Thunder & Lightning: Over The Limit 2012: Thoughts & Predictions

Over the Limit is this Sunday on ppv, and here are Mike Lightning’s predictions for the show along with my own. I don’t have a lot to say about this show, and that’s mostly because I’m letting the show speak for itself and hoping the outcome isn’t as obvious as it appears to be. Based on the card, it could flop, or it could flourish. Let’s get to it.

Lightning and I both believe that Miz and Brodus Clay will wrestle an impromptu match, and we both believe Brodus’ squash run will continue at Miz’s expense. We also think Ryback will squash someone in a quick match as well. Lightning thinks his opponent could be Alex Riley; I think there’s a possibility they could randomly book him to face Cody Rhodes or Santino. Rhodes and Santino have a champion vs champion match on Smackdown this week, and it’s also possible that they could have a match again this Sunday.

Confirmed Card:

Preshow Match: Zack Ryder vs. Kane

JT: Kane will win. The misuse of Zack Ryder will continue. The match will be short.

ML: We have nothing relevant for the Big Red Machine to do right now, so we’ll book him against a guy who he really hasn’t feuded with but has been involved in a few of his storylines. This match has no buildup but will conclude a “feud” that has gone on since Ryder and Cena were “BFFs.” There really isn’t much more to say about this match.
Predicton: Kane

Divas Champion Layla vs. Beth Phoenix

JT: Layla just came back, and she’s been on a role. If you want to talk about some bringing legitimacy, I’m going to have to argue that Layla has helped make the divas division legitimatte. This should be a good match, and I hope it’s given 8-10 minutes for these two to tell a good story. I don’t think Beth will get the title back just yet; it’s more fun to watch her chase it. I’m predicting that Layla retains her title.

ML: So, the “injury” angle where Beth lost the title to Nikki Bella wasn’t about Kharma. It was about Layla? That doesn’t make much sense to me. My guess is, Nikki Bella winning the Divas Title was to try and lure the Bella Twins into re-signing with the company. When that failed, Layla made her return to win the title. That way Nikki didn’t beat Beth without an “injury,” and if the Bellas did re-sign, Nikki could hold the title for a period of time before losing it. That’s my theory on the whole thing, especially considering now that Kharma hasn’t returned. So, they scrapped the injury angle and Beth is back in the picture.
Prediction: Layla to retain the Divas Championship

WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler

JT: Kofi and Truth just won the titles. I don’t see them dropping them this soon. This match has the potential to be really entertaining if it’s given a fair amount of time. I predict Kofi and Truth to retain their titles.

ML: With AJBP(Air Jimmy Boom Proof), my name for them, winning the tag titles on Raw a few weeks back, they were thrusted immediately into singles match against Ziggler and Swagger. With the singles matches being split between the two, it set up this Tag Match. This match, if they’re given enough time to showcase what tag team wrestling is about. Considering 3 of the 4 guys in the ring, should be competing for some sort of World Title, a tag team title match will have to do. It is nice to see some sort of gold around the waists of Truth and Kofi. Ziggler needs to break away from Vickie and Swagger, and move into the World or WWE Title pictures.
Prediction: Air Jimmy Boom Proof to retain the Tag Team Championships

John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis

JT: Lightning is right about this match. Big Show will probably help JL score the victory. If not Big Show, then it will be Lesnar. If not Lesnar, then it will finally be Batista. There’s better odds on Big Show at this point. Even if JL wins the match like I’m predicting, it will be a lot of fun to watch Cena kick his ass for a short while. This won’t be match of the night, and it won’t even be memorable, but you know it’s going on as the main event to close the show.

ML: I’m not sure how many people have linked this match to some of the other storylines going on, but I made a connection last night that I have only shared with one person, Joe Thunder. Before, I get to that connection and reveal what I think wll happen, I’m going to comment on how bad I believe this match is going to be. JL wasn’t a very good wrestler in his “prime”….and now that he’s older, it’s going to be worse. Also, the fact that this match is going to be the Main Event, royally pisses me off, because I feel like we’re not going to even get a 2-Star match out of it. Now, that I’ve done my ranting and raving about this match…’s my theory.
Prediction: John Laurinaitis

QuickNote: John Laurinaitis is going to win this match with help from BIG SHOW. Yes, that’s right, Big Show. Think about it for a moment….Big Show gets fired on Raw, he had to beg for his job. If anyone on the WWE roster interferes duing the match, they’re fired. With Show being fired on Raw, he’s TECHNICALLY NOT part of the WWE roster anymore. He helps JL win the match, and the next night, gets re-hired, but he’ll be heel and on JL’s team. BOOM! You have another GIANT to feud with Cena, while Cena has to contend with Tensai, as well. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Match: Chris Jericho vs Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton

JT: This should be a really good match. Jericho and Orton add a lot of star power to a match that I honestly thought would be dull if it were just Sheamus and Del Rio one on one. I don’t think Jericho or Orton will win the title right now, and I don’t think WWE has enough belief in ADR as a top heel to be the champ either. I’m picking Sheamus to win this match. If Sheamus were for some reason to not retain the title, then I would actually expect Jericho to be the surprise winner that nobody expected.

ML: I don’t believe Randy Orton and Chris Jericho were added to this match because one of them are going to win. I believe they were added to the match because WWE lost confidence in the idea of Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio 1-on-1 for the World Title. That should make Sheamus feel really good about his abilities. So far, Sheamus has defended against Daniel Bryan, an amazing wrestler who can carry anyone. Then, in his next 1-on-1 match, the WWE adds too top notch wrestlers to the mix in Jericho and Orton. Hmm….if I’m Sheamus, I’ve lost confidence in myself. If this match is done properly, it could be one of the best Fatal Four-Way matches we’ve ever seen. Either way, this match should be fun to watch.
Prediction: Alberto Del Rio to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion

QuickNote: It doesn’t really make much sense to have Sheamus lose the title already, but the addition of Jericho and Orton, does concern me. I feel like the WWE officials may have lost confidence in Sheamus, already. I’m not sure what would have caused that to happen, but it seems fishy to me. I suspect that Sheamus and Jericho will feud from here, considering they were the last two Royal Rumble participants and that Del Rio and Orton will start the feud I thought was going to happen back before Mania.

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan

JT: The first WWE ppv meeting between the two best performers in the company happens this Sunday at Over the Limit. As long as these two get at least twenty minutes, this match will make the show worth paying for. I hope this is the start of a long rivalry that goes all summer like Orton/Christian in 2011. I could almost see the title changing hands here with the help of AJ, and then seeing Punk chase Bryan for the title over the next couple months. However, I’m predicting AJ’s involvement in this match will cost Bryan his shot and that Punk will retain the WWE Title.

ML: If there ever was a match that screamed “HEY! I COULD BE A 5-STAR MATCH!”….it’s this one. These two are both awesome wrestlers and absolutely amazing to watch. The lack of buildup for this match makes me believe that we could see a DBry and CM Punk feud. If you remember correctly, CM Punk and Chris Jericho’s feud didn’t really start off fast either. And with the backstage segment of AJ and CM Punk this past Monday, it makes me further think that this feud wll develop further. I’m hoping the WWE doesn’t book AJ to get involved in this match, this match alone can be the best match of the year. Intereference or distractions would only kill what this match is capable of delivering.
Prediction: CM Punk to retain the WWE Title

QuickNote: If the WWE does decide to book some sort of interference or distraction in this match from AJ, I actually suspect that AJ could get involved to HELP Daniel Bryan win, to try and gain approval from DBry. So, if AJ does get involved, look for a Daniel Bryan victory.

Lightning is up by four matches in our prediction challenge for the year. We predict for WWE, TNA, and Ring of Honor ppvs. Over the Limit should be an interesting show this Sunday, and I hope for all of our sakes that the outcome is not as predictable as we made it sound here. Thanks for reading! – add me