ThunderStruck: NXT Redemption Analysis 05/09/12

Regal and Striker open NXT and announce that they’ve hired special security to watch the back and stop attacks from happening. Hawkins and Reks come out in suits and announce that they are the new security that’s been hired. Regal says he can’t do anything about this until he talks to John Laurinaitis, but he tells Reks and Hawkins that if anything goes wrong that being fired will be the least of their problems.

^Brilliant way of bringing Reks and Hawkins back into the mix! They look sharp in suits, but unfortunately I doubt their character’s intelligence levels will match their outer appearance.

Maxine and Tamina wrestle a three minute match that ends with Tamina tapping out after missing a superfly splash.

^Tamina bested Maxine awhile back, and now Maxine is showing her dominant side by winning matches with that submission choke hold of hers. I’m excited for the rubber match between these two.

A repackaged JTG defeats Yoshi Tatsu in a short match. Alicia Fox looked on with smiles from the top of the ramp.

^Swapping out jeans for regular trunks may have been the best thing to happen to JTG in a long time. I wonder if he’ll change his in ring name too. Good little match here; I’m disappointed that Tatsu is being used in the jobber role to this degree, but life goes on when you have an ever changing roster in WWE.

Backstage segment with Johnny Curtis, Maxine, Reks, and Hawkins. The new security tell Maxine and Curtis that being in with Laurinaitis is the way to be, and they give them a key to get he handcuffs off(courtesy of JL).

^I like the cleverness here; the handcuff angle was bound to grow old fairly quick, and the writers found a way for them to get the cuffs off without Regal having to give in on his being stern with them. Simple storyline, but very original as well.

Backstage segment with Kaitlyn and Percy Watson. Derrick Bateman comes up and gets angry with Kaitlyn for talking to Percy and says he can’t be trusted right now. Kaitlyn says she can take care of herself and Watson tells Bateman he knows him and that he hasn’t attacked anybody. Bateman storms away. Watson says he will go talk to him. Kaitlyn hears yelling down the hall and runs down to find Bateman on the ground saying he was attacked. She picks up a pair of glasses off the ground that belong to Percy Watson.

^We know Watson isn’t the guilty party, and we also know that within a few weeks this storyline will have played out and we’ll know who was behind the attacks. Kaitlyn is getting to be a better actress as I see more of her on this show every week.

Percy Watson and Tyson Kidd defeat Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis when Watson hits a flapjack slam on McGillicutty for the three count.

^Great tag team wrestling is something WWE has been focusing on as of late on their main shows, but most of those matches don’t compare to the quality that you get on NXT. This match was no exception; these four work so well together in the ring that it’s hard to fathom why at least three of them aren’t on the main shows each week.

Reks and Hawkins confront Watson after the match with the sunglasses. Hawkins punches Tyson Kidd and they haul Watson backstage as the show comes to a close.

^I’m intrigued to see how this storyline plays out. I’ll have my usual Smackdown and ROH columns up this weekend, and Thunder and Lightning’s Border Wars and Sacrifice predictions will be up by Friday night as well. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me