ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 05/27/13

John Cena comes out to open the show. He suggest making his match with Ryback at Payback a three stages of hell match(first fall is a lumberjack match, second is a tables match, and third is an ambulance match). Ryback comes out and agrees with him. Ryback leaves and then Paul Heyman comes out and introduces Curtis Axel to John Cena. Heyman challenges Cena to a match tonight on behalf of Axel. Cena suggests that Axel stay as far away from Heyman as possible, but then he accepts the challenge.

^Cena’s comedy was a little better tonight than usual, but it was still somewhat on the lame side. Cena and Axel going one on one excites me. What can these two do in the ring together? We’ll have to wait and see!

Alberto Del Rio defeats Big E. Langston in a one on one match. AJ yells at Big E. after the match but he just walks away.

^So Del Rio now wins the feud 2-1? Or will we see this match again on Smackdown? Good storytelling from these two, but the match has now been overdone in a very short period of time. I like the early problems between Big E. and AJ. E seems like a guy that will get over well as a face on his own, so dumping AJ and Dolph sooner rather than later will help get him where he needs to be in terms of Superstar status.

Kane and Dbry argue backstage but then Bret Hart gives them a motivational speech.

^Nice to see Bret in his hometown of Calgary, but I’m more intrigued by the idea of WWE splitting up Team Hell No. Can we just get it over with please?

Dean Ambrose defends the US Title against Kofi Kingston. Ambrose wins the match with his finisher. Rollins and Reigns come down to celebrate with Ambrose, but then Team Hell No comes out for their tag team title match.

^Great wrestling match! I enjoyed this one more than their Extreme Rules match, and I hope Kofi gets at least one more shot at the gold before this rivalry is over. Impressive performance from both men.

Rollins and Reigns defeat Kane and Dbry to retain the tag team championships. Rollins pins Kane after a flying knee to the head from the top rope. Dbry caused the distraction for Kane when he wouldn’t stop going after Roman Reigns while they weren’t the legal men.

^Another awesome match! Two Shield matches back to back loaded with action? I love it! This should probably be Team Hell No’s final title shot, but somehow I don’t see WWE doing that.

The Miz is voted to be guest referee by the audience for the Wade Barrett vs Fandango match. Barrett gets physical with the Miz during the match and this prompts Miz to deliver a skull crushing finale. Fandango pins Barrett and Miz counts the three. Miz takes down Fandango and has Summer Rae pin him next.

^Between Smackdown and this match, the Intercontinental title finally feels like it might have some meaning to it! I see this whole rivalry ending with Fandango as IC Champion. I can’t wait to see what happens with his character in the future. I’m also curious between Miz and Barrett which one will end up going after a World Title first.

Shawn Michaels is backstage and tries to talk John Cena out of wrestling tonight after the beating he took at Extreme Rules. Cena just walks away.

^Nice beard on HBK. I don’t see WWE being dumb enough to book Cena the same way they did Triple H last week; it would be stunningly ridiculous for something that hadn’t occurred in 17 years on WWE television to happen two weeks in a row.

Khali, Sweet T, and Brodus Clay face the Three Man Band. Brodus Clay pins Heath Slater to win the match. Brodus announces that tonight is Natalya’s birthday, and Khali is going to sing to her.

^This was boring. I don’t care for anyone in this entire bunch besides Slater, and him losing to that joke is just stupid. The E in WWE standing for entertainment doesn’t mean we should be subjected to things so foolish.

Paul Heyman is Jericho’s guest on the highlight reel. Heyman says he gave Jericho his first big break. Jericho says Heyman owes him money. Heyman says that’s why he didn’t charge Jericho a fee for appearing tonight. Jericho says he wants to discuss Heyman’s other client, not Curtis Axel. Heyman mentions Brock Lesnar, but Jericho says he means the other client, CM Punk. Jericho shows the footage of Punk walking out six weeks ago, and Jericho thinks Heyman was surprised by it. Heyman dodges the question and the crowd chants boring. Heyman goes into a rant about how great Punk was but Jericho cuts him off with a rant of blah and then asks where CM Punk is. Heyman says he will have an announcement in the next few weeks regarding the return of the best in the world. Jericho says Punk is not allowed to sit at home for six weeks and still be referred to as the best in the world. Jericho talks to Punk directly now that Heyman says he is at home. Jericho says the next ppv, Payback, is in Chicago, Punk’s hometown. Jericho goes on to try to call himself the best in the world, but Heyman stops him and asks him not to say it. Jericho says Punk can prove he is the best in the world by defeating Jericho at Payback one on one once again. Heyman says Jericho doesn’t get to make those decisions, so Jericho goes on to say that he is the best in the world at what he does. Heyman accepts Jericho’s challenge for Payback on behalf of CM Punk. Jericho tells Heyman that after Payback, Punk will never ever be the same again.

^This was a great talking segment between Jericho and Heyman(two of the all time greats on the microphone). I can’t wait for another Punk/Jericho pay per view match!

The Bellas face Kaitlyn and Natalya. Kaitlyn accidentally spears Natalya and it costs them the match. The Bellas sing happy birthday to Natalya but call her loser instead of her name.

^So does Kaitlyn go heel now or Natalya? I would be pleased with Natalya holding the Divas Championship; she would bring a different sort of legitimacy to the title that most other divas can’t.

Bret Hart approaches Curtis Axel. Hart tries to tell Axel to get Paul Heyman out of his corner. Axel says just because Bret knew his dad doesn’t mean he knows him. Axel says nobody would give him the time of day, except for Paul Heyman. He tells Bret to enjoy his appreciation night because he’s going to beat the WWE Champion.

^Talk about history! Bret and Mr. Perfect had some of the most technically sound matches in WWE history. It’s so strange to see an aged Bret Hart talking to the son of his former rival. Incredible nostalgia. Bret stays in character a little too much for my liking, but that’s just how old school he is.

A Wyatt family video package is shown after Randy Orton comes out and after the commercial break before the tag match starts.

^Bray Wyatt is incredibly talented, and I’m excited for his debut on the main roster in WWE.

Sheamus and Randy Orton face Team Rhodes Scholars. Sheamus pins Sandow after a brogue kick in a competitive match.

^I was surprised to see Team Rhodes Scholars be so competitive, and I was even more surprised by what appeared to be a spray tan on Cody Rhodes. This was just another good match for Raw tonight! I can’t wait to see Orton and Sheamus have a feud down the road.

John Cena loses to Curtis Axel by countout. Cena is distracted when an ambulance pulls into the arena. Ryback jumps Cena and they start to brawl. Cena tries to AA Ryback off the stage but Ryback shoves him off the stage instead. Axel celebrates his win the ring as the show ends.

^So now Curtis Axel can brag that he’s beaten John Cena AND Triple H. Yet, he beat them in weak heel-like fashion without doing much. I don’t like this! I was hoping he would be booked strong and pick up a surprise win on someone. The quality of matches that Axel is known for is quite high, while the matches he’s had with Triple H, Sin Cara, and John Cena were rather average. I don’t like the booking, but I’m still thrilled to see him on tv now.

Good promos, good wrestling, and decent storyline enhancers. We’ll sum it up as a very good Raw! I’ll be back with the Rundown sometime on Saturday. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me!

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