ThunderStruck: FCW Recap And Thoughts 04/22/12

Jason Jordan goes one on one with Damien Sandow. They wrestle for about six and a half minutes before Jordan gets the “upset” bridging trap pinfall.

^This was surprising to see Sandow lose here after his promos have aired on Smackdown. I’m guessing that he might be the guy that thinks he’s always right but doesn’t necessarily win every match. This could also just be his FCW sendoff and his way of putting someone over before he goes to the main roster full time. Jordan was very impressive in this one, but he needs some sort of repackaging outside of the JJ name.

Conor O’Brian squashes Jiro in a quick match.

^Conor O’Brian and Kenneth Cameron are a brutal looking tag team and will make an impact whenever they end up on the main roster. These squash matches are sometimes dull, but this one was effective for showing one half of the strength that the team of Ascension holds.

FCW Divas Champion, Raquel Diaz, puts herself over in a promo.

^Diaz is a great diva, and she’s got great charisma on the mic. It’s hard to believe that Vickie Guerrero produced her.

Leakee does a sitdown promo where he talks about coming back from his meniscus tear. He says he knows who attacked him and he will address it.

^Leakee is a member of the Anoai family from the Samoan Islands, and I’m curious to see how he performs in the ring when he comes back. I’m also curious as to who his attacker was in storyline.

Bray Wyatt(Husky Harris) cuts a promo before his match with Aiden English. Wyatt wins the match in roughly two minutes time.

^Waylon Mercy knockoff much? Husky is a great big man in the ring and moves so well. I’m anxious to see how far he can carry this gimmick.

Seth Rollins cuts a promo about Kassius Ohno and their potential rivalry.

^Tyler Black vs Chris Hero? I’ll take it. Both these guys are ready to be stars and any match they put on will be worth watching.

Mike Dalton and CJ Parker challenge Jake Carter and Corey Graves for the Florida Tag Titles. Graves pins Dalton around the twelve minute mark when he cheats to win the match using Abraham Washington’s walking stick.

^Carter and Graves work well as a team together, but neither of them impress me on their own. Parker looks like he could use more work, but I’m looking forward to see if he and Dalton team together again. Their could definitely be a regular tag team possibility for those two in the coming months.

This was another great show for me. I like watching these younger guys and seeing what level they’re on and their progression at this craft known as sports entertainment. That’s all for this edition; I’ll have more columns coming later this week. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me!