Thunder’s WWE B-Show Rundown 12/01/12

Saturday Morning Slam 11/24/12

Justin Gabriel defeats El Local in the opening match.

Miz hosts a pie eating contest with R-Truth, Santino, and Zack Ryder. Miz declares Santino the winner and a food fight breaks out. Brodus comes up and wants to join the party. The funkadactyls love key lime pie. Santino feels the effects of a sugar rush.

Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal defeat the Usos. Slater lands a scoop slam from the top rope after one of the brothers is distracted by Drew McIntyre.


WWE NXT 11/28/12

Daniel Bryan opens the show with a promo. He says NXT is where he started. He says he’s won the World Title, launched a successful t-shirt line, grown an immaculate beard, and become the Tag Team Champions since he left the show. He says no one can say yes tonight, or call him goatface. Kane comes into the scene and argues with Dbry about who the Tag Team Champions is.

^This promo was gold from these guys. Dbry’s mic skills have become incredible since his arrival in WWE a few years ago. Awesome opening for NXT!

Trent Barreta goes one on one with Leo Kruger. Kruger wins the match using the Kruger end.

^Good competitive match here. Kruger is being put over as one of the most dangerous guys in NXT, and it makes me wonder what sort of role he will have once he makes it to the main roster. Barreta looked good in this one too, but you can clearly see that WWE has plans for Kruger before Barreta.

Xavier Woods goes one on one with Memo Montenegro. Woods wins the match with a big clothesline.

^Del Rio’s little brother looked less than average in this match. Woods is definitely ready for the main roster with the skills that he possesses. This was nothing more than a squash, but it’s always fun to watch Xavier Woods(formerly Consequences Creed in TNA) in the ring.

Audrey Marie goes one on one with Emma. Audrey wins using a sidewalk slam.

^Emma comes from Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling, and she’s pretty impressive in the ring. Audrey is also even more polished in the ring after the length of time she’s spent in developmental. For a very short match with these two, it was quite good.
Roman Reigns is scheduled to be interviewed but has left a message stating that he will do the interview at another time(Reigns-check).

^I find it funny that the guy just got elevated to the main roster and that this segment was taped roughly six weeks ago. Reigns has something special about him, but I still think he needs more work before he gets that big break.

Michael Cole is brought out. He puts over NXT as being a great show. He’s the moderator for interview to hype the match in two weeks between Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal. Things get heated during the interview and the pair brawl. Mahal locks Rollins in a camel clutch.

^Rollins and Mahal have had a top notch relevant feud in NXT and it’s been extremely fun to watch since it started. Their match next week will be a great way to cap off this rivalry and will probably be one of the last few times you see Rollins in NXT now that he’s been called up to the main roster.

Team Hell No defeats Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis to retain the Tag Team Championships. Bryan forces McGillicutty to tap out to the no-lock(aka labell lock aka yes-lock). Kane and Dbry argue a bit after the match but hug it out.

^Kane and Dbry making an appearance here was both fun and beneficial. Curtis is apparently going to be on the main roster soon(as Fandango???) and McGillicutty should already be working with the top talent in my opinion. The match was short but fun, and it was nice to see these four mix it up. Kane has always been a standup guy in terms of working with anyone and having a good match, so this one definitely came off as quality.

WWE Main Event 11/28/12

JBL and Michael Cole welcome us to the show. A video package is shown for each Damien Sandow and John Cena before their match. Sandow cuts a promo on Cena just before their match starts. John Cena defeats Damien Sandow using the STF(Sandow taps out without even trying to fight out). Josh Mathews reads a statement backstage written by Sandow as he refuses to be interviewed.

^Sandow and Cena had some good chemistry. The match featured a lot of Sandow just beating on Cena, but that’s how a lot of typical Cena matches go. I could honestly see a match like this taking place for the WWE/World Title in the future and could definitely be excited for it. Great match from both parties, and Sandow losing to Cena doesn’t hurt him in the slightest. It actually further elevates him as a top heel that can compete with the top names on the roster.

Antonio Cesaro defeats Zack Ryder in a short match using the neutralizer. Cesaro cuts a promo after the match but gets interrupted by Kofi Kingston. Kingston announces they will have a champion vs champion match next week on Main Event.

^This was short and not very competitive, but I’ll never complain about getting to see Zack Ryder wrestle in a match. I like the booking of champion vs champion, even if we did just see it on Raw. Solid show all around from Main Event once again.

WWE Superstars 11/28/12
Santino Marella defeats David Otunga.
Brodus Clay defeats JTG.
Thoughts: Minimal Otunga is nice during the week, and the same goes for Brodus. Anyone else feel like superstars has become totally irrelevant as of late?

WWE Smackdown 11/30/12

Cena opens the show talking about Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus in the main event tonight. Alberto Del rio comes out and tells John Cena that this is his show. Del Rio tells Cena to leave. Cena says he has a match right now with Del Rio. Cena defeats ADR using the axe kick from the top rope.

^Unlike some of you, I like seeing John Cena on Smackdown. Cena and Del Rio have always had fairly good matches together, and this one was right alone the same lines.

Kane, Dbry, and Kofi Kingston hype their six man tag match tonight against Wade Barrett and the Prime Time Players.

Booker T warns John Cena not to get involved with Dolph Ziggler’s match tonight.

^Seems like lately whenever Booker T tells someone not to do something, it’s almost guaranteed that just the opposite will happen.

The Great Khali squashes David Otunga. Khali dances with Hornswoggle after the match.

^Khali is horrible, and so it Otunga. Filler time could be better suited with some of the younger guys just waiting to be used properly.

Team Hell No and Kofi Kingston defeat Wade Barrett and the Prime Time Players. Dbry forces Darren Young to tap out to the No-lock.

^This was one of three fun matches on the show, and I’m definitely excited to see these rivalries escalate as we get closer to TLC. I also love the Dbry still uses the No-lock on a regular basis.

Matt Striker interviews Sheamus. Sheamus says he will be picturing Big Show when he faces Dolph Ziggler tonight.

^I still think Sheamus cuts a good angry promo, but he’s almost like Orton in the sense that I would rather see him as a heel.

Damien Sandow comes out and says he will select a member of the audience to be his apprentice. He picks some guy with a yellow Punk shirt and brings him into the ring. He asks him three questions. How many wheels on a tricycle, how often does the US hold presidential elections, and what is the orbital velocity of Jupiter’s moon, Europa? The guy answers the first two questions but not the third. Sandow throws him out of the ring. Damien Sandow defeats Tyson Kidd in a short match.

^Sandow is the most entertaining guy on the mic in the entire company right now. This entire segment was fantastic. I do wish Tyson Kidd had been a bit more competitive with Sandow and maybe the two could’ve had a bit more time, but the overall outcome would’ve been the same and I’m happy that Sandow is being pushed so strongly.

Dolph Ziggler talks trash about Cena and then Sheamus.

The 3MB defeat the Usos.

^It looks like the 3MB finally have some DIFFERENT opponents! Maybe soon we might actually get to see them challenging for tag team gold. Good match and good effort from all involved.

Sheamus defeats Dolph Ziggler by DQ when Big Show gets involved in the match. Show and Ziggler beat on Sheamus until Cena comes down for the save.

^This match was just as good as their match at No Way Out, and it sadly got ruined with a bad ending. You can almost bet that this setup will lead to a tag team match with these four next week. My complaint is the fact that Smackdown felt more like Raw this week with some of the lousy finishes to the matches. The show wasn’t bad overall, but there’s definitely a reason that I normally like Smackdown better than Raw.

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