Thunder And Lightning: Destination X 2012 Predictions

Thunder and Lightning are back with our Destination X 2012 predictions! The card is limited at the moment because of the tournament match mystery, but we’re here to map it our for you as best we can!

X-Division Tournament:
Sonjay Dutt
Rashad Cameron
Kenny King
Zema Ion
Kid Kash
Doug Williams
Flip Cassanova
Winner of the Four Way Between: Dakota Darsow, Lars Only, Rubix, and Mason Andrews

Thunder: Since we’re not being given the four singles matches up front, I’ll do the best job at guessing that I can. I’m predicting Rubix to win the last chance four way to make it into the tournament. From there, I’m predicting Zema Ion, Kenny King, Sonjay Dutt, and Kid Kash to be the four that battle in out in the Ultimate X. For the Ultimate X match, I’m predicting Zema Ion to capture the X-Division Title. This is mainly speculation, as TNA could take a lot of angles with this entire tournament, but I do expect a full time member of the TNA roster to end up with the championship when this thing is over.

Lightning: The matches aren’t listed so, I’m going to pick my four guys who I believe will win their matches. The wild card in these quarters is the mystery competitor(Jesse Sorenson, maybe?) and who exactly it is. Rashard Cameron(Sabian) and Kenny King are independent regulars and King’s contract is up with ROH. I haven’t heard anything about either of them signing with TNA but that would be nice to see them given a chance. Doug Williams and Sonjay Dutt were nice surprises but I’m not sure how much of a push they’ll get; I’d like to see more of them. Zema Ion and Kid Kash have been used at TNA events regularly.

Predictions: Zema Ion, Kenny, Sonjay Dutt and the winner of the four way.

QuickNote: I’d like Rashad Cameron to move in but once again, I’m not sure about his contract situation.

My ultimate finals from this match would have been Rubix(Jigsaw), Kenny King, Sonjay Dutt and Rashad Cameron but that’s obviously not going to happen. Right now, I have it standing as Zema Ion, Kid Kash, Sonjay Dutt and the four way winner. If this match is given enough time, it could steal the show, as it should.

Prediction: Sonjay Dutt to win his first X-Division Championship

QuickNote: Zema Ion could be the other surprise winner but I suspect Dutt has worked out a lengthy contract with TNA and is back as a X-Division Mainstay. The mystery opponent is usually an obvious pick but it really depends on who wins the four way.

Bound For Glory Series Match – Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle:

Thunder: These two have put on classics in the past, and I expect this to be the best pure wrestling match of the night. Joe has been working his tail off in ppv matches as of late, and I expect him to do his best work against the Olympic Gold Medalist. Kurt has really shown up in every ppv match since Lockdown, and I hope this match with Joe becomes a reminder to TNA fans of exactly the sort of wrestler that Kurt Angle is capable of being. Kurt and Joe bring out the best in one another, and this one should be no different. In the end, I expect Angle to come out on top.

Lightning: Samoa Joe so far has been the surprise for me in the BFGS. He’s been impressive and sits amongst the top of the leader board. The only thing is it’s still very early. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles tag team title run was short; maybe TNA officials decided making them a tag team was a mistake? Either way, this match has potential written all over it. It’s no secret I haven’t been a fan of Joe as of late but he has regained my attention lately(started against Aries). Angle is the dark horse in this competition, mainly because he hasn’t really been a main focal point in the World Title scene since his return.

Prediction: Kurt Angle

QuickNote: I almost picked Joe because of the roll he’s been on, but I have noticed for the most part that the BFGS is usually fairly close amongst the top competitors, and Angle will close that gap.

Last Man Standing – Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles:

Thunder: If you think this match will be straight up one on one, you’re delusional. Kazarian will be involved in this match, as will “Claire.” Claire’s character annoys me, and not just because she can’t act. Dixie and AJ promoting this storyline as intelligent and fresh is even more annoying than Claire’s bad acting. This is where TNA is just going in the wrong direction. Yes, AJ Styles can be TNA’s version of John Cena and be the top draw for shows, but horrendous storylines are not required to keep things interesting. Christopher Daniels will win this match.

Lightning: The only thing I can hope for is this match will ultimately end this awfully dragged out storyline. I know I’m not the only one who is getting annoyed with how long this storyline has been. Now, as for the match, Styles and Daniels have amazing chemistry in the ring and they put on some of the best matches I can think of. This match should be no different and Kazarian should make some sort of impact. The outcome of this match will depend on which direction TNA wants to go with the storyline.

Prediction: AJ Styles

QuickNote: I still suspect Angle to help watch Styles back somehow in this match; that’s how Styles will overcome the Kazarian-factor.

World Title Match – Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries

Thunder: What would be more fitting than Austin Aries surrendering the X Division Title and winning the World Title at the D-X ppv? Absolutely nothing. TNA, however, won’t do that. This match will make you think Aries could get the win, but ultimately he will not. I have a strong feeling that Chris Sabin could get involved in the match after what happened on Impact Thursday night, but I don’t think he will cost Bobby Roode. I think Chris Sabin will pull a double cross and cost Aries the match. Sabin and Aries can feud when he recovers from injury. I predict the reign of Bobby Roode to continue after Sunday.

Lightning: Yes! Yes! Yes! this match alone makes me want to buy this PPV. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of both these guys and Roode has been a great heel champion. Aries’ in-ring talent is amongst the best in the business and to see that hard work finally pay-off is nice. Aries and Roode has the ability of being one of the best World Title Matches TNA has ever seen; the biggest problem they’re going to face is time management with the other matches and if they’re given enough time. Aries giving up the X-Division Title did two things: One, it finally put the emphasis back on the X-Division Title and two, it put Aries, and rightfully so, into the World Title picture.

Prediction: Bobby Roode to retain his TNA World Title

QuickNote: I don’t suspect that the rumors are exactly true about Roode losing at Bound for Glory to James Storm. I believe they could have Roode hold the title beyond Bound for Glory but that he will eventually drop it to James Storm.

Final Thoughts:

Thunder: My favorite thing about Destination X is the fact that the show focuses on a unique group of talent that helped shape the company into what it is today. TNA has used the X Division like WCW used the Cruiserweights, and I mean that in the best possible way. I enjoy seeing the majority of the talent on the card come from the X Division. The matches will be far more exciting and fast paced, and the storytelling doesn’t have to overshadow the product that we’re being given in the ring. It’s a great night for pure wrestling fans.

Lightning: TNA’s PPV product has gradually increased and become a fun product to watch. It’s nice to see that the X-Division has become relevant again and thanks to Aries the X-Division Title has had a rebirth in prestige. Aries/Roode I have been calling for for quite some time and to finally get the opportunity to see it will be awesome. I wish that TNA has signed all the participants in the X-Division Tourney but that’s wishful thinking. That Ultimate X Match is going to be fun to watch. This PPV should deliver like their last few PPVs. – add me!