Thunder’s Take: ROH Border Wars: Thoughts And Predictions

Border Wars is shaping up to potentially become the greatest pay per view in the history of Ring of Honor, and that’s saying a lot for a company that almost always delivers big on it’s pay per views. This show will feature the very best wrestlers of today along with three talents from the past that helped shape professional wrestling into what it is today. How can you not be excited for this show?

Likely Match: Six Man Tag: The Young Bucks and Mike Mondo vs The All Night Express and Technical Lightning TJ Perkins: Perkins is one the best high flyers in ROH and having him on any card makes a show that much better. The Bucks and the Express have been feuding for awhile now, and I can easily see this feud continuing and these two teams going a few more rounds. I predict for Mondo and the Bucks to pick up the win in this match if it does indeed take place.

Special Attraction: Dave “Fit” Finlay vs Roderick Strong: Finlay likes to fight, and that’s good for him because he will have his hands full with Roderick Strong in this match. It will be interesting to see two very different styles here with Strong being an all around wrestler and Finlay being more of the brawler with technical skills. I wouldn’t expect a clean finish in this one, and I predict that Roderick Strong will come out of this match the winner. I don’t think the TV Title is on the line in this match, which is fine for these two because it doesn’t have to be to make this match any better.

Special Attraction: Michael Elgin vs Adam Cole: Cole is an up and coming star, and Elgin is just one big match away from turning face and chasing the World Title. I was looking at the PWI 500 from 2010 the other day, and Elgin was ranked around the 360 range. It’s insane to think how much can change in such a short period of time. Elgin’s match with Davey Richards at Showdown was epic and deserves major recognition as one of the best wrestling matches of 2012. Cole is a guy that’s really making a name for himself across the independent circuit, and a huge match with Elgin could really boost his stock. A win here for Cole would be awesome, but a loss wouldn’t hurt him either. I predict Michael Elgin to pick up the victory in this one.

Grudge Match: Tomasso Ciampa vs Jay Lethal: This rivalry has been heating up for months, and these two are about to put on a potential classic where they destroy one another. Lethal losing the TV Title doesn’t matter much as long as he continues to put on great matches. Ciampa is also a rising star that I could see in the main event scene down the road. For this match, I predict Ciampa will come out with the victory.

Challenge Match: Eddie Edwards vs Rhino: I love what Rhino does when it comes to brawls, and I love Eddie Edward’s style in the ring and so I expect this to be a great matchup. This isn’t just another henchman from the House of Truth that we’re talking about here; Rhino is one of the most accomplished brawling artists in the industry, and these two together will tear the building down. Like a lot of the matches on the card, I don’t see a loser in this one no matter who gets the pinfall. I’ll talk Rhino for the win to set up a rematch at the next big show.

Fight Without Honor for the ROH World Tag Team Championship: Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team vs The Briscoe Brothers: I’m going to trust ROH when they say this is the last match for this feud, but I still think this one could top all their other encounters. I look for the Briscoes to pick up the big win here and retain their titles. I also expect that their might be some ironic handshakes at the end of this “fight without honor.”

Return Match from Showdown in the Sun: Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis vs Lance Storm: To be honest, I don’t find Mike Bennett to be all that special. Maybe Lance Storm sees something in him that we just don’t see. Storm carried their Showdown match from start to finish, and I wouldn’t expect this match to be any different. If Storm wants to put someone over, he should take a look at a guy like Mike Mondo. For this match, I’ll predict Storm to pick up the win and for these two possibly even be booked for a third fight down the road.

ROH World Championship Match: Davey Richards vs Kevin Steen: This match could potentially become known as one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time, and this is not an exaggeration. Steen and Richards are two of the best in the business and both bring unique styles to the table. The clash of these two could be the biggest World Championship match that Ring of Honor has ever produced. I CAN’T WAIT! The rumor is that Davey plans on leaving for Japan, and the stipulation is that this is Steen’s only shot. I fully expected Steen to win the title here, but now I’m thinking he might lose this match and force his way into a rematch on another card. How can you only put these guys on an ippv one time? The potential here is to huge to just let it be one and done. I predict Davey holds onto the title in this one to keep the feud going.

No complaints here about the card or the buildup to this event. ROH has done a good job promoting the show and this will be the first time that the show is available directly through the website. I hope if you’re not a follower of ROH that you would at least consider checking this show out. It’s only fifteen dollars to order and it will be worth every penny and then some. Thanks for reading! – add me