ThunderStruck: WWE Main Event And Smackdown Analysis 03/22/13


Wade Barrett beats R-Truth via Bullhammer Elbow. Wade Barrett takes the microphone after the match to promote himself, then goes to the announcers table to start a fight with The Miz. Barrett ends up running up the ramp with The Miz standing tall in the ring.

Thoughts: Well this wasn’t a bad match, but nothing that made jump off my couch. It felt like R-Truth never stood a chance in this match despite the hype Michael Cole put into his commentating. Overall, the bout was slow paced but effective, even if Barrett really dominated the whole time and that’s not a bad thing because the Intercontinental Champion needs to look strong for his title defense at WrestleMania. The rivalry between he and The Miz has really grown on me; it has somewhat become one of the really personal feuds we’ve seen in awhile on the midcard title scene and I’m really hoping they get to shine at the show of shows in a little more than two weeks.

Interview with Sheamus. Matt Striker asks him if he will choose Big Show for his team with Randy Orton against The Shield at Mania, and he says he’ll consider it.

Thoughts: Please, WWE, don’t insult our intelligence. We all know Sheamus and Orton will choose Big Show for their match against The Shield and, in all honesty, I think the three veterans are great opponents for the trio’s first match at WrestleMania. I’m excited for that match but I’m not liking the fact that it’s taking forever to make it official with Big Show joining the team.

Natalya & Layla beat Alicia Fox & Aksana when Natalya makes Alicia Fox tap out to the Sharpshooter.

Thoughts: Three things. First of all, for a sloppy Divas match, this really wasn’t that bad, and that’s saying alot considering Aksana was in it (I don’t have anything against her at all; I just find she was better off as a valet). Second, it was great to see Natalya back in the ring and not in The Great Khali’s corner. She is definitely WWE’s most talented female wrestler, and she deserves to be used properly and she deserves to be on top of the Divas division. Also, the heat between her and Alicia Fox was surprisingly well illustrated in this match and it was very enjoyable to watch. Third thing: props to the WWE for booking a Divas match on Main Event.

The Usos beat The Primetime Players via Samoan Drop/Superfly Splash combo.

Thoughts: The Miz said during this match: “They have the ability, they just need the opportunity.” This statement couldn’t be more accurate. We got to see a very good match between two teams that should be contenders to the Tag Team Championships, if given the right push. Those four guys put on a great performance and it just comes to show us how good the tag team division could be if creative took the time to think of how to push it and make it relevant. Because the tag team wrestlers in the WWE have the ability, they just need the opportunity.

Overall, it was a fairly enjoyable show and I’m excited for what comes next, especially on RAW. Thank you for reading!

Smackdown 03/22/13 By Joe Thunder

Smackdown starts with MizTV and his guests are the “Celtic Vipers.” They talk about needing a partner and they talk about the Big Show and he comes down to the ring. Booker T eventually comes out and says they will all team up tonight as a test.

^We all saw this coming for the last few weeks. Do I think Big Show will be the problem for the team? Nope, I think Orton will take his long awaited heel turn and be the one to cost his team the match. Solid opening segment from the talkers, but back to the old “let’s set up a tag team match to start the show” routine.

Mark Henry squashes Zack Ryder and continues his assault after the match. Ryback makes the save and ends up clotheslining Henry after they face off.

^Poor Zack Ryder. It doesn’t look like 2013 will be his year. As for Mark Henry, I’m excited to see how his match with Ryback goes at Mania. Will it be a typical monster brawl or will we all be surprised with something entirely unexpected?

Booker and Teddy Long are shown discussing Teddy’s decision with Vickie to make Ryback/Henry for Mania. Booker says he likes the match, but he doesn’t like how Teddy handled his business by going to Vickie Guerrero.

^A storyline rivalry between Teddy and Booker? I’m not sure what the intrigue will be, but I’m curious about what will come of it. Perhaps Teddy will become jealous of Booker’s Hall of Fame induction?

Dolph Ziggler defeats Kofi KIngston with help from Big E. Big E lays out Kofi after the match.

^Seriously? I know I enjoy the chemistry between these two, but how many times have they competed against each other in the last four years? There are rumors of a heel turn for Kofi, but for me it doesn’t change much because he’ll probably be in the midcard for the remainder of his career.

Sheamus and Big Show are shown arguing backstage.

^And here we thought they would be just one big, happy family.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter come out and talk about what Swagger did to Ricardo on Raw. Jericho interrupts and they have their match. Swagger wins when Fandango gets involved and costs Jericho the match. Fandango attacks Jericho after the match.

^Why book the same match two weeks in a row? Never mind; I just remembered I was watching WWE. Fandango wasn’t a bad wrestler in NXT, but he never really stood out. Do I think it’s ridiculous for Fandango and Jericho to have a match at WrestleMania when a guy like Antonio Cesaro isn’t even being used on TV in any significant way this week? You already know the answer.

Big Show is interviewed and talks about winning the main event tonight.

^I hope he stays heel through all of this teaming with faces. Flip flopping him any more would just make him more of a joke than Hulk Hogan.

Team Rhodes Scholars against Brodus and Tensai(Sweet T) ends in a no contest when the Bellas try to get involved. Cameron and Naomi fight with the Bellas after the match and dance once they clear the ring.

^Divas having a storyline? Cool; I won’t complain. Team Rhodes Scholars still not being used properly? I can’t be the only one who has a problem with it.

Sheamus and Orton are now interviewed about the main event tonight.

^One of these guys will probably turn heel at WrestleMania. I don’t think it necessarily has to be Orton.

The Miz defeats Antonio Cesaro with Wade Barrett on commentary. Barrett taunts Miz after the match.

^I understand the importance of the IC Title, but why dump on the US Title to the point where there isn’t a feud going for Mania yet? Good for Miz and Barrett with their potential Mania match, but I still think Cesaro not being utilized better hurts his character in the long run. Look at how many people don’t care about Del Rio because of his odd and random booking up until his face turn.

Show, Sheamus and Orton defeat the 3MB. Sheamus gets the pin and Show isn’t happy. The Shield come down but Show, Sheamus and Orton stand tall in the ring to end the show.

^Perhaps some team unity will be shown after all? I still think it would be good booking for the Shield to go over at Mania. Is it predictable? Maybe, but it makes sense to establish these three as upper midcard threats, if not main event contenders.

There really wasn’t anything standout for this show, but it wasn’t bad either. It definitely wasn’t the best Smackdown I’ve ever seen. WWE needs to step it up knowing that we’re in WrestleMania season. I’ll be back on Tuesday with the Raw Analysis at some point. Thanks for reading! – add me