ThunderStruck: WWE Main Event And Smackdown Analysis 04/19/13

It’s just me covering both shows this week. Let’s get down to it!

WWE Main Event Analysis 04/18/13

Wade Barrett cuts a promo about the lack of competition in the number one contender battle royal tonight, but the Great Khali’s music hits and out he comes as the eleventh participant.

Justin Gabriel wins the eleven man battle Royal to become number one contender for Wade Barrett’s Intercontinental Championship. The other competitors were the Great Khali, Primo, Epico, Alex Riley, the Usos, Drew McIntyre, Santino Marella, Jinder Mahal, and Yoshi Tatsu.

^It was a very mediocre pool of talent in this battle royal. I’m surprised Ted Dibiase wasn’t in on this given the rare Alex Riley sighting. Glad to see Gabriel earn the title shot; he’s the most talented of the bunch and deserves a midcard title run.

Wade Barrett retains the IC Championship by defeating Justin Gabriel with the bullhammer elbow after a rake to the eyes.

^Awesome ten plus minutes of well choreographed wrestling. Gabriel has definitely proved himself as a midcard contender, and now it’s just a matter of when he will receive a proper push. Barrett’s run with the gold continues to impress; I would expect him to hold a Money In The Bank briefcase before long.

Definitely a very down the middle bland show overall. I wish I could say it was more exciting, but WWE didn’t stick with the concept of keeping things highly exciting after the first episode with CM Punk against Sheamus. Oh well! We take what we can get as wrestling fans, and a fourteen minute IC Title match with two talented athletes is certainly nothing to cry about.

WWE Smackdown Analysis 04/19/13

Fandango comes out and flirts/dances with Lilian Garcia before dropping her to the ground and telling her she’s terrible at spinning. Santino comes out and cuts a promo on Fandango. Fandango wins the match after it goes about five minutes and cuts a promo on how to say his name before leaving.

^Santino gets treated like a joke once again, and Fandango looks vicious. I’m not opposed to Fandango being successful; I just don’t love the gimmick. Good short match to open Smackdown.

Kofi Kingston defeats Wade Barrett in a non-title champion vs champion match using a crucifix pin. The match went just under six minutes.

^I could see both of these men as World Heavyweight Champion someday, but in the eyes of WWE it looks like Barrett is the more likely choice. Regardless, both men have talent and then match here was pretty entertaining. When JBL says ‘we fight on Friday nights’ repeatedly, he’s not lying.

Mark Henry is interviewed about why he attacks Sheamus, and Sheamus spears him from out of nowhere. Sheamus says that’s just what he does, fella.

^Sheamus and Henry had a feud in the late summer of 2011(Summerslam match), and it wasn’t terrible. I’m not sure exactly why they’re doing it again, but we’ll see where it goes. That spear looked brutal with the fall Henry took.

Alberto Del Rio defeats Jack Swagger with a rollup in a fifteen minute match.

^Now THIS IS WRESTLING! This is the kind of match that we wanted to see at WrestleMania from these guys. Very solid wrestling match right here from both guys. I don’t hold out much hope for Swagger any longer(he’s buried himself with his conduct as far as I’m concerned), but Del Rio is a guy that I want to see experience major success. His personality just needs to be properly marketed in every feud(similar to how he was used in his rivalry with the Big Show).

A video is played from the Shield talking about Ryback knowing justice means self preservation and that’s the reason he didn’t help John Cena on Raw. They also talk about their match on Raw against Team Hell No and the Undertaker.

^I like listening to Dean Ambrose talk. Raw should be good on Monday with just the six man tag alone. That is all.

The Great Khali, Natalya, and Hornswoggle defeat Primo, Epico, and Rosa.

^I’m somewhat tired of these same six rivaling with one another. It’s like watching the Usos take on Primo and Epico every time you turn around. Can we get something fresh?

The Big Show and Mark Henry defeat Randy Orton and Sheamus. Show pins Orton after a chokeslam.

^Solid tag team match here for a main event. I don’t expect Orton and Sheamus to be best friends forever. Solid show of wrestling from top to bottom tonight, and I can’t complain hardly at all! The only gripe would be Khali and the six person tag, but WWE is going to do what they want in regards to that. The decent opener, champion vs champion, Del Rio/Swagger, and then the tag team main event combined made it a very good wrestling show. I’ll be back with the Raw analysis on Tuesday. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me!