ThunderStruck: FCW Recap And Thoughts 05/06/12

Jason Jordan and Mike Dalton team up in our opening match to take on former Florida Heavyweight Champion Leo Kruger and Brad Maddox. Maddox uses some sort of jumping swinging pull down facebuster(apparently called the Deal Breaker) on Jason Jordan to get the three count win for him and Kruger.

^Looks like we found out what Leo Kruger is going to do now that his title run is over. Jordan and Dalton both looked good in this match; I’m starting to like their potential as a tag team together. Maddox is a guy who I’ve only seen wrestle twice but you can see that he needs more work in the ring; perhaps his partnership with Kruger will help him develop into a better talent.

Paige, Raquel Diaz, and Audrey Marie wrestle in a triple threat match. Paige pins Raquel as she goes to execute the third of the three amigo suplexes on Audrey Marie.

^Quality divas wrestling. Who can complain about that? These three women worked their tails off to put on a really good short matchup. I was surprised to see Raquel pinned so easily; it makes me think that FCW has big plans for Paige. She’s a young talent with huge potential at being a great divas wrestler.

Richie Steamboat goes one on one with Antonio Cesaro in a thirty minute iron man match for the Jack Brisco F15 Championship. Steamboat gets a rollup pin six minutes into the match for the early lead. Cesaro ties it up almost twelve minutes into the match after a kick to the head and three count on Steamboat. Cesaro gets another pin almost twenty minutes into the match with a flying crossbody. Steamboat gets a small package rollup with roughly six minutes to go to tie the match at two falls apiece. Steamboat hits a superkick with eleven seconds to go and scores the final fall of the night.

^I hope to see these two go one on one again someday on WWE TV. To say that both of these men have talent would be an understatement. Richie is the spitting image of his father when it comes to his in ring ability, and he has the appeal of someone with endurance that will give you a quality length contest. Cesaro will either hit or miss; it all depends on what WWE does with his character after his initial run with Aksana by his side. Great matchup and props to WWE for taking the chance of having these two take up two thirds of the show; it paid off big time.

I’ve been unable to complain about FCW since I started recapping it, and it’s a nice feeling to know that I’m going to watch a show and have very little to bitch about(wouldn’t it be crazy if I could do that with Raw?). Make sure to check out my Raw analysis and my Raw is Owen reflection that went up a few days ago. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me!