ThunderStruck: FCW Recap And Thoughts 05/13/12

Antonio Cesaro goes one on one with Kassius Ohno. The ref gets knocked out by Ohno’s rolling elbow roughly fourteen minutes into the match when Cesaro pulls the ref in the way. Ohno wins the match by DQ and the FCW locker room has to come down and pull these two apart.

^Cesaro and Ohno wrestled as the Kings of Wrestling on the independent circuit. This match was ppv quality without question and I want to see more of these two going one on one. The finish was good because it leaves a lot of room for this rivalry to continue.

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo before going one on one with Benicio Salazar. Wyatt wins the match in under two minutes with the frontface slam.

^Wyatt has been awesome in this role, and the squash matches aren’t as bad as I originally thought. He already has the wrestling capability, and now it’s just time for this character to develop and for people to become more familiar with it.

Brad Maddox cuts a promo on facing Richie Steamboat for the FCW Jack Brisco F15 Championship.

^Maddox is going for that unstable/insanity gimmick that Dean Ambrose has been using, and I’m not sure if it’s going to work for him. Maddox is a guy to me that still needs a lot of work in the ring to get better.

Richie Steamboat goes one on one with Rick Victor. Steamboat wins the match using the superkick on Victor and gets the three count. Brad Maddox attacks Steamboat after the match and uses the dealbreaker. He screams in Richie’s face after the attack.

^Steamboat is clearly his father’s son, and this match was very entertaining. Rick Victor looked great as well compared to his other matches that I’ve seen him in. Steamboat’s attack from Maddox makes me look forward to that match next week a lot.

Jake Carter and Corey Graves with AW are in a segment with Summer Rae. She announces that the tag team champions will be defending their titles against the undefeated team of Ascension next week on FCW.

^So first it’s Steamboat and Maddox, and now we have a tag title match booked that is going to be awesome. How much luckier can we be when it comes to FCW right now?

Bo Rotundo goes one on one with Leo Kruger in our main event of the night. Bo wins the match with a spear from out of nowhere as Kruger gets frustrated from Bo breaking the sleeper hold.

^Two former Florida Heavyweight Champions going one on one in a great matchup? Again, this show was just loaded with awesome wrestling. I read that Bo is changing his ring name from Rotundo to Dallas. I’m assuming this is just to avoid the association with his father(same as his brother changing his name to Bray Wyatt). I can’t wait to see what happens next week! Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me!