Thunder’s Crew: WWE Money In The Bank Preview

This is absolutely one of my favorite shows every single year! I’m joined by Mike Lightning, Jee-S, and Parker! I’ve decided to keep my predictions short for this one because of all the analysis provided by my fantastic team, so let’s jump right in!

Kickoff Match: WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs The Usos

Jee-S: The Shield to retain in this match. I feel like there hasn’t been enough build for The Usos to be champions just yet. They need more time to be considered as a serious threat to the belts and The Shield still has some momentum. The Hounds of Justice will not relinquish their titles; not just yet.

ML: I’m a little disappointed that this match is on the Kickoff Show on YouTube but I fully understand why it is. The rest of the card is simply stacked with awesome matches. I’m still having a tough time believing the Uso’s are a legitimate threat for the Tag Team Championship but the WWE has done a good job with at least building them to look strong. Rollins & Reigns are just the perfect mix of agility, speed and strength.
Prediction: Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns of Shield to retain the Tag Titles

Parker: It’s kind of lame that this match is the kick off match but at least WWE has made the Usos somewhat relevant in the last couple of weeks. I expect this match to be pretty good if these guys get the correct amount of time. I would die of shock if Rollins and Reigns lose this match.
Prediction: Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

JT: You couldn’t ask for a better kickoff match on a pre show. I don’t expect the titles to change hands here, but what better way to make others want to tune into every pre show than to crown new tag team champions? The Shield retains, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an upset. Anyone pissed about the booking should realize that the show is centered around the ladder matches more than anything else, and putting the Shield on the pre show keeps them out of the spotlight for one pay per view. There’s nothing wrong with the decision.

Chris Jericho vs Ryback

Jee-S: Ryback will win. Chris Jericho has been used to put talent over and Ryback hasn’t won a pay-per-view match since last July at this same show(defeated Reks and Hawkins in a handicap match). The booking now makes total sense and Jericho will give Ryback his first big win.

ML: Ryback’s burial continues. His booking and the change of his character is completely baffling. He went from being booked as a serious threat to the WWE Championship to crybaby in a matter of moments. He had the referee stop his match from a “knee injury” and this past week he hugged, yes hugged, Vickie Guerrero. Add this character change to the fact that Ryback hasn’t won on a PPV since last year’s Money in the Bank, and I would say the WWE has done a brilliant job at burying him. Chris Jericho, meantime, has been booked strong lately. He picked up a clean pinfall victory over the formerly undefeated Curtis Axel on Raw and has been looking strong prior to that. As far as this match is concerned, who better to make Ryback look good and put him over than Jericho?
Prediction: Ryback

Parker: I’m actually looking forward to this match. Ryback, coming off his feud with John Cena over the WWE title seems to be in a little bit of a limbo at this point of his career. Instead of being a genuine threat to any championship, Ryback has been knocked back to square one in my opinion. I have no idea which direction Ryback will go after this match; will he fall into obscurity or will he become a serious threat? Well, if there has been anything WWE has learned out of this, it’s when in doubt call on Jericho and Jericho is the perfect guy to put Ryback over at this point. Jericho has made a lot of guys look good lately and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t make Ryback look like a genuine main eventer in this match…I hope…for everyone’s sake.
Prediction: Ryback

JT: This would’ve been a nice way to put over Ryback, but making his character into a huge wimp on television as of late has made this one entirely pointless. I don’t expect anything special from this, but you can bet Jericho will carry the majority of this match(unlike their Smackdown encounter that was paced out by Ryback) if it’s going to be anything worth watching.

Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel vs The Miz

Jee-S: Curtis Axel without a doubt. Axel has been on fire since his debut, even with his recent losses against Chris Jericho but the future keeps looking bright for the son of Mr. Perfect. It’s way too early for his Intercontinental Championship reign to end and he needs the win a lot more than Miz does for the continuity of his wonderful push. Axel for the win.

ML: I’m looking forward to his match because I know what these two men are capable of. Curtis Axel has definitely taken the WWE by storm and with Paul Heyman in his corner, there is nothing that Axel can’t achieve. Axel has looked like a seasoned veteran in the ring since making his debut on the main roster. The triple threat match involving these two and Wade Barrett at Payback was a very good match and probably some of the best work Miz has ever done. I’m hoping for the same result with these two in the ring this Sunday.
Prediction: Curtis Axel to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Parker: This match should be an exciting Intercontinental Championship match. Curtis Axel has finally made it and I am so excited to see what this guy can do in the future. I’ve liked Axel ever since his series of matches with Tyson Kidd on NXT about a year ago and I’m loving every minute of his IC Title run so far. Miz has continued to impress me with his continued improvement inside the squared circle over the past year and I really hope these guys can pull off a good, quality IC Title match. It’s too soon to take the strap off Axel at this point so i’ll be pissed if Miz walks away with the victory in this one.
Prediction: Curtis Axel to retain the Intercontinental Championship

JT: I love what’s been done with the Intercontinental Championship by placing it on Axel, and this match will prove just how hard both of these men work in the ring to give the crowd a great matchup. Axel will retain and continue his hot streak, and I’m excited for whatever feud comes next for the third generation talent!

Divas Champion AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn

Jee-S: AJ Lee will retain in this match that has the potential to be even better than their first one. The WWE Divas division looks brighter than it has in quite some time and having AJ Lee as its champion is a great part of its recent success. It’s important that Kaitlyn looks strong as this could lead to a prolonged feud that could really put women’s wrestling back on the WWE map.

ML: It’s been a very long time since the WWE has had a really good Divas storyline that has kept me interested in it. This Kaitlyn/AJ Lee storyline has done just that. I applaud the efforts of the WWE for keeping this rivalry entertaining and interesting. If their Payback match was a preview to the type of wrestling match these two can produce, then I hope they are given about 5 minutes longer to hopefully outshine what they did. The x-factor in this match might be AJ’s relationship with Dolph Ziggler.
Prediction: AJ Lee to retain the Divas Championship

Parker: The rematch from last month’s Payback, and their last match was pretty good for a divas match. Can they do it again? Probably not…
Prediction: AJ to retain the Divas Championship

JT: AJ will find a way to retain and keep the rivalry going. Nice work by WWE making the rivalry interesting and keeping our attention. Some would call the girly games between AJ and Kaitlyn uninteresting, but at least WWE has paid enough attention to the feud that we saw actual segments take up a fair amount of air time. I expect a decent match with AJ retaining the title.

World Title MITB Ladder Match: Fandango vs Wade Barrett vs Antonio Cesaro vs Dean Ambrose vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Jack Swagger

Jee-S: I’ve been saying Wade Barrett would be victorious but in recent days I’ve been thinking that Dean Ambrose has the biggest chances of winning this. He hasn’t been seen in promos with the six other men to hype up the match, he hasn’t been involved in a feud against any of them. Perhaps he is the wildcard that will snatch the briefcase when this is all said and done.

ML: I’m not going to spend a lot of time on these MITB participants. Instead I’m going to talk about how awesome it is to see all seven of these men get the opportunity to show off what they have. I expect this match to deliver fully with the hype surrounding it. There’s a good mix of chaotic, high-energy and technically gifted wrestlers involved in this World Title MITB match and I expect for all them to have excellent chemistry.
Prediction: Damien Sandow to win the World Title Money in the Bank briefcase

Parker: So, who do I think is going to win? In a perfect world it would be Cesaro; he is an absolute beast and is a special talent. He has a rare combination of power, athleticism and charisma but for some reason the WWE doesn’t see what I see in him. I wouldn’t mind if Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Rhodes or Sandow won either because they all have the potential to become future world champions. I’d be pissed if Fandango won because he is the greenest out of the 7. That leaves Ambrose; the current US Champion is on a role and I really can’t see him losing this with the rest of the SHIELD in his corner. But, I’ve noticed that the SHIELD have been shown to be really cocky and arrogant at their success on Raw recently. Maybe Reigns and Rollins accidently cost Ambrose the match? Just something to think about.
Prediction: Dean Ambrose

JT: I’d be genuinely pleased with anyone winning this besides Jack Swagger; he bores me. The WWE type pick would be Fandango or Ambrose as surprises, but I could also see any of the remaining four being booked to win it as well. Rhodes and Sandow are both excellent options to win the match, but WWE has failed on taking advantage of Rhodes’ talent and I just don’t see them splitting him from Sandow anytime soon. Talk about a match where the options just kick ass almost entirely across the board! I’m going with Antonio Cesaro as the official winner.

WWE Title MITB Ladder Match: Christian vs Rob Van Dam vs Kane vs Randy Orton vs CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

Jee-S: I believe Daniel Bryan is not only the guy that’s going to win it but I think he is the most logical choice to emerge victorious from this All-Star Money In The Bank ladder match. He has been on quite the roll lately; he is building momentum, gaining popularity and winning important matches. He is my pick to win it and he should be yours too.

ML: The All-Stars Money in the Bank ladder match is star-studded and loaded with talent. With the RVD return looming in Philadelphia, I expect this crowd to be hyped and emotionally invested in this match. Add to the crowd’s emotions, Daniel Bryan’s popularity and push and we’ll be lucky to hear the announce team at all during the match. This MITB ladder match doesn’t necessarily have the same mix of fast-paced wrestlers in it that the World Title MITB match does, but the talent and ability of every guy represented will definitely keep everyone interested and intrigued.
Prediction: Daniel Bryan to win the WWE Championship Money in the Bank briefcase

Parker: This is the most intriguing MITB match this year for me because there are at least 4 guys that have a really good chance to win this. The first is Sheamus; he has been booked to be unstoppable the last couple of weeks and he is on a roll going into this match. He’s already a former WWE & World Champ and I wouldn’t be surprised if he won this match. Another is Orton. Orton has been out of the main event picture for the last year but he’s had some pretty awesome matches against the likes of Del Rio, DBry, Big Show, Ziggler etc. I think he is ready for another WWE Title run, so he’s my dark horse to win this match. Punk is another but with his current issues with Heyman and Lesnar lately you can almost smell Heyman turning on Punk during this match. We all know Punk is going face Lesnar at Summerslam, but is he going to possess a briefcase? The last favourite is DBry; he’s been booked to look very strong in the last couple of weeks with some awesome matches against Orton and I was so close to picking him to win this match. I’ve watched most of DBry’s ROH brilliance and I’d love him to win this match, but he will get his chance later. I’m going against the grain.
Prediction: Randy Orton

JT: I’m keeping this one simple. I pick Daniel Bryan to win it. Orton and Sheamus are my dark horses. Christian would make me happy. RVD, Kane, and Punk are least likely to win(Punk still could, but his upcoming feud with Lesnar makes it very unlikely). Daniel Bryan is really the most logical pick based on WWE booking, and anyone else coming out on top would be pointless.

World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler

Jee-S: It would be a booking mistake to make Ziggler lose this match if he still wants to be considered a legitimate contender to the title. I don’t think it would be interesting to keep the belt on Del Rio with Ziggler having so much momentum and popularity. If they want to establish Ziggler as a main event star, they need to make him win this match. I’ll go with Dolph.

ML: Payback’s match between these two told an amazing story and was executed to pull off a double turn. It was effective. Though, the WWE’s questionable booking of Ziggler in the past has had a lingering effect on the WWE Universe when it comes to babyface Dolph, I expect with looming break-up of him and AJ Lee, and in this match with Del Rio, that the fans will warm right up to him in no time. Del Rio has been lukewarm across the board. We all know his talent in the ring, but for whatever reason, he can’t connect with the audience as a heel or as a face. How else do you explain two turns within five months of each other?
Prediction: Dolph Ziggler to win the World Heavyweight Championship

Parker: I was pretty pissed off when Del Rio won back the World Title last month. Mostly this was because I wanted to see what Dolph could do with his run as Champ plus I liked Del Rio as a face and I liked Dolph as a heel. This match should be better than last month’s match. I want Ziggler to win the Championship back but I think Del Rio will use some heel tactics to retain in this one. Should be Awesome to watch though and Ziggler should have the gold back around Summerslam/Night of Champions.
Prediction: Alberto Del Rio

JT: I want Dolph Ziggler to capture the World Title, but something tells me it’s going to be an uphill battle for him heading towards Summerslam(where I believe he will win back the World Title). I’ll predict Del Rio to leave with the gold by whatever means necessary. This could be one of those matches that no one is talking about much right now, but after Sunday could have everyone buzzing for one reason or another.

WWE Champion John Cena vs Mark Henry

Jee-S: This could go either way. John Cena could win and send the crowd home happy…or Mark Henry could win the title from Cena. But I think that Henry could not leave the pay-per-view with the title so here’s my prediction: if Henry wins, Daniel Bryan cashes in after to win the WWE Title. I still think Cena has more chances of winning, though.

ML: I’m actually excited for a John Cena match against a monster heel! Mark Henry’s current push and popularity amongst the fans has been amazing to watch. He produced one of the best segments in recent memory with his “retirement” speech. Since then, it’s been nothing but uphill for Henry as he continues to gain momentum amongst everyone associated with the WWE. John Cena’s WWE Championship run has been typical so far and highly predictable, but it hasn’t necessarily been terrible either. Though, I don’t expect this match to win the Match of the Night award, I do expect this match to produce on a high-quality level and simply keep everyone on the edge of their seats.
Prediction: Mark Henry to become the NEW WWE Champion.

Parker: Mark Henry has been absolute gold these last couple of weeks and he’s really got me believing that he can win this match. This match probably isn’t going to be a five star classic; hell it won’t even be a four star match, but it’s going to be intense that’s for sure! As much as I’m pulling for Henry I just can’t see John Cena losing the WWE Championship at this moment. Henry might have a lot left in the tank but this seems like it’s going to pan out as another David vs Goliath Super-Cena victory. While getting my hopes up, I’m prepared to be disappointed at the same time.
Prediction: John Cena

JT: I can almost see Mark Henry winning this and then being cashed in on by Daniel Bryan. Unfortunately, I’m going with my gut and picking Cena to win another “tough” battle. He tends to come out on top in these encounters.

Mike Lightning wraps up this month’s preview with his final thoughts on the show!

ML: This card has a lot of mystery surrounding it and has a lot of build and hype inserted into it. The World Title MITB ladder match is probably the match I’m looking forward to the most with the WWE Title MITB match a close second. I’m not as sold as everyone else is that Ambrose and Daniel Bryan are the frontrunners to win the briefcases. I feel that both guys can be built and pushed into the main event scene without having to win the briefcases. The rest of the card looks awesome top to bottom and I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to witness the first black WWE Champion in the history of the company! Why? Because that’s what I do!

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