ThunderStruck: ROH Wrestling Recap And Thoughts 04/28/12

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander team up against the Briscoe Brothers. Near the end of the match, WGTT comes out and attacks Jay Briscoe. Mark gets double teamed by Coleman and Alexander and Alexander scores the pinfall after a huge flying splash from the top rope.

^What an upset! I know WGTT cost the Briscoes the match, but this is still a huge victory for Coleman and Alexander. This match featured some of the finest tag team wrestling you can see, which is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Briscoes.

Vinny Marseglia goes one on one with Rhyno. Rhyno squashes the jobber in quick fashion. Truth Martini cuts a promo before the match where he talks about his success as a manager with his signing of Rhyno and Roderick Strong winning the TV Title.

^It’s nice to see Rhyno in the ring again. I’m excited for his match at Border Wars against Eddie Edwards.

Kevin Steen is interviewed by Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette. Davey Richards comes to the ring after Steen calls him out. They exchange words back and forth until they’re ready to brawl. Cornette says they will need to sign waivers that cover’s ROH for injuries to either man as the match is now No Holds Barred, and Cornette says that stipulation makes the piledriver legal for Border Wars only and that Kevin Steen will only get this one title shot.

^These two are going to have a five star classic in Toronto, and it will definitely be a match of the year contender. Knowing what Richards did with Elgin in the ring at Showdown, I can’t wait to see an even better performance from Kevin Steen. This is one World Title match that you will not want to miss!

Roderick Strong defends the TV Title against Adam Cole in the main event of the night. Michael Elgin distracts the ref near the end of the match and allows Truth to hit Cole with the book of truth. Strong wins the match and retains the title.

^You had to figure that Cole will continue to be the underdog that comes up short. He just isn’t quite ready for a title run of any sort. The guy is exciting in the ring and needs to continue building his name in the independent promotions outside of ROH. Strong is just incredible to watch in the ring and deserves this title run.

It’s nice to see a taped show rather than just the Showdown highlights that we were given the last two weeks. These ROH performers put on such high quality matches every time they set foot in the ring, and for that we as fans are extremely lucky to be able to tune in every week. Don’t forget to check out interactive discussions of Extreme Rules tonight on Mike Lightning’s facebook page. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me!