ThunderStruck: WCW Monday Nitro Retro Review 09/18/95


Coming at you just one night after Fall Brawl with the fallout from the show, it’s episode number three of WCW Monday Nitro!

Eric Bischoff, Steve McMichael and Bobby Heenan are on commentary as usual.

Mean Gene is backstage as an ambulance arrives with the Giant and Kevin Sullivan coming out of the back. Giant says he’s been thinking about what it would be like for Hogan to ride in the back of an ambulance. Giant says he is the one true immortal, not Hulk Hogan. Mean Gene says if Giant’s father(storyline Andre the Giant) knew what he was doing, he would be embarassed. Giant says his “father” would be helping him. Creepy promo from a very young Big Show.

The American Males, Marcus Bagwell and Scotty Riggs come to the ring. They’re taking on the Blu Bloods. One of the Blu Bloods, Bobby Eaton, is jumped by Harlem heat on his way to the ring.

Harlem heat come to the ring with their titles and it looks like they’re facing the American Males instead. Nick Patrick holds the titles up and the belts are on the line as all four men brawl! Marcus is able to pin Booker T when he counters a pumphandle slam and we have NEW Tag Team Champions! The match only went four minutes and was just an all out brawl. Definitely exciting stuff here!

Eric Bischoff says Nick Bockwinkel wasn’t here to sanction the match officially, but nonetheless we have new Tag Team Champions.

Johnny B. Badd takes on Paul Orndorff next!

Nitro is sponsored by Brute cologne for men.

Mean Gene hypes exclusive interviews and merchandise on the WCW hotline for just $1.49 per minute at 1-900-909-9900

We have a video game advertisement for Frank Thomas’ Big Hurt Baseball from Acclaim(so real it hurts!).

We have Big A, America’s parts pro and then a Slim Jim commercial with the Macho Man!

Mean Gene is in the ring and welcomes to the great state of Tennessee(apparently that’s where the show is tonight in Johnson City) the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. He lost to Arn Anderson last night thanks to Flyin Brian, but it was still a classic match.

Mean Gene asks about Anderson and Pillman. Flair says Anderson broke the code by bringing in an outside for them to settle their score within the family. He says Arn broke the code twice by bringing the behind the scenes issues to public eye and by bringing in an outsider. Flair says tonight he’s going to chop Brian Pillman so hard that Boomer Esiason(of the Bengals who Pillman played for) will feel it Long Island. Flair says he’s going to find Arn and kick his ass. What a promo from the Nature Boy!

Bischoff hypes WCW Saturday Night with the Stinger taking on Lord Steven Regal and Cobra taking on Craig Pittman in a rematch from Fall Brawl. Also, there will be a special one on one interview with Dusty Rhodes and possibly an exclusive update on the condition of WCW Champion, Hulk Hogan!

Mr. Wonderful, Paul Orndorff comes to the ring to take on Johnny B. Badd. Orndorff has been having identity issues as of late and confidence issues, so let’s hope he’s not doubting himself anymore. He comes to the ring to some very questionable music and has a mirror to look at himeslf in.

Orndorff wins the match in roughly eight minutes when he counters the sunset flip by Badd into a pinfall(Summerslam 92 Bulldog/Hart finish copied AGAIN). Solid wrestling here from these two, but HORRIBLE music for Orndorff.

Bischoff hypes WCW’s involvement with the TV show Baywatch as a continuation of their involvement from the summer and the Bash at the Beach pay per view. Ric Flair stops Kevin Sullivan from attacking Macho Man with his own weight lifting bar. What a scene!

Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Macho Man in the ring. I miss that guy so much. Makes me sad to know he’s gone. Okerlund asks about Flair helping Savage. Savage says thanks but no thanks. Savage says you have to take a snake’s head off to destroy it, and that is what he will do to the Taskmaster, Kevin Sullivan. Savage says he doesn’t know if Hogan is in the hospital or not, but he knows one thing. Savage says the strong survive and no one is stronger than Hogan. Savage says with constructive criticism that Hogan is a horrible judge of character as Luger cheap shotted him at Fall Brawl. Okerlund says it was an accident and Savage doesn’t believe it. He says you’re either with him or against him. Savage is predicting that Luger, Sting and Jimmy Hart will all join the Dungeon of Doom. Luger comes to the ring and he’s furious. Luger accuses Savage of being jealous of him and wanting the WCW World Title. Savage says Luger has a good point and he does want to be World Champion, and he WILL BE World Champion. Savage says Luger cheap shotted him at War Games, and Luger says we have a prime example of him being here to take on the big boys. Savage wants a match right now. What a segment and the crowd erupts as Mean Gene says not here and not now! Great promo work from one of the greatest ever.

Jaimee Lee Curtis talks about the Heidi Chronicles on TNT. October 15th on TNT in 1995 is the world premiere.

Al Bundy has a collect call commercial where he gets chased by a tiny dog. He wants you to dial 1-800-collect. Funny stuff.

Twix commercial. Basketball. Boring.

CNN is advertised for headline news twenty four hours a day.

TNT movies you have to see start tomorrow night at 8!

Movie preview here. Looks like Showgirls. And it is. Rated NC-17 and starts Friday in theaters.

We have old people lifting weights and working out on our next commercial. It’s a World Gym commercial.

We come back from commercial and apparently refs and security had to split up Savage and Luger.

Now we have some Fall Brawl fallout. We see Hogan nearly getting run over on his motorcycle by the Giant in a monster truck before the show last night(he successfully destroys Hogan’s motorcycle over and over with the truck), and then we have highlights of Hogan being attacked by the Giant on the show. Hogan saying Dungeon of Goons was funny in his promo; might be the funniest thing he’s said in years.

We have another WCW hotline commercial. Still 1-900-909-9900 and now you can play wrestling trivia!

An NFL Football commercial for Sunday Nights. Steve Young, John Elway and Dan Marino are highlighted and you can get a free NFL team football when you buy a case of Castrol GTX motor oil. Sweet!

A creepy payday commercial with a seductive undertone as a woman is on the phone with a man.

A McDonalds commercial with the kid from Home Alone 3. That’s hilarious. He’s asking at 3:30 in the morning to get his breakfast.

What’s-herface from the Jenny Craig commercials does a pantene pro-v ad. Kirstie Allie; that’s right.

Duracell Battery commercial. Still going strong.

Sunny Delight commercial. Love that stuff.

Lean Pockets commericial and Insatiable cologne for men. Then we have Slick 5o for car engines.

American Kickboxer II will be on after Nitro tonight.

Ric Flair takes on Flyin Brian Pillman in our main event of the night! Flair wins a five and a half minute main event with the figure four leglock and Pillman submits. Not long, but solid wrestling nonetheless. Flair could definitely still go like one of the all time greats at this point in his career.

Flair wants Arn Anderson in the ring right now. He gets on the mic and says read the sign and learn to love it. He says if not tonight, next Monday night on Nitro Anderson will get his ass kicked by the Nature Boy. Commercial again despite the show being over.

This portion of Nitro is brought to you by Milky Way(smooth out).

Covergirl commercial for continuous cover lipstick. Mhm.

Duracell batteries again. Can’t top the copper top.

Another pantene Kirstie Allie commercial.

TNT Saturday Nitro(action movies) is advertised.

Car leasing ad. Things were cheaper in 1995.

Herbal ecstacy commercial. Considerable rage of pleasurable effects with no side effects. Yup, they had these back then.

Bischoff hypes WCW Saturday Night AGAIN. Mongo says Luger and Macho are in a jump ball over who gets the World Title. Heenan says Arn Anderson will be looking for Ric Flair. Bischoff says we’ll find out from Nick Bockwinkel if the tag title change will stand.

Next week, Disco Inferno will take on Alex Wright and Colonel Parker will be here with his Japanese warrior and Macho Man will take on Kevin Sullivan. Lex Luger will also have a match. Should be a solid show!

Not much of a wrestling show at all for one hour, but it wasn’t boring by any stretch. Call it 5/10 for being an average edition of Nitro.

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