ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 11/05/12

Miz and Paul Heyman are shown backstage. Miz is furious at Punk for ditching him last week on Raw and quits the team for Survivor Series.

^Interesting way to start the show. Perhaps this is the start of a Miz face turn? Maybe this is WWE’s way of continuing to bury the Miz while taking the opportunity to add more star power to Team Punk.

Those masked guys and R-Truth defeat Antonio Cesaro and the Prime Time Players in a six man tag. Truth gets the pin after using little jimmy on Cesaro.

^This was a fun match to kick off Raw. Opening the show with a six man tag is definitely a good way to get the London crowd hyped. The idea of having R-Truth challenge and possibly defeat Cesaro for the US Title definitely gives the belt more prestige than it has seen in quite some time.

Vickie Guerrero comes to the ring and runs her mouth, followed by John Cena. Vickie shows evidence on the big screen of AJ and Cena’s affair. AJ is shown backstage on the tron where she tries to defend herself, but Dolph Ziggler comes into the picture and mocks her. Cena heads quickly to the back.

^Besides Cena and Ziggler potentially having a match in the near future, the drama to this whole thing is sickening. I still hate Vickie Guerrero’s voice, by the way.

Backstage, Paul Heyman asks Wade Barrett to join team Punk. He accepts.

^Keeping Wade Barrett relevant is a good move by WWE, and putting him in a top match like this one gives the WWE creative team a good opportunity to put him back in the main event scene.

Cody Rhodes defeats Daniel Bryan with cross-rhodes after Bryan dives outside onto Sandow. Cody says Sandow can beat Kane. Kane squashes Sandow in a short match and wins using the chokeslam.

^As long as WWE continues to keep this rivalry interesting and gives us teaser matches like this, I’m a happy fan. These two teams have the potential to rival into the new year and I love the chemistry between all involved.

Brad Maddox is interviewed by Michael Cole. Maddox says he wants a WWE contract and he didn’t do what he did to Ryback for Punk or anyone else. Vince McMahon makes an appearance and books Maddox in a match with Ryback next week. He tells Maddox he will get a contract if he can defeat Ryback. Vickie Guerrero comes out and Vince makes her book CM Punk to defend his WWE Title against John Cena and Ryback at Survivor Series.

^Despite this being just one small segment for Maddox, I wonder if Vince might have big things in store for this young man. Maybe WWE likes his look and is possibly considering him as one of their big stars for the future. I like the WWE Title match being booked, but I wonder if this was the plan all along or if this was more than likely a last minute change to the script to get more ppv buys. No matter the reason, I like the decision to have a WWE Title match at the annual event.

Sheamus defeats the Miz with the brogue kick. Big Show is on commentary during the match.

^The match had a good length to it and told a good story. This was just an all around well worked wrestling match by both men and deserves props for being one of the ten best Raw matches this year. Big Show on commentary was the added element for continuing the feud between him and Sheamus, and his contribution to the match helped it more than it distracted. If WWE is seriously considering not using the Miz for any major storylines, then I would consider this to be a major failure on their part. Miz works hard and proved once again that he can hold his own in an effort to work a good match with Sheamus.

Vickie tells Dolph Ziggler that he is now the captain of Team Punk at Survivor Series. Punk shows up and complains about Vince’s decision. Vickie books Punk and Ziggler in a match with Cena and Ryback tonight per the suggestion of Vince McMahon.

^Sounds like a good main event to me! Maybe we’ll get lucky and see Ryback do more than a few moves in a wrestling match.

Sheamus and William Regal have a moment backstage and decide to go have a pint together.

^William Regal is a classy guy. How excited would you be to see him in an announcer’s chair on Raw or Smackdown every week?

Kaitlyn and Layla defeat Aksana and Eve in a tag match.

^Not much of a match here, but at least the focus on the divas wasn’t totally non existent for this overseas edition of Raw.

Kofi Kingston defeats Alberto Del Rio. Randy Orton’s music hits near the end of the match to distract Del Rio, but Orton doesn’t come out until after the match when he nails ADR with an RKO.

^Two good wrestlers put on a decent match here. I love the intensity of the ADR/Orton rivalry. My question now is who will be feuding with Kofi over the IC Title after the Survivor Series?

Santino and Zack Ryder defeat Primo and Epico.

^This was short but fun. I like seeing lots of tag teams in one show, and this made six in total. Apparently the term CoBro was copyrighted by WWE this past week.

Wade Barrett defeats Brodus Clay.

^England really loves its own performers, no? This was short but fun, and I’m glad to see Brodus get used in the jobber role here, especially after that ridiculous win over Cody Rhodes on SMS this past weekend.

Heath Slater defeats Jey Uso in a short match.

^Not much going on here, but that makes seven official tag teams plus the 3MB shown on Raw. Drew McIntyre was noticeably absent from the group, and apparently he is taking care of his sick mother at the moment.

Cena and Ryback defeat Punk and Ziggler. Ryback pins Punk after shell shocked for the win. Ryback and Cena have a stare down to end the show.

^Good main event idea, but instead of Cena “hulking” up, we got Ryback in for the squash finish. Are we ever going to see this guy for any length of time in the ring? Not impressed with the booking choices surrounding someone that’s being hyped as one of the top guys in the company.

The thing I like most about Raws broadcast from overseas is all the wrestling we are treated to. This Raw was no exception in that aspect and I enjoyed the show from start to finish. I’m not sure I’m down with WWE changing the Survivor Series booking after focusing the show last week on building the elimination match, but they’re going to do what they want and we just have to believe the show will be better off for it.

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