Love the angle, story, rivalry, just wish the execution would have been better on RAW. With that said, Smackdown took it to another level. HHH and Punk continues to build a very entertaining chemistry. I like that HHH isn’t a total heel, and Punk isn’t a total heel. Both play to their parts of the crowd, and both continue to push the right buttons with the other’s side of the crowd. The Smackdown segment would have been much better without Nash, but I guess he’s going to be here to stay at least in the short term so we have to realize this and accept it.

And away we go with the questions:

I don’t think there is a brand extension anymore, yet there still is a brand extension. They should just go ahead and merge them back to one and have everyone on both shows. What do you think?

JG: Well they have been blurring the lines and brands for a while now; they just haven’t out right told us they are doing it until this week. It is good to see Orton on RAW and Punk on Smackdown. With that said I like the separate brands because it allows for multiple titles. However with separate brands the feuds do get stale, so it is good to see Orton move over to RAW and have a great match with Ziggler on RAW.

“Most of us in America hate Del Rio, but in Mexico he’s as big as Rey Mysterio, if not bigger. He comes from a family of wrestlers, and in Mexico wrestlers are put on star pedestal like Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts are in America”

Spoken like someone who has no clue what they are talking about. Alberto Del Rio was hardly over in Mexico, let alone bigger than Mysterio or even Mistico. (Mysterio and Mistico were the biggest things in Mexico, not Alberto Del Rio). You really need to do some research; you remind me of the ADR fan on a message board who tried to claim what you did too. Both of you are clueless. Anyone who knows anything about Mexican wrestling knows ADR was never that big in Mexico.

JG: Not a question more of a series of accusations. I was troubled a bit by this email at first, not because it criticized me, but because it accused me of being way off base. So, I asked a few of my twitter followers from Mexico how off I was. The consensus I got was that I was a little off on just how popular Alberto is in Mexico, but I wasn’t off on how big it is for there to be a Mexican born WWE champion. It is one of those situations where I let my hyperbole get ahead of the actual facts and the facts are, Mistico is more over in Mexico than Del Rio, but Del Rio will be far more over than Ray if he goes into Mexico with the title around his waist. I should really just stick to what I know completely, American wrestling and how to make a cup of coffee.

hey man!!! So, here goes a question about movies n comics, what do u think about the way characters are adapted to the movies. For example Bane in the upcoming Batman, it’s actually ridiculous to see batman kicking his ass so easily, when in the comics it was the other way around.

JG: Interesting question, how far should a movie be able to take creative license with an already established character. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Series is supposed to be more realistic than any other adaptation. Bane is suppose to be a very large imposing figure, you know “The Man that Broke Batman’s Back”. Tom Hardy cannot be described as large or imposing. So, why change the character’s appearance so drastically? I trust Christopher Nolan’s vision, he all but reinvented Joker in The Dark Knight, so I trust his Bane adaptation will be a success. Movie adaptations of comic books/graphic novels are very hit or miss. They either are amazing (Dark Knight, Captain America, Iron Man), or they are very bad because the director didn’t know enough about the character’s universe to make a good convincing adaptation (Green Lantern, The Spirit, Catwoman). To adapt a story from comic to movie should be easy, but you have to have a director who is smart enough to keep the universe intact, and is willing to take risks but not completely reinvent a character we’ve grown to know and love.

If Hogan was 80’s, Cena was 2000’s whose gonna be the guy for 10?

JG: I originally answered “We haven’t seen him yet” on twitter. However the more I think about it the more I think I misunderstood the question. I first thought he meant who was the WWE’s next superman wrestler. Then I thought it over and I took it to mean who is the next big thing, who will lead the WWE into the next decade. I want to say it will be Punk, but I need to see him carry the torch a little longer than a few months before I give him the title. No, I think I’ll stick with my first answer but with a quantifier, we haven’t seen him yet, but if we have it is Punk.

What do you think of Jeff Hardy returning to TNA, when you said he never would?

Okay, first off I never said he wouldn’t return, I said I don’t think they’d want him back. Well I underestimated TNA’s desperation to save the show. Jeff Hardy does equal ratings, and I believe people deserve a second chance. With that said, Jeff Hardy has had plenty of chances. He showed no public remorse for what he did to the product, for the fans that had to go through that terrible main event. He was a danger to his fellow wrestlers and he hasn’t gone to rehab or shown any change in his personality. He still has YouTube videos where he acts and looks like he is still on drugs. His court proceedings are still pending, and yet TNA is letting him back into their locker room. I just don’t understand the reasoning behind this decision, and while I may come off as preachy and unwilling to give seconds chances. I’m more than willing to give second chances, if the person I’m giving them to showed even an ounce of real remorse. So, no I’m not on the Jeff Hardy bandwagon. To prove I believe in second chances, I’m all for Mike Vick’s return to the NFL. He did his time, he showed genuine remorse, and has said and done all the right things.

Besides AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, does TNA have any bankable stars that WWE would want to take in and give a push to?

Aaron is a friend of mine that has made a few appearances in my columns, so this wasn’t a direct question, but something we have debated back and forth a few times. I don’t think there are a lot of people in TNA that the WWE wants, but with the recent push of tag team wrestling in the WWE I can think of a few more besides Styles and Joe. Beer Money is a great candidate, both are big, strong, talented guys with the talent to go into the WWE and get a major push in the tag division. Also Robert has the pedigree that Vince loves, and Storm is a work horse both would do very well in the WWE. Matt Morgan and Crimson have the size the WWE loves, but neither is a bankable star outside of their size. I have no doubt Motor City Machine Guns would do well in the WWE, and they would have an amazing feud with Kofi and Bourne. I really only see a handful of WWE worthy talent working in TNA right now.

Do you think the 24/7 hardcore belt should come back for comedic reason? It helped make the attitude era, and beats a lot of other comedy segments they currently run.

I would absolutely love to see the hardcore belt return, but not in the WWE. I’d love to see it on TNA and give it to Eric Young. There would be nothing funnier in wrestling than EY with a 24/7 belt. He is already a very funny entertaining guy; now add more paranoia and actual wrestling and I’d be in stitches. Not to mention, every once in a while TNA could put on actual entertaining hardcore matches, as oppose to the WWE who takes stances against all things hardcore and bloody.

And finally because there is always at least one

Marks like you amaze me, you know so little about wrestling, and yet you get a column. It is just a travesty that you get a column you are wrong so often that there is no possible way anyone actually reads your column. Just stop writing about wrestling you mark.

JG: Can’t wait to read your column……oh wait that’s right you don’t have one. Congrats llm2010, you win the award for being the worst emailer/tweeter of the mailbag. At least you finally won something in life; you can pick up your award later today.

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