The 2013 WWE Year In Wins And Losses

With 2013 coming to an end, WWE has posted a feature on their official website that takes a statistical look back at the year. Below are the categories with the corresponding WWE Superstar:

Most Wins By Pin Or Submission
Randy Orton – 56

Most Wins By Disqualification
Daniel Bryan – 12

Highest Winning Percentage
John Cena – 77.7%

Most Wins By A Diva
Natalya – 24

Most Matches
Randy Orton – 90

Most Matches Ending In A No Contest
Dean Ambrose – 11

Undefeated Superstar
Jo Jo – 3-0

Winless Superstar
Zeb Colter

You can view the full article by clicking here.

  • Bryan Thomas

    Lmao @ dean ambrose. That’s my boy right there though

  • David

    How does Orton have more wins than John Cena…but Cena has a higher winning percentage?

    • Big_Heat_34

      Orton has 56 wins (at least via pinfall/submission) in 90 matches, which is a winning percentage of 62.2%. With Cena missing time due to injury, he’s got less matches, so he wouldn’t have as many wins as Orton, but apparently not as many losses either. My guess (just based off of numbers, since I’m a stat freak) would be Cena won 35 out of 45 matches – 77.7%.