Thunder&Co. : TNA Slammiversary 2012: Thoughts And Predictions

Welcome to our TNA Slammiversary predictions column! This month we’ve got the usual analysis on each match from Mike Lightning and myself, but we’re also joined by the straight shooter Jace D. Ace, and newcomer Christian Seibel who are on board to share their brief takes on each match. Slammiversary is taking place tomorrow night in Arlington, TX, and the buildup for the card has been very good. That said, let’s get to it:

Kid Kash vs Hernandez:

JT:This one appears to be a filler for this good sized card. Kid Kash is great for adding excitement in any match, and I expect this to either be a dark match or to open the show to get the crowd hot for the night(more likely a dark match looking at the competitors. I’m going with heel Hernandez to get the win in this one.

CS: Kid Kash will beat Hernandez. This will be a boring match, and so no one is going to care about it.

JDA: Kid Kash.

ML: With no exposure of any histoy between these two, I’m going to assume this match was added as filler. Hernandez hasn’t been featured in any real relevant storylines in quite some time. Kid Kash continues to be underused and not shown in the national spotlight. I hope these two have solid in-ring chemistry.
Prediction: Hernandez

Robbie R and Robbie T vs Garrett Bischoff and Brother Devon:

JT: Now this is the sort of logic that I like from TNA. Devon has been defending the TV Title every single week and they’ve found a way to have all sorts of finishes(dqs, rundowns, Devon winning clean or with help, ect) to keep the title on Devon. Now that we’ve got a ppv, the belt doesn’t matter. This rivalry that stemmed from Devon accepting an open challenge from Robbie E to win the TV Title has really heated up and become personal. Garrett Bischoff clearly needs a lot more work in the ring and many years of experience, and so what better way to put him on the map than to pair him with one of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time? I suspect that eventually Bischoff and Devon will have more singles matches, but I’m predicting them to lose this match to Robbie E and Robbie T.

CS: Robbie E and Robbie T will lose to Garrett Bischoff and Brother Devon. This will be the match no one cares about, because its Garrett Bischoff in another PPV match. #Boring (Follow me on twitter @christianseibel btw)

JDA: Devon/Garrett (calling for the faces to win.)

ML: Robbie E./Robbie T. vs. TV Champion Devon/Garett Bischoff – The fact that Garett continues to get shoved down our throats is part of why I believe TNA is in trouble. The kid doesn’t draw, he’s not talented enough to ever become a draw and sticking him in storylines or feuds people want to see is not going to help the company. Speaking of feuds people want to see, Devon and the Robbies is NOT one of them. This feud has really been dragged out and overcooked. They need something better. Look for Robbie T. to finally turn on Robbie E., and ending this feud finally.

Austin Aries vs Somoa Joe(X Division Title Match?)

JT: I’m not sure if this is a title match or not, but I don’t see Austin Aries losing any matches with the hot streak that he’s been on for the past several months. One could argue that with the title not being on the line that Joe could pick up the win and start a heated rivalry, but I think this rivalry will continue regardless of how the outcome is booked. I just cannot and will not pick against Aries in this match. If Joe works like the Joe of old then you should expect this match to steal the show.

CS: Austin Aries will lose his X Division Championship to Samoa Joe. Why, you ask? It’s simple; he’s been champ too long and Joe I think has to have a new fire lit beneath him. If Aries retains, Joe may as well be losing to Eric Young on Xplosion, because his career will just be uneventful.

JDA: AA (duh)

ML: Two weeks ago Joe was escorted out of the building for TNA’s live debut. Two weeks ago, there was no histoy between Aries and Joe. Now, Joe and Aries have a potential title match on Sunday? Inconsistent storyline. Apparently when you lose the tag titles, you split and don’t get a rematch. That’s what Joe and Magnus did. To further my frustrations with this match/storyline, Aries’ title might be on the line. Great, let’s bury the X-Division further. I have no problems with the weight limit on the title. There should be on since most major promotions don’t carry a Cruiserweight or Lightweight Division anymore.
Prediction: Austin Aries to retain the X-Division Title IF the title is on the line. If it’s not, Samoa Joe is my prediction.

QuickNote: I don’t feel this is a cop out pick because there’s pretty specific guidelines to my pick and since we’re still unsure if the title is up for grabs, I justify how I picked this match.

Brooke Tessmacher vs Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship

JT: Gail Kim has represented the title in the same way that Jeff Jarrett did with the NWA World Title. Her run has been lengthy and she’s a fantastic job defending against all challenges. I think it’s time for a change and Brooke seems like the perfect candidate to take the title from her and represent the division as champion.

CS: Brooke Tessmacher will become TNA knockouts champion. TNA seems high on her right now, and therefore they will probably give her a run with the title. Why not? She might be an awesome champ.

JDA: Kim (she’s been on a roll lately, why screw this up?)

ML: I still don’t feel Brooke is ready to hold the title, but this feud has been nice to watch. Tessmacher has Gail Kim’s number having pinned her three times prior to their last PPV match. Despite the length of this feud, it doesn’t feel old or played out, but it should still come to a close. Unless Tessmacher does win the title, then we’ll see a rematch I’m sure. Gail Kim has been nothing short of dominate.
Prediction: Brooke Tessmacher to become New Knockouts Champion

QuickNote: The length of this feud is what tipped the scale for this prediction. Gail Kim’s reign has been impessive so it might be time for a new champ. I just wish it was with someone who is ready, because Tessmacher isn’t ready.

Triple Threat No. 1 Contender’s Match for the World Heavyweight Championship – Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam vs Mr. Anderson:

JT: Now this here feels like TNA is just giving us the same thing over and over and over ect. It’s tiring. I know that these three are capable of giving us an exciting match, but I’m somewhat tired of seeing the WWE castoffs booked against one another. I would rather see RVD and Aries go one on one, and then maybe Anderson and Daniels. I just want to see something different. The constant booking of the same guys together just grows old. I’ll predict Anderson to be the next number one contender for the title.

CS: Jeff Hardy will become #1 contender for the Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Will he beat the champ next week? No, but a nice 15-20 minute match will make the belt seem more important. They’re making Robert their new big star; he’ll be champ until BFG when James Storm returns.

JDA: I’m a Hardy Mark, but I’m calling it for RVD; they gotta try and keep him in the company

ML: I feel like we just saw this match not too long ago on Impact…wait, we did. RVD won that match after being a late addition. Everyone’s popular choice is Jeff Hardy, after all, he’s the fan favorite amongst these three. Mr. Anderson has all the talent in the world, he needs to stay healthy. And RVD, well what can I really say about him other than he’s a great entertainer. Hopefully this triple threat is better than their last one, the one they had on Impact was pretty good but better is always…well, better.
Prediction: Jeff Hardy

QuickNote: I hate predicting that but TNA has held Hardy away from a TNA World Title or had him get “screwed” out of his title matches long enough. Hardy will be next in line, much to my displeasure, of course.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian for the World Tag Team Championships:

JT: Like the prior match we discussed, these guys have been grouped together over and over to the point that I’m ready for something new. Styles and Angle will make a great tag team, but I don’t expect them to win the belts in this match. Daniels and Kazarian will come out on top, and they will continue pushing this AJ/Dixie storyline for a while longer. I have no doubt that these four will give us a great tag team matchup.

CS: Daniels and Kazarian will retain the tag team championships in this personal match. Here’s why: make the babyfaces seem weak. Let the heels beat the hell out of the faces, and then at BFG, the faces get their revenge. We saw the hubby of Carter hit AJ tonight; let him interfere at Slammiversary and cost AJ and Angle the tag titles.

JDA: styles/angle (givin’ it to the faces, this’ll wrap up the feud (see, I know a few things about TNA))

ML: I’m pretty sure the Dixie Carter/Styles storyline will factor into this match somehow. I just haven’t quite figured how yet, I did come up with some creative ways but none of them fit. The team of Angle and Styles is going to be awesome if they team for a little while. Daniels and Kazarian have always worked well together and this match should be something special if given enough time and there’s no outside factors leading to the conclusion. Unfortunately, I suspect outside distractions could come into play.
Prediction: Daniels & Kazarian to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles.

Crimson’s Open Challenge:

JT: I can speculate all day long, but I’m just going to guess my top few choices. There’s been rumors that Matt Morgan will continue working dates for the company despite having no contract. I would hate to see Crimson and Morgan yet again in the ring. Christopher Parks could pull double duty wrestling as both Abyss and his brother, Joseph Park(like the S on his real name and no S on his character’s name?). Park will wrestle Bully Ray, and I believe it’s possible Abyss could wrestle Crimson. My last pick(s) for the open challenge are ODB and Eric Young. They haven’t been mentioned, but Young was the last guy to answer an open challenge and it would be ironic if his wife were to face him and end the streak instead. It’s all speculation, and I’m picking Crimson to keep his streak intact.

CS: Crimson will lose to a returning Pope. He’s come to save us all and reclaim his rightful place as the hero of TNA.

JDA: No clue.

ML: Crimson Open Challenge – Goldberg isn’t coming back. Stop getting your hopes up(or becoming depressed). I suspect that Eric Young will answer the challenge again like last time. Young is too talented to have such a joke gimmick and Crimson isn’t talented enough to have an undefeated gimmick: quite sad to see how a company can get something so wrong.
Prediction: Crimson

Bully Ray vs Joseph Park

JT: I’m going to keep this one short and simple by laying out my ideal theory. Park and Ray fight for roughly ten minutes and the ref goes down. The lights go out, and come back on with Park gone and Abyss in the ring with Ray. Abyss takes Ray down with the black hole slam and the lights go out again. The lights come back on and Park is back in the ring to get the pinfall on Ray. This should be the last appearance of Park on TV. Again, that would be my idea booking for the match. Park gets the win in this one.

CS: Bully Ray vs Joseph Park: gotta go with Bully Ray. Abyss will interfere and attack both men. This will be an interesting match though; I’m curious to how they will get Abyss and Joseph Park in the same ring together as it’s the same person.

JDA: Bully Ray

ML: This storyline didn’t interest me before, and still hasn’t interested me now. Bully Ray is winless on PPV cards this year. Joseph Parks\(Abyss) will have his lawyer gimmick in place and his scared out of his wits routine fully stocked for the match. I suspect Bully Ray will dominate.
Prediction: Joseph Park

QuickNote: Bully Ray will dominate until Abyss’ music hits where Bully will get distracted and Joseph will roll him up. Abyss might “return” later in the night after Park get beat up post-match.

Sting vs Robert Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship:

JT: How fitting would it be for the ten year anniversary of TNA Wrestling to have Sting close out Slammiversary celebrating as the new World Heavyweight Champion? It’s not going to happen. Roode has had an amazing run as champion, and the streak is going to continue in this one. Yeah, TNA could book Sting to win and have him drop the title back to Roode in July, but that would be bad booking for the credibility of Roode’s title run. I want to see TNA follow through with Roode as champion until the fall when he drops the title to James Storm at Bound For Glory. Roode wins this match and continues on his streak as the longest reigning champion in TNA history.

CS: Robert Roode will beat Sting. He has to; he’s the unstoppable heel. TNA has been very smart with booking Robert as a sneaky champion. Keep making him like that, because it’s working for his character.

JDA: Bobby Roode (it’d be pointless for them to give the belt to Sting; he’s sadly past his prime (although still better than other people his age *cough*Kevin Nash*cough*)). My theory is that this match may not go up last because some time after they’ll announce Sting as the first inductee in to the HoF, but I’m probably wrong about this.

ML: The “it” factor of professional wrestling is now TNA’s most dominant and longest reigning champion of all-time. Sting is an icon in the wrestling industy. But, Sting didn’t deserve to be thrusted into a World Title match so immediately. We saw Sting beat Roode in the Lumberjack Match a few weeks ago. I just hope these two can do better in the ring together because the match they had earlier in the year and the Lumberjack Match two weeks were NOT Main Event caliber. I hope and believe this one will be different.

Prediction: Bobby Roode to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Title

QuickNote: Sting could win the title if James Storm comes back and distracts Roode. And even though I do expect Storm to come back at this PPV, I think it will be post-match during Roode’s celebration.

Last, we have the first ever TNA Hall of Fame inductee being announced:

JT: I was originally going to pick Jeff Jarrett for this. However, after hearing the news this week about WWE Superstar Christian appearing at Slammiversary(possibly in exchange for Flair’s use for the WWE Hall of Fame), I fully expect Christian to be the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.

CS: My pick for the first TNA HoF’er is sting

JDA: Other potential HoF-ers are the Hulkster, JJ (he did start the company after all) & Ric Flair. Ric would be a jab at WWE for giving him the 2nd HoF ring and stealing him away from the company.

ML: First Hall of Fame pick: Jeff Jarrett.

That just about wraps this one up. I’m hoping to add maybe one more “analyst” to the team for these predictions. Feel free to submit your No Way Out predictions to me on facebook later this week along with an analysis for each match if you would like to be considered. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show! – add me!