ThunderStruck: WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Reaction

Brodus and Tensai defeat Team Rhodes Scholars: I don’t like this, but this is what we are being subjected to. As long as Rhodes and Sandow develop some good singles feuds, I guess I can be okay with WWE wanting a dancing duo as their new favorite tag team. At this rate, I’m guessing Brodus and Tensai will end up with the Tag Titles before long. It was an okay match, but nothing special; I’m sure a lot of the kids in the audience enjoyed it.

Alberto Del Rio defeats the Big Show using the cross armbreaker: Despite Del Rio’s botch of falling on his rear, the match was great and would be in the four out of five star category. I really enjoyed the chemistry between these two, and I’m sure Del Rio will go on to have some great rivalries in 2013 now that he’s established himself as a strong World Champion. Slaying the giant on three occasions was an awesome start to his title run.

Antonio Cesaro wins by DQ when the Miz accidently nails Cesaro with a low blow using his knee(falls on him): Cesaro held onto the gold by just a hair in this one. I love the chemistry these two have together, and WWE has done a very good job of keeping this feud interesting. I honestly never expected a US Title feud to last this long and be so entertaining, but the next big encounter between these two(I expect it to be at WrestleMania) will most likely be the big payoff for the Miz. Both men are destined for big things, and they showed their stuff well in this one.

Jack Swagger pins Randy Orton to win the Elimination Chamber match: I liked the fact that nobody was eliminated until the last man(Mark Henry) entered the match. The action was good to start with, but everybody on the ground while one thing after another occurred gave the match a bit of a “money in the bank” feel that wasn’t needed. Why couldn’t there be more happening at one time? I fully expected Orton or Henry to win the match, but this outcome could lead to a very good wrestling match between Swagger and Del Rio at WrestleMania(if it stays a one on one encounter). I guess I just have to be optimistic and hope for a good rivalry with some quality wrestling involved. Not the best chamber match I’ve ever watched, but certainly far from the worst(ECW ppv, anyone?).

The Shield defeats John Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus when Seth Rollins pins Ryback: The action in this one was outstanding. Dean Ambrose shined with his skills, and the pace of the entire contest NEVER slowed down. I find it very admirable of the “vets” here to put over the Shield in such a big way. I hope Rollins’ pinfall over Ryback leads to some one on one encounters between the two. I never thought I would see the man formerly known as Tyler Black(Rollins) in the same ring against the likes of John Cena. Fantastic match, even with the quick and surprising finish; I just love the unpredictability!

Kaitlyn defeats Tamina with the spear after Tamina misses the superfly splash from the top rope: The match was kept very short, but the intensity with these two was undeniable. I really wish WWE would take advantage of the wrestling ability of these ladies and give us something that feels more important than just a sporadic ppv match that lasts less than five minutes. Kaitlyn has a big future, and Tamina could lead the division with her abilities if WWE decided to make something of them.

The Rock defeats CM Punk to retain the WWE Championship: Punk had the pin but the ref was down. Punk kicked out of the people’s elbow. Rock wins the match with the Rock bottom after Punk nails Paul Heyman by accident with the title belt. Rock will now face John Cena at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship. I love how the announcers DID NOT use the phrase “twice in a lifetime” when the screenshot for Mania popped up(conveniently already made) with both their faces on it. I’d rank this match as being really great, but for me the rest periods of it got to be a bit much near the end. I’m sure it could contend for Match of the Year, but something tells me what we see at WrestleMania will make this seem small.

In comparison to last year’s Elimination Chamber event, this thing kicked ass. In terms of an overall pay per view, this thing kicked ass. Everything just seemed to fit, even with what I view to be the questionable booking of Jack Swagger as the No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Overall, props to WWE for giving us a great show.

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