ThunderStruck: WCW Monday Nitro Retro Review 10/16/95

Nitro 10/16/95

We open Nitro with the announcement that Ric Flair recruited Sting to team with him tonight to take on Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman. Wow.

Diamond Dallas Page takes on Johnny B. Badd. Page jumps Badd before the match can start. That’s all we get. Johnny B. Badd wins by DQ and the Diamond Doll looks disgusted.

^More crap. Thanks WCW. I know for a fact that these two face off at our upcoming pay per view, so this is leading up to that.

Eddie Guerrero takes on Chris Benoit(the performer) in our next match. This is Benoit’s(the peformer) debut match in WCW. Benoit wins the match in eight and a half minutes with a full nelson backwards slam into a three count pinfall.

^Best match we’ve seen on Nitro since I started reviewing these. Just outstanding action from two of the best technical performers of all time to step into a wrestling ring.

Eric Bischoff tells us that WCW is considering starting a Cruiserweight Division because of these types of talent. Key piece to the success of WCW.

Mean Gene interviews the Giant and Kevin Sullivan. The crowd chants for Hogan. The Giant cuts an over the top promo on “killing” Hogan.

^Lame, but this is what we got in 1995. I’d rather see the Giant against Hogan than Mabel against Diesel(which is what was happening in WWF just a couple months earlier).

The Disco Inferno comes out AGAIN to dance and he moves out of the way when Meng comes to the ring.

Meng takes on Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Meng spikes Duggan in less than two minutes and wins the match. He refuses to let go after the match.

^Well that was short. Typical of Nitro at this point in time. At least we got that awesome clinic from Benoit and Guerrero earlier.

Hulk Hogan cuts a “Halloween style” promo as he continues to dress in black. He talks about the evil within himself being real and now it’s time for him to take care of business with the Dungeon of Doom.

^Silly stuff from Hogan. What an interesting year 1995 happened to be. WCW intrigued me far more than WWF at the time though.

Ric Flair and Sting take on Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman in our main event! Sting doesn’t come out right away for the match and so Flair starts the match without him.

Sting comes out to a huge pop roughly three and a half minutes into the match and gets up on the apron. Sting and Flair win by countout seven minutes into the match. Flair and Sting stand tall together.

^That was fun. A seven minute tag team match with four top guys? I can’t complain about it.

Mean Gene interviews Flair and Sting in the ring. Sting compliments Flair and they leave together after agreeing to team up again.

Sting and Lex Luger will team up next week to
take on Harlem Heat. Benoit and Dean Malenko will face Alex Wright and Eddie Guerrero. Hulk Hogan will also be here. Should be a solid show!

We had that nice mat clinic between the future Mania main eventers, a good tag team main event, and some filler junk. I’ll give it a 6.5 out of 10 for quality.

Thanks for reading!