ThunderStruck: Raw 1002 Analysis

AJ Lee opens the show. She announces the Big Show against Randy Orton tonight, and also announces John Cena to go one on one with Daniel Bryan. CM Punk comes out and apologizes to AJ for yelling at her and she accepts. Punk then asks her to cancel the triple threat match at Summerslam and she refuses. John Cena comes out and tells Punk he’s become one of those guys that demands respect. They exchange words and Big Show interrupts. AJ stops them all and tells Punk he will be in a match tonight against whoever the fans vote for between Miz, Kane, and Rey Mysterio.

^I enjoyed the segment, and AJ did a great job working over Punk. My cause for annoyance here is the fact that Cena and Show already had their matches announced, and so I don’t really see why either one needed to come to the ring. The effectiveness of the segment could’ve come across the same if AJ and Punk had done the segment by themselves.

CM Punk defeats Rey Mysterio using the GTS.

^This was a decent length match to open the show, and it’s nice to see Rey working good matches again. I liked Punk getting the win here, but I would’ve liked a no contest even better if this could’ve been the start of a rivalry. I’d like to see Mysterio feud with Miz over the IC Title if they aren’t going to push him into a rivalry with Del Rio.

A Wade Barrett video package is shown with his new look.

Alberto Del Rio gets booked in a match by AJ after he mentions her being crazy.

^I like AJ’s equal opportunity attitude in terms of heels and faces. Everyone is fair game!

ADR defeats Christian using the cross-armbreaker. Sheamus steals ADR’s Ferrari after the match.

^This was short, and I hate seeing Christian look so weak after he was willing to put Miz over twice. Can’t the guy be pushed in some sort of rivalry and not just put the heels over?

Randy Orton goes one on one with the Big Show. Orton and Show are counted out. Show goes for the WMD after the match but Orton dodges it and nails Show with an RKO.

^Show and Orton are capable of doing a lot more than they did in this match, and I’m even more annoyed that Orton doesn’t have anything set for Summerslam yet. He just came back and the guy is hot, so why on earth would you not put him in a rivalry with someone and let it shine?

Ryback defeats Reks and Hawkins in a two on one Handicap match.

^Reks and Hawkins should’ve been in a match with the PTP. Primo and Epico should’ve done this match. We’ve seen Reks and Hawkins lose repeatedly; what is the purpose of continuing this feud if nothing new is going to come from it?

Epico and Primo defeat the Prime Time Players when Kofi and Truth distract Darren Young and he is pinned by Epico.

^This is another match that we’ve seen one too many times now. You’ve got six or so teams in the tag division, and here WWE is booking the same two teams in matches week in and week out. Can I get a little CREATIVITY(brutal to ask for from a CREATIVE team) here please?

Damien Sandow has a backstage interview with Josh Matthews. Sandow says he is obligated to rid the WWE of all foolishness and says tonight he will dispose of Brodus Clay.

^I hope for our sake he does dispose of Brodus. Brilliant promo from a rising star.

Brodus Clay comes out and is attacked by Damien Sandow on the stage before they can have a match.

^Thank you! I know this will probably lead to some sort of squash at Summerslam or further down the road, but I can’t express how happy I am to know that we were free from another boring Brodus squash. Now that this has happened two weeks in a row, they need to come up with something else for Sandow.

AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan are in a backstage segment. AJ tells DBry he has definite anger management issues and tells him he has a match at Summerslam against Kane. DBry starts saying no and AJ says yes, and they go back and forth.

^The chemistry between these two from when you look back on the beginning of their relationship to now is just incredible. I’d like to see these two end up married in storyline when all is said and done.

Kelly Kelly defeats Eve Torres.

^Kelly came back, and she wrestled the same match that we’ve seen her have with Eve a hundred times before. It was nice to see the divas featured in a legit wrestling match, but where’s the variety?

Shawn Michaels comes out and starts to talk about Brock and Triple H at Summerslam. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out. Michaels gives his opinion on the match and says he will be in Triple H’s corner at Summerslam. They tell Shawn the only reason he believes Triple H can beat Brock is because Shawn had never been in the ring with Brock before now. Triple H comes out and Brock tells Hunter he’ll see him at Summerslam, but he tells Shawn he’ll see him before then.

^I enjoyed the effectiveness of the segment. The big Summerslam match is going to make for an awesome main event and I like the involvement of HBK to build the hype. I wonder what will happen to Shawn next week on Raw to make this match that much more interesting.

Alex Riley defeats Dolph Ziggler when Chris Jericho distracts Ziggler.

^Alex Riley gets a win here, and nobody cares. I’m somewhat surprised the guy is still on the active roster. The buildup for Jericho/Ziggler remains strong and I’m getting more and more excited each week for their big match at Summerslam!

Kane defeats Miz using the chokeslam.

^I like the idea of Kane getting a win, but what does it say for the IC Champ when he is so easily defeated by someone in a non-title match? I suppose it won’t matter for Miz either way; I’d like to see him have a match with Rey Mysterio or some other top performer at Summerslam(John Morrison return?).

Sheamus returns Del Rio’s car with smoke coming off the bottom of it and food all over it. Del Rio is shown finding the car after Daniel Bryan comes to the ring for the main event. Ricardo pulls a traffic cone out of it and starts cleaning it out.

^I like the build for their Summerslam match, but I don’t know if they can do anything new after the match they just had at Money In The Bank. Also, Ricardo is far more entertaining that Alberto Del Rio without even trying.

John Cena defeats Daniel Bryan in the main event using the AA. Punk comes out and stands toe to toe with Cena. Big Show comes out, and Cena attacks Show. Punk knocks Cena over when he goes for an AA on Show. Punk goes to the announce table and says that Raw ends the way it should tonight with himself standing tall with the WWE Title. Big Show knocks Punk out with the WMD and does the same to Cena. Show holds up the WWE Title to close the show.

^Cena and Bryan had a really good match, and it goes to show that Daniel Bryan can bring out the best in Cena just like Punk does. The finish was good for Cena to get some momentum heading into Summerslam, and Bryan’s character can win, lose, or draw and he’s still going to be just as popular and entertaining for the audience. Punk cutting that promo and then being knocked out by Big Show gives the impression that Show and Cena both had big nights and can rise above Punk. Great finish to the show!

We had nine matches, and a lot of solid backstage segments to fill up the show and make for nearly perfect episode. We didn’t see too many replays and nearly every aspect of the roster was featured during this episode. I’ll have the rundown up this weekend and I’ll have the final part of my top Summerslam matches up next week. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck!

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