ThunderStruck: WWE Main Event And NXT Review 10/30/13

Main Event Review 10/30/13

Josh Mathews and the Miz are on commentary.

Kofi Kingston goes one on one with Ryback. Both men wear the rise above cancer shirts to the ring. Classy stuff. Ryback wins the match at the twelve minute mark with shell shocked. That was an exceptional wrestling match for Main Event. I feel like it’s been quite some time since we’ve seen something of that length with that sort of story involving Ryback of all people on Wednesday’s prime time show. Great start!

Short Raw recap. Glad it was fast.

Santino goes one on one with Heath Slater w/Jinder and Drew. Santino defeats Slater with the cobra in just under five minutes. Nothing special, but good comedic relief for the always popular Santino.

Another Raw recap. Waste of time for those of us who watched Raw. Maybe I should skip it on Mondays from now on?

The Great Khali takes on Fandango next. Fandango wins with the top rope legdrop.

^Yup, Fandango has defeated a former World Champ again and still has no real creative direction. Nice job, WWE. The match was a waste of time when we’ve already seen it before.

Los Matadores take on Los Locales(Tyson Kidd and Ricardo Rodriguez) in the final match of the night. Quality tag team action in this one to close out the night! Los Matadores get the double team win.

Not a terrible episode of main event as the first match was MOTN and the final match was fun but nothing special. Can’t really complain too much whenever quality wrestling is thrown into the mix, even when Khali shows up on my screen. Thanks for reading!

NXT Review 10/30/13

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady kick off the show with a promo as they come to the ring. They are taking on Alexander Rusev and Sylvester Lefort. Lefort is the most interesting one of the four, as none of the others intrigue me in the slightest. Rusev is a beast, but we’ve seen his type too many times before. Rusev and Lefort pick up the win in this snoozefest. We see a blond diva at the top of the ramp watching them. She doesn’t impress me either.

We get a Raw recap. On NXT. Yup.

Aiden English(now dubbed the Ar-tist) sings as he comes to the ring. It’s sketchy. William Regal says he has a mancrush on him and Renee Young loves it.

English takes on Jason Jordan. He defeats him in a short match using the director’s cut. English gives us an encore after the match and sings no one in the WWE is better than he. I suppose a fresh repackage for English is nice, but that singing just doesn’t belong. Roses are tossed in the ring after he sings. The match was nothing special, but I’m curious about English’s future.

Adrian Neville is shown in a exclusive with a message for Corey Graves. Can’t wait to see those two wrestle again!

Paige takes on Summer Rae. Sasha Banks is in the corner of Summer Rae. Paige wins in just under seven minutes, and Banks attacks her after the match. Emma makes the save and beats on Banks. Paige goes to stop Emma but Emma knocks her to the mat by “accident” as we assume she thought Paige was Summer Rae. They appear to be getting along after the fact. Great women’s wrestling match, and how can anyone not be excited for Paige making her way to the WWE main roster?

Tyler Breeze is briefly interviewed about his match with CJ Parker tonight.

A Curtis Axel promo video is shown. This must’ve been filmed awhile ago. A Big E. Langston promo video is shown following Axel’s.

Next we get a video of Luke Harper cutting a promo on Kassius Ohno. Apparently they have a match taking place next week. We are then told that Alexander Rusev will be taking on HIS manager, Sylvester Lefort next week.

Tyler Breeze takes on CJ Parker. Very aggressive back and forth action from both men. Together, these two have a lot of hair. Damn. Parker wins the match with a straight shot to the face. Excellent main event to close out the show! Parker tries to cut Breeze’s hair after the match but Breeze escapes.

Fantastic show overall. I may not love some of the over the top gimmicks in NXT, but the wrestling delivered from start to finish with quality commentary. Thanks for reading! – add me!