The Wyatt Family Still Together, Triple H Talks WWE Performance Center One Year Later, Eve

– The photo below is going around social media with fans believing that Bray Wyatt turned on The Wyatt Family at today’s WWE live event in Japan. The photo was actually taken just seconds after John Cena ducked a chairshot, causing Bray to accidentally hit Erick Rowan. The Wyatt Family is still together.

– WWE’s website has a new article up on the WWE Performance Center turning one year old. Triple H commented:

“Our goal for the Performance Center was to create an environment that would both educate and facilitate growth with the developmental talent. Over the past year, we have seen tremendous success in these areas and are excited for the future of the center as well as what it means for WWE as a whole.”

– Chris Jericho’s new interview with Former WWE Diva Eve Torres is now online and can be heard below.

  • Monkey D. Luffy


    What a relief, a picture does speak 1000 words.

    Had i just seen the picture, i would’ve assumed Bray turned on the Wyatts.

    • cj

      Right & Harper n Rowen has their own theme music on Raw last week which was odd. So used to them using the groups music

      • Arvind

        They’ve been using it since MITB.

        • cj

          Oh never noticed .

  • Mrs.Ambrose #TeamZigglyPuff

    Bray Wyatt a face character? LOL.