ThunderStruck: NXT Redemption Analysis 05/16/12

Johnny Curtis defeats Percy Watson clean with a falcon arrow suplex after a solid four and a half minute opening match.

^I find it hard to believe that WWE would consider getting rid of either one of these guys. I was originally leaning towards Curtis being someone that they might cut when it came time to do roster cleanup, but he’s got so much talent and it just seems like it would be a horrible idea to let him go. Percy is probably the most dynamic and fun to watch young guy on the show. Unfortunately for Percy, I could also see him being a superface very quickly in WWE and having the act become stale rather fast. Time will tell with both of these guys.

The Great Khali and Ezekial Jackson defeat Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins in a six minute match. Khali botches a chokebomb(punjabi plunge) on Reks and falls on top of him as he goes down to get the three count victory.

^Well, Lightning will be pissed. I’m not sure why WWE keeps Khali around; I know Vince loves big guys, but Khali just absolutely appears useless every time he sets foot in the ring. Big Zeke is basically in the same boat from my perspective. Reks and Hawkins are a good tag team, and I’m excited to see their quest continue to get on Smackdown and win some gold.

Kaitlyn defeats Maxine in a solid six minute match with an arm stretch/back pressure submission hold that causes Maxine to give up.

^More quality wrestling from the divas. Maxine debuted a new outfit for this match; it looked a lot better than what she wore to the ring before. I hope the rivalry between these two doesn’t end anytime soon, and I only say that because they ALWAYS put on a well worked match together.

Tyson Kidd defeats Derrick Bateman and Michael McGillicutty in a great fourteen minute triple threat match. Kidd went from the sharpshooter and converted it into a dungeon lock to force Bateman to tap out.

^This was the best triple threat match that I have seen in a very long time. This was also the best I’ve ever seen Derrick Bateman wrestle. Props to him for showing up and realizing that he wasn’t producing the way he should as of late. Tyson and McGillicutty will always be two of my favorites to watch go at it no matter what sort of match they’re put in.

No backstage segments and four solid matches made up this show, and it was fantastic for a pure wrestling fan. I couldn’t have asked for anything better, and I’m very excited for the tapings to start in Florida to see where NXT goes from here. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me