ThunderStruck: Smoky Mountain Wrestling Retro Review 02/15/92

SMW 02/15/92

We’re at East High School in Morristown Tennessee

Bob Caudle and Jim Cornette open the show on commentary. Cornette puts over Hollywood Bob Holly and Brian Lee taking on Dutch Mantel.

From Trenton, Georgia it’s Pat Rose. Rose is taking on Hollywood Bob Holly in our first match. Holly is dressed in pink again. Very flashy.

Holly jumps Rose at the bell. Holly wins the match with a swinging neckbreaker and a top rope knee drop in less than four minutes.

^Short and basic. Nice to see the roots of Bob Holly’s career put on display. I know he had been in WCW right around this time too, so it’s interesting to see his old character.

Bob Caudle puts over SMW with Tim Horner and the Fantastics.

Bobby Fulton of the Fantastics talks about Ivan Koloff announcing his partner later in the show. He botches his words and says he doesn’t care who Koloff chooses for his partner.

Bob Caudle interviews Koloff and his new partner. He’s unrecognizable to me. His name is Jimmy Golden. I’ve never heard of him; must be my ignorance. Apparently Golden was known as Bunkhouse Buck in WCW when he was managed by his real life cousin, Colonel Robert Parker.

Jumpin Joey Maggs takes on Hustler Rip Rogers. Rogers wins the match with the ripper plex in roughly four and a half minutes.

^Just a fast filler match for the audience. Rip Rogers was once a bigger name in wrestling, but I think it’s safe to say that most people have forgotten all about him.

We have the Mighty Yankee(some guy in blue trunks and a blue mask) taking on Robert Gibson. Gibson wins the match in just over three minutes with the bulldog.

^Gibson is truly one of the most underrated singles competitors to come from a tag team in wrestling history. The guys knows his ring psychology and could tell a decent old school story and work the crowd all at the same time.

Jim Cornette goes off with pop culture references attacking Pee Wee Herman and Magic Johnson along with others. Cornette says people can believe in him and he is bringing the most dynamic tag team ever seen in wrestling to SMW.

^Cornette is one of the best talkers ever. Enough said.

Dutch Mantel talks to the handicap Ron Wright in the wheelchair. Mantel asks him to escort him to the ring for his match with Brian Lee later tonight.

^I’m sure Wright will have a trick up his sleeve.

It’s Barry Horowitz time for a match and he’s taking on Tim Horner. This is Horner’s hometown tonight and he comes out to his Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks theme. Horner wins another match that goes around four minutes(seeing a theme here yet?). Horner wins with a second rollup attempt into a natural bridge for a three count.

^That was probably the most entertaining match thus far on the show. Tim Horner was very athletic and Horowitz was always underrated in terms of his mat wrestling skills.

Horner talks to Bob Caudle and says he’s happy to be home and happy to be in SMW. Basic good guy promo.

We have a promo for Nature Boy, Buddy Landell. He’s coming to SMW. He would go on to lose to Ahmed Johnson at the December 1995 In Your House pay per view as a fill in competitor. Big name as you can tell.

The Dutchman Dutch Mantel takes on Prime Time Brian Lee in our main event! Roughly five and a half minutes into the match, Ron Wright hands Mantel a foreign object. Lee gets a hold of it and hits Mantel with it. The ref sees it on Lee’s hand as he is counting and disqualifies Lee. Mantel is the winner.

^Hard to believe Mantel was still wrestling at this point in time. Decent action from these guys, but again it was very short and hard to get into when it came to such a quick finish. Old school or not, we needed more of a story for such a “heated” rivalry.

Bob Caudle interviews Ron Wright. Wright says he is a legend and needs to find a tag team to manage. Caudle interviews Hollywood Bob Holly next. Holly says he has a limo waiting out back for him so he can fly to LA and meet Julia Roberts for their date tonight. Cornette comes into the scene and puts over Holly. Caudle next interviews Brian Lee and he’s not happy about losing to Dutch Mantel. Lee says they’re messing with him and he might put Mantel in a wheelchair next to Wright when he gets his rematch.

^Good storyline advancement here for Mantel and Lee with their feud and nice work by Cornette putting over Holly as a future star.

Smart program booking despite the very short matches across the board. I almost wonder if some of the matches were cut in the middle to fit them all on TV. Thanks for reading!