ThunderStruck: NXT Redemption Analysis 04/11/12

Johnny Curtis takes on Percy Watson in our opening match. Maxine comes to the ring with Curtis and Percy gets angry about this. Regal gets on the mic and tells Maxine to stay away from the ring. Maxine talks to Regal during the match and Josh Matthews does commentary solo for a bit. Regal sits down and says something has been brought to his attention regarding Matt Striker. Regal won’t explain what’s going on beyond that. He decides to leave ringside with Maxine. Watson gets distracted by Regal leaving and loses the match to Curtis via the schoolboy rollup.

^This was a good match to open the show. I didn’t like the distraction of the Maxine angle but the match was still quality. Johnny Curtis is a guy that I tend to forget about, but I think it’s because he’s so often seen at Maxine’s side and she is the more dominant personality. Percy Watson continues to impress me with his in ring ability.

We have a long backstage segment. Maxine tells Hawkins and Reks that she told Regal what they wanted her to say. She wants Striker now. They say she won’t get Striker back until they know for sure she didn’t double cross them. They leave. Maxine puts some water on her face to pretend to cry when Derrick Bateman and Kaitlyn come up to her. She tries to hug Bateman and get him to help her with Hawkins and Reks. Kaitlyn mocks her the entire time. They agree to help anyway.

^Reks and Hawkins crack me up. I love watching them interact together. I’d like to see them as tag team champions. Derrick Bateman is a joke, but Kaitlyn should be a featured diva on Smackdown and have more matches.

Backstage segment with Titus O’Neill and Tamina. He gives her the coconut tree that he told Darren Young not to give her. She loves it. He gives her a kiss on the cheek. She goes around the corner and runs into Young. She tells him O’Neill gave her the tree, and then walks off. O’Neill comes around the corner dancing, and Young confronts him. He tells Young he is just better than him, and that he wanted to prove it.

^Titus O’Neill has an awesome backstage personality. I wish his mobility and speed in the ring matched his character. If Darren Young had the personality of O’Neill to go with his in ring skills, he’d be much more impressive overall.

Another backstage segment with Bateman and Kaitlyn. She suggest that Maxine set them up, but they hear a noise and find Matt Striker in a janitor’s closet. They try to help him but once he calms down, he says he will handle this and walks off.

^Okay, we’re dragging the entire show out with this storyline. Striker must’ve had some other reason to be off the show for a couple episodes.

And we have yet ANOTHER backstage segment. William Regal confronts Reks and Hawkins. He tells them that if anything happens to Matt Striker, here will be severe consequences. Regal walks off. Hawkins suggests that they return Striker and blame Maxine and Curtis on the kidnapping to make themselves look like heroes. They go to the closet and discover that Striker is gone. Maxine and Curtis walk up to them. Reks accuses them of knowing where Striker is. Maxine is amused that they lost Striker now too.

^If this doesn’t lead to a future match with Hawkins and Reks taking on Striker and possibly Regal as his partner, I will be very disappointed.

William Regal is back for commentary for the main event. Tyson Kidd is taking on Michael McGillicutty in a rubber match. This match is great. McGillicutty uses the sharpshooter on Kidd near the end of the match. Kidd breaks the hold by getting to the ropes. McGillicutty goes for a Hennig Plex but Tyson counters and drops McGillicutty to the mat. He steps forward as though to apply the sharpshooter but instead wraps his legs around McGillicutty’s head and pulls him backwards into a ground stretch submission maneuver. McGillicutty taps out and Kidd wins the rubber match. The show goes off the air with Regal saying he could never get tired of watching these two wrestle.

^I agree with Regal. This match was great. The show opened with a good match and closed with a great match. The filler storyline in between was a bit much but it was still better wrestling than we get on Raw or SD. I’ll have ROH up on Saturday morning. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me!