ThunderStruck: WWE Payback 2014 Predictions

Mask vs Hair Kickoff Match: El Torito vs Hornswoggle

JT: If this anything as fun as the last kickoff match, it should be entertaining. The tail storyline is a bit stupid, but I have no doubt about this being fun to watch. Torito wins and shaves Hornswoggle’s head.

Alexander Rusev vs Big E

JT: If this feud were being done to push BOTH men further to the top, I’d be happy. Instead, it feels like Big E has fallen since dropping the IC Title and isn’t being given the opportunity to get over with the audience. Rusev wins a short, big man match.

WWE Divas Champion Paige vs Alicia Fox

JT: Alicia has been pushed as a top contender and has been interesting to see on TV each week. I’m not in love with her as a wrestler, but she’s slowly growing on me as a character. Paige just got the title after WrestleMania, and her promo the other night was EXCELLENT. I’m excited to see what else she brings to the ring. Paige retains in what should be a very good divas match.

WWE United States Champion Sheamus vs Cesaro

JT: Now THIS is one that I’m excited for! The match these two had during the IC number one contender tourny was enjoyable, and this one will really show just how big of stars both these men really are. The crowd will probably eat this one up; I predict Cesaro to win the title. These two high caliber athletes competing for the US Title really brings back some prestige to the historic championship.

Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs Rob Van Dam

JT: RVD is still around helping people look good, and that’s what he will do here. It will be competitive, back and forth, and we’ll probably see a tease of RVD winning the gold, but Barrett will come out on top and will probably have the support of the Chicago audience.

Last Man Standing Match – John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

JT: Ugh. That’s not all I can say, but that essentially sums it up. Bray SHOULD win this match; he deserves it and it will show the world what a great performer he is. He’s earned the rub with his charisma and his ability to get over. That said, all I can picture is SuperCena overcoming the odds and getting the victory. It’s not what I want, but it’s what I think will happen. Here’s hoping for a helluva fight; I almost guarantee involvment from Rowan and Harper that will become nuetralized by the presence of the Usos.

No Holds Barred Elimination Match – The Shield vs Evolution

JT: While I’m not crazy about Triple H and Batista wrestling in the main event scene, their willingness to put over the Shield and make these guys into individual starts is something to be applauded. After the exciting match we saw at Extreme Rules, I predict this match to be even better. The Shield wins unless this feud is going to continue(which I do not expect it to with everyone involved).

Final Thoughts: I was expecting the Usos to defend the tag titles against Rowan and Harper on this show, but honestly the show has a solid structure feel to it. Despite not having Daniel Bryan competing(he’ll be there with Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella), there’s a lot of up and coming stars highlighting the show and I think it’s going to be something memorable. Does it feel a bit predictable? Sure, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be highly exciting to watch.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the show!

  • Marcus G.

    Nice Predictions Joe. Called it from top to bottom. I would like to think Big E and Rusev will give us a surprisingly good big man contest but I won’t hold my breath. Still Payback should be a great event to watch.