ThunderStruck: Weekly Rundown 06/03/12 – 06/09/12

Welcome to the rundown! I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, and I’m looking for some feedback. I really don’t have the motivation to do all of these shows in separate columns, and so I’m curious what you guys think of the format or if you have any suggestions on what I might do differently. Feedback is appreciated! Let’s get to it:

FCW 06/03/12

Jason Jordan went one on one with Leo Kruger. Kruger wins the match using a face first slam from what started out as a neckbreaker setup.

Dean Ambrose cuts a promo. Seth Rollins interrupts. The two exchange words as Rollins tells him to focus on the Florida Heavyweight Title and to forget about his obsession with William Regal. Ambrose points to the title.

Jiro jobs to Bray Wyatt(Husky Harris, aka Windham Rotunda). Wyatt cuts his usual weird promo before the match. Waylon Mercy lives!

Kassius Ohno cuts a promo about winning championships in FCW.

Seth Rollins defends the Florida Heavyweight Championship against Richie Steamboat. Rollins wins the match using the curb stomp smash finisher of his. Dean Ambrose confronts Rollins after the match when he hands him the title. The two have a staredown to close the show.

Thoughts: Shows like this make me want to do a podcast for discussion. The main event of the night was nothing short of spectacular. Rollins is going to be on the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan level, and possibly one day even be better than those two. Bray Wyatt will be interesting to keep watching; I’m curious as to who might prove to be a worthy challenger for this new streak of his. Ohno is another guy that is well on his way to success. The stop in FCW seems trivial in terms of development, but I understand WWE’s logic in wanting these guys to become well known names through the new NXT before coming to the main shows. Kruger and Jordan also impressed me with their matchup; I’m expecting Kruger to have a big future in the business.

NXT 06/06/12

Tyler Reks goes one on one with Jey Uso. Reks takes Jey from an over the shoulder backbreaker position and drops Jey into a version of the DDT for the three count at the five minute mark.

Percy Watson faces off against JTG in the second match of the night. Watson wins the match in just over six minutes via the patented front face slam into a three count.

Tamina takes on Natalya in the third match of the night. Tamina wins using the superfly splash.

Tyson kidd and Justin Gabriel defeat Johnny Curtis and Heath Slater in a tag match for this week’s NXT main event.

Thoughts: Reks looks good in singles action. I’d be curious to see more of him in one on one matches. Percy Watson looked good as always in the ring and JTG seems to be the same guy he always was only with different ring attire. Tamina and Natalya were impressive in their match and more than made up for the lack of divas on Raw the last two weeks. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel were as much fun to watch in the ring as originally predicted, and that is probably why WWE has been planning to pair them up for so long. I could see the two putting on great matches if they continue this role in the tag team division. When you take into consideration the lack of storyline and promos, this was still a pretty good wrestling show this week.

Superstars 06/07/12

Hunico defeats Yoshi Tatsu in the opening match using the senton bomb after an Angle slam. The match went about nine minutes.

Jinder Mahal defeats Alex Riley in less than five minutes using the camel clutch.

Jack Swagger defeats Zack Ryder when he counters his finisher and turns it into a powerbomb for the three count.

Thoughts: Hunico and Tatsu wrestled what was probably one of the better matches on television this week. This match alone makes the show worth watching. Mahal and Riley don’t really interest me, but their match wasn’t all that bad. Mahal just needs more work to be a more convincing dominant heel. It’s like he’s a modern day Iron Sheik, and the problem with that is that he has a very limited moveset. Swagger and Ryder always put on a good show, and this match was no exception. Overall, this was another solid Superstars and one you should check out.

Impact Wrestling 06/07/12

Dixie Carter is confronted by Daniels and Kazarian. AJ Styles saves the day but then gets knocked down by Dixie’s husband.

Crimson defeats Austin Aries to remain “undefeated” with the help of Samoa Joe. Crimson announces his open challenge for Slammiversary.

Brooke Hogan tells the knockouts the Velvet Sky is going to be in Montgomery Gentry’s new music video. Mickie James looks pissed.

Hogan cuts a promo to talk about a World Title match next week on Impact. Roode interrupts. Roode tries to go after Hogan. Sting comes to the ring and takes out Roode.

Brooke Tessmacher wins the four way match in ten minutes by defeating Tara, Velvet Sky, and Mickie James. Brooke will now face Gail Kim at Slammiversary this Sunday.

Bully Ray and Joseph Park sign a contract for an anything goes match at Slammiversary.

Devon defeats Robbie E in a short match to retain the TV Title. Garrett Bischoff stopped Robbie T and helped Devon pick up the win.

Hogan announces a three way match between Anderson, RVD, and Hardy at Slammiversary. The winner will face Roode for the World Title next week on Impact.

Sting makes Bobby Roode tap out to the deathlock. Sting, AJ Styles, and Kurt Angle are victorious over Kazarian, Daniels, and Roode in the six man tag main event. Styles doesn’t join the match until the middle after leaving the building earlier with Dixie Carter.

Thoughts:I like the concept of bringing in Dixie’s husband for the Styles/Daniels storyline. Originality is a good way to go(sarcasm, i.e. McMahon family anybody?). I don’t like Austin Aries being pinned by Crimson, but I get the point of pushing his rivalry with Joe. The four way knockouts match was the best overall wrestling match of the night. I love what TNA does with these women and the importance that they are given. Brooke is a joke, but Dixie is all about the ratings and in her eyes, that’s what Brooke equals. I liked the Abyss pre-taped video on screen while he stood in the ring with Bully Ray; that match will be a lot of fun on Sunday and you can read my Slammiversary predictions this weekend if you want to see how I think that match will turn out. The main event was solid but definitely gave too much momentum in favor of Sting for Slammiversary. We all know as fans what will happen in the main event of a pay per view based on who pins who more during the buildup to the show. This was a good episode of Impact Wrestling, and I hope they were able to draw in more viewers this week and add to the already enthused and optimistic locker room of TNA.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 06/09/12

Michael Elgin goes one on one with Matt Taven to open the show. Elgin wins the match using the 360-bomb after the buckle bomb.

WGTT cuts a promo about cheating to beat the Briscoes at Border Wars. The All Night Express comes out to confront them and talk about their match at Best In The World. They end up brawling.

Eddie Edwards defeats Davey Richards in the main event. Edwards wins the match with a rollup three count.

Thoughts: I’m fairly certain that I just watched a 4 3/4 if not 5 star wrestling match between Richards and Edwards. It’s 5AM here on the east coast and I’m pretty sure Ring of Honor is my absolute favorite wrestling organization for delivering such an awesome match at this hour! Taven and Elgin put on a solid opener and the heat between the ANX and WGTT will make for a great match on 6/24 at Best In The World. Once again ROH puts on a great show and proves that there is something out there for true wrestling fans to watch every week!

I’m not going to talk about Raw or Smackdown again here. I’m also not going to talk about Slammiversary because those predictions will be up by tomorrow morning at the very latest. Lots to do and so little time! Thanks for reading! – add me!