ThunderStruck: FCW Recap And Thoughts 04/15/12

Jim Ross, Chris Russo, and William Regal are calling the action together tonight on FCW.

Xavier Woods, CJ Parker, and Jason Jordan come out to the ring and they are teaming up in a six man tag match together. Abraham Washington comes out to announce his clients as their opponents. He brings out Corey Graves and Jake Carter, the Florida Tag Team Champions, and their partner, Brad Maddox. Xavier Woods pins Jake Carter at the end of the match to get the win for his team.

^I love seeing this much talent at once! Woods has been a favorite of mine since his TNA days, but I’m fairly new to the rest of this bunch. I’ve seen a little bit of TJ Parker and know that he’ll be an FCW 15 Champion eventually. This was just a fun match to see the level that these six are on and to see who needs what for work. Overall in ring storytelling seems to be the biggest thing that the newer talent lack. Originality of storytelling is also something that’s hard to find nowadays. Good opening to the show.

Mike Dalton goes one on one with Sakamoto. Dalton wins the match with the implant DDT.

^Dalton was trained by Lance Storm in Calgary. He reminds me of Edge in the way he moves around the ring. Sakamoto is Tensai’s manager on Raw. I haven’t seen him wrestle before now. These two are pretty impressive in the ring together.

A video promo is done by Adam Mercer. He says WWE is all about entertainment and he is getting ready to change that.

^I hope McMahon doesn’t see this. This guy would be future endeavored before he sets foot in the ring. All joking aside, I’m curious to see what Adam Mercer is all about. The promo was short but intriguing. Apparently Mercer wrestled under his real name of Evan Singleton in CZW.

Audrey Marie goes one on one with Raquel Diaz for the FCW Divas Title. Raquel wins the match with a rollup after about six minutes when she holds the shorts of Audrey during the pinfall.

^Going with the theory that WWE only cares about wrestling on their non primary shows, this match was solid. I wonder how a live WWE audience would react on Raw or Smackdown to a solid match that went for more than five minutes.

Jiro goes one on one with Big E Langston. Big E squashes Jiro and wins this match in under two minutes.

^Interesting to see Langston dominate in such a fast squash. I wonder if this means he’s headed for an FCW Title push or if he’s about to head over to the main roster. I’m not a fan of squash matches when it comes to FCW, but this one was alright for the purpose of making Langston look unstoppable.

Husky Harris cuts another odd promo and talks about his father. Husky says he wouldn’t want to be the first guy that sets foot in the ring with him. Husky sings that time is on his side.

^This gimmick is genuinely creepy. Props to Husky for pulling it off.

Benicio Salazar goes one on one with Kassius Ohno. Ohno never really loses the upper hand in this match and gets the win with the rolling elbow for the three count.

^Salazar looked like a younger version of Mil Mascaras, and I’m not sure if that is more of a compliment or an insult. Ohno is going to just make all these guys look like amateurs as he continues to prove himself more than he needs to.

James Bronson goes one on one with Dean Ambrose in a tap out match. These two attempt back and forth submissions on one another. Ambrose uses the Regal stretch to get Ambrose to tap out and wins the match. Regal gets out of his seat and walks out when Ambrose applies the submission. Ambrose runs to the back after the match and can’t find Regal. He says Regal broke his heart by walking out. He says he is going to rip Regal’s heart out of his chest and throw it against the wall.

^Dean Ambrose has yet to really amaze me in the ring, but his character is awesome. Don’t get me wrong; his technical ability is there and his wrestling is sound, but it doesn’t seem like anything extraordinary. This guy can act and play probably any role he is given. I guess what impresses me the most about these younger guys that are headed for the big time(Sandow, Cesaro, ect.) is the fact that they have original personalities that can stand out. It’s rare to see now in WWE and it’s even more rare for it to last(Miz, anybody?).

Six matches packed into a one hour show? Considering Raw, Impact, and Smackdown average five in a two hour show, I’ll take it. This show didn’t feel rushed or crowded at all, and it was pretty entertaining from start to finish. I’ll be back next week with the second part of my top 25 tag teams from 1990-2012. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me