Thunder’s Take: TNA Sacrifice 2012: Thoughts And Predictions

TNA produced a very solid ppv in Lockdown last month. Out of the last three episodes of Impact Wrestling, two of them were very solid. This pay per view has had a solid build to the card. The key word here is solid. TNA is taking a more entertaining turn with their storylines and match booking and I’ve been impressed with it as a whole recently. This should be a good show and I’ll definitely be watching live on Sunday.

Robbie E vs. Devon vs. Robbie T: I look at this as a very simple and predictable match. T and E will end up fighting over who gets the pinfall and the title, and that will lead to Devon winning the match and retaining his title. I like Robbie E. as a competitor, but it’s time for him to move on to a new rivalry and it’s time for Devon to defend the title against other opponents.

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim: Considering this isn’t WWE and Impact Wrestling books their female talent far better than Vince could ever dream of, I’m expecting a really good matchup from these two. Gail has been successful defending the title for awhile now and it’s hard to see her hot streak coming to an end. Brooke is a great wrestler, but outside of having a great match, I don’t see her coming out on top in this one. I predict Gail Kim to remain the Knockouts Champion.

Bully Ray vs. X Division Champion Austin Aries: The common theme going into this match is that Bully Ray has been losing and getting embarrassed for months now. It’s hard to imagine that TNA will book him to lose this one, but I don’t think it matters much. Aries and Ray could tear the building down and just beat the hell out of one another and the crowd will love it. I am however predicting Austin Aries to lose this match and continue the rivalry into next month’s big ppv event, Slammiversary.

Daniels and Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus: Joe and Magnus have become a very successful tag team over the course of their title run, and they’ve been quite impressive to watch as a team. On a singles level, Joe doesn’t wrestle nearly as well as he used to. He looks like he’s in worse condition than ever and just doesn’t give a damn about his appearance. I hope he decides to turn this around and try to work his way back into the World Title scene in TNA. Joe aside, Daniels and Kazarian have been highly misused and hardly treated with any major importance. I’d like to see them get a title run and turn this into a big time tag team rivalry. I’d like to see Daniels and Kazarian be booked to win the match, and that’s going to be my official pick.

Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson: I don’t think this will be the match of the night, and I don’t this will be anything near either individual’s best match, but I do think these two will work their asses off to entertain the crowd with a good matchup. Both of these guys would make great additions to the main event if it were to be a fatal four way ladder match for the World Title. If that doesn’t happen, then I pick Anderson to win this match.

Kurt Angle vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles: The best one on one wrestling match of the night is what you will find in this match. I’m afraid of the possible outside involvement from Kazarian and Daniels, but the two of them effecting the finish will not ruin just how entertaining these two can be in the ring together. I could actually see Angle and Styles forming a tag team to take the titles off Daniels and Kazarian once they win their match. For this one on one match, however, I’m predicting Angle to come out the winner.

Rob Van Dam vs. champion Bobby Roode: This may not be the best overall wrestling match of the night, but these two are going to put on the most entertaining battle of the night. Unfortunately for Van Dam, this is Roode’s title run and Roode’s title run won’t be ending until James Storm comes back to reclaim the championship. Robert Roode will come out of this as the winner and look like the most dominant TNA Champion since Jeff Jarrett last held the NWA World Title.

I’m expecting a very entertaining show, and I don’t think TNA is going to fail to live up this time. It should definitely be worth checking out on Sunday. Make sure you Ring of Honor’s Border Wars on Saturday night as well. You can order the show for fifteen dollars on and view it on their site as well. Thanks for reading; enjoy the show! – add me