THQ Low Balling Attitude Era Stars For WWE ’13, WWE ’12 DLC

– THQ will not be releasing any more Downloadable Content for the WWE ’12 video game.

– THQ is looking to feature more legends from the Attitude Era in the upcoming WWE ’13 video game. According to the, former WWE wrestler Sean “X-Pac” Waltman is upset because THQ is reportedly offered him a very small amount of money to appear in the game.

Several stars from the Attitude Era have been contacted to appear in the game and the superstars who are not currently under a WWE talent contract or a Legends deal are not being offered much to be featured in the game.

As previously reported, WWE Hall of Famers Jim Ross will be replacing Michael Cole on commentary and will call the matches alongside his longtime broadcast partner, Jerry “The King” Lawler.

  • Ratedetk

    try to contact goldberg and lashley, so they could be put into the game!

  • Jgorl88

    Road dogg, billy gunn, the 3 faces of foley, austin, rock, x pac, ministry taker and classic kane, dudley borz (if possible), classic jericho, the godfather, viscera, and big bossman. There ya go, that’s who ya need.