Three Possible Matches For WWE Elimination Chamber, JBL & Xavier Woods’ Commentary

Elimination Chamber

– The following matches are expected for WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view:

* CM Punk vs. Kane

* Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

* The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

– As heard on Monday night’s RAW commentary, JBL and Xavier Woods were talking about Furman University and East Carolina University. JBL called ECU the “Harvard of the South” because Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon attended the school while Woods got his degree from Furman. Those lines were certainly fed to JBL by Vince.


  • James Humwood

    Well this card is predictable thus far cm punk will win to build up his match with HHH , Batista will win which is stupid because unlike Batista del rio actually has talent, and the Wyatt’s will win to build up the cena vs bray match and I’m thinking while they might not split yet the shield will probably have some more tension causing them to lose

    • Mario Cardone

      I don’t hate del rio exactly, but he’s been doing the same shit for years now. He wins every monday against a mexican or a nobody. Then he loses at the PPV, unless he is champion, then he cheats and wins. I liked him before his title win, then it was downhill from there

  • Prince

    Finally doing The Shield vs. The Wyatts. Awesome! Should be a great match.