ThunderStruck: Smackdown! Analysis 06/08/12

Alberto Del Rio opens Smackdown with a promo on what he’s going to do to Sheamus at No Way Out. Sheamus’ music hits and out comes Ricardo Rodriguez dressed as Sheamus. Del Rio makes fun of Sheamus, and says anybody can be like him. He says there is only one ADR. The real Sheamus comes out and brawls with both men. They get the upper hand and attack Sheamus until officials come out to break it up. Teddy Long comes out and says John Laurinaitis is not here tonight and has ordered Teddy to act on his behalf. Teddy announces Kane vs Sheamus for later tonight, and ADR vs the Great Khali right now.

^Ricardo is hilarious. Del Rio is boring. I really enjoyed the comedy of this segment with the two together. Nice to see Teddy Long be handed some mock authority while JL is too good to take time to appear on Smackdown. The guy(JL) really is the definition of a corporate suit in real life. Solid opening.

ADR defeats the Great Khali in a short match using the armbar.

^Wasn’t Khali being booked as a monster face just a little while back? Am I going crazy or didn’t he destroy Cody Rhodes in a very short matchup back in April? How can we take anything about him seriously when some weeks he crushes people and other weeks he gets beat in two seconds flat? Makes no sense to me in terms of Khali, but Del Rio going over to get momentum for No Way Out makes sense. I would’ve expected more heel tactics from ADR to get the win.

Brodus Clay meets with Teddy Long. Long tells Brodus that he is now an exclusive member of the Smackdown roster. Brodus destroys Derrick Bateman in a short match and gets the win.

^Who else shares in my happiness to know that Brodus won’t be appearing on Raw anymore? I know with the show changing to three hours in the near future that I’m quite thankful that we won’t have to endure ten minutes of Brodus dancing on our screens every Monday night.

Sin Cara defeats Drew McIntyre in a short match.

^I was surprised to see McIntyre get a bit of the upper hand in this one, but it was nice to see someone get the better of the Mexican star if only for a moment. I think it might be fun to watch Sin Cara and Dolph Ziggler wrestle for 10-15 minutes in the future. The match here was short but good.

Tony Andriodes and Kevin Mahoney are crushed by Ryback.

^Ryback? Squash? Noooo; that doesn’t happen. I’m growing quite tired of the local jobber scene for this man’s opponents. Give him a WWE jobber in Riley, and then give him Tensai before he loses all of his credibility(not much left anyway).

Cody Rhodes tries to take down the peep show set. Christian comes out and reminds him that he beat him for the IC Title. Cody questions Christian turning face. Christian talks about inducting Edge into the Hall of Fame and having a moment of clarity about what he wants his legacy to be. Things get ugly and Christian says he’s going to wipe the mat with Cody, but Dolph Ziggler comes out for his match with Christian.

^I’m excited for Rhodes/Christian 2 at No Way Out. Rhodes confirmed the match while on commentary. Both of these guys were great in this back and forth promo.

Christian defeats Dolph Ziggler using the frog splash. Rhodes does commentary during the match.

^Great match for a lack of time given. Dolph could easily fit into the IC Title scene if WWE wants to continue holding him out of the World Title scene. These are two guys that could main event all day long and the fans would not be disappointed. Christian is going to represent the IC Title well as long as he remains in the upper mid card role as champion.

Hornswoggle comes out dressed as Jim Ross to make fun of Michael Cole. Damien Sandow interrupts with a promo. Hornswoggle makes a face at Sandow, and he tries to attack Hornswoggle. Tyson Kidd comes out and dropkicks Sandow out of the ring. Sandow walks away and refuses to get back in the ring. He runs back in the ring when Tyson turns his back and hits the neckbreaker on Kidd.

^Yes, Tyson Kidd was made to look the fool here, and yes, it’s not what we want to see from two guys that are so talented. The good news is that this could lead to an awesome rivalry in the coming weeks from these two. Anybody else surprised at how much Hornswoggle looked like JR?

Kane is interviewed by Matt Striker. Kane says his only concern is winning the WWE Title at No Way Out. Striker asks about the look he and AJ shared on Raw, and Kane walks away. AJ steps out from behind some boxes and watches Kane walk away.

^I have lots of theories as to AJ’s involvement with Kane and Punk, and I’ll address them in my predictions column for No Way Out next week. Kane continues to lose his reborn creepiness as he starts acting more and more human in promos.

Jimmy Uso faces Antonio Cesaro. Teddy Long is forced to introduce Cesaro with Aksana before the match. Cesaro defeats Jimmy Uso using the modified dominator.

^In the early 90s, WWE would have random guys defeats jobbers and low card wrestlers every week on WWF Superstars. This was pretty the norm for the show and the main event would normally be a match between two of the mid card guys. Between Sin Cara, Ryback, Brodus, Tensai previously, and now Cesaro, WWE has been using a list of talent for quash matches and obvious victories. I understand having someone beat jobbers for a few weeks to get over with the audience, but there comes a time when actual competitive matches need to start happening. Just think of how much fun it would be to see Ryback have a legitimate wrestling match with a guy like Cesaro. Cesaro won this one quickly and really didn’t get to showcase much besides his dominance. Moving on from this tangent now.

Kane takes on Sheamus in the main event. Ricardo Rodriguez runs in and causes a DQ finish. AJ comes out and smiles at Kane; Kane turns around and walks into a brogue kick from Sheamus. He nails the brogue kick on Ricardo while Del Rio watches on from the aisle as the show goes off the air.

^Surprisingly solid match from these two before the dq finish. I would be more than happy to see these two feuding over the World Title with Kane in place of Del Rio right now. This was a good main event to cap off a solid show. I enjoyed Smackdown as much as I did Raw this week and felt WWE delivered better than usual with both shows. Make sure to check out our TNA Slammiversary predictions(which will be posted before midnight Sunday) before the show tomorrow night. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me!