ThunderStruck: WWE Smackdown Analysis 02/08/13

Big Show opens Smackdown with a promo. He whines and moans about being attacked by Alberto Del Rio. Big Show says it’s pointless for ADR to be suspended for one night, and Booker T is responsible for how Big Show has been treated. Booker comes out and tells Big Show to worry about his opponent tonight, Kane.

^It almost feels like WWE doesn’t know what to do with Big Show anymore. He cuts a pretty decent promo but his character in general is starting to bore me already. Booker T as GM of Smackdown feels EXACTLY the same as when Teddy Long was running the show; it’s not any more exciting. Kane and Big Show have fought a thousand times, and they usually aren’t that impressive together. Let’s hope I’m wrong about their match tonight.

Cody Rhodes goes one on one with Kofi Kingston. Rhodes wins the match with cross rhodes.

^The match was good and worked at a fairly quick pace. My only complaint is that it ended way too quickly. Cody needed this win to come back from losing to Del Rio and Cena the past two weeks on Raw, and I’m hoping he can start contending for bigger things rather than just jobbing to the stars. Kofi looked good as always; something tells me WWE will never realize the level of talent they have in Kofi Kingston.

Kane accepts Dbry’s apology, and Dbry forgives Kane for what he did to him on Main Event. Bryan offers to come down to the ring with Kane during his match with Big Show. Kane tells Dbry to shut his mouth.

^These two have just about run their course in terms of comedy, but this segment was fairly enjoyable. I like seeing a pissed off Kane telling Dbry how it is and Dbry playing the cowardly kiss ass. It was fun.

Titus O’Neil goes one on one with the Great Khali. Khali wins using the overhead chop. Mark Henry comes out after the match and destroys Khali. He cuts a promo after the match and says the Hall of Pain is now open. He calls out Booker T and wants to know why Booker didn’t put him in the Elimination Chamber now. Booker comes out and tells Mark he has to earn his spot in the chamber tonight by defeating Randy Orton.

^For the record, I don’t want the Prime Time Players to split up(it’s been rumored). I want those guys to win the tag team titles and re-revive tag team wrestling(since it’s been dying again). Khali was still limited here, but the point of this segment was effective in that Mark Henry looks like a beast. I don’t know why Booker considers Randy Orton a challenge; apparently they don’t want us to remember that Orton lost clean to Henry twice in 2011 on pay per view.

Big Show is shown outside by his bus and he’s complaining to one of his employees about his steak being cooked wrong and the thermostat being set wrong. Del Rio is shown in the background walking behind Show.

^Show is still whining. Del Rio is “not in the arena” so apparently he’s not violating his suspension. Intriguing stuff here.

Big Show defeats Kane. Del Rio shows up on the big screen with Show’s employee. Del Rio says he’s made some changes and tells him to come out and see them. Big Show gets out back and Show’s tour bus is jacked up on cinder blocks with no rear tires. Show throws a fit and then gets red paint dumped on him by Del RIo(he’s shown standing on top of the bus).

^This was the funniest part of the show. Del Rio being the face that pisses off the heels. Who could’ve suggested it? Oh that’s right; I did! The Kane/Show match was nothing special, but putting over the heat for this rivalry that WILL END at the Elimination Chamber works for me.

Jack Swagger defeats Justin Gabriel using the Patriot Act(ankle lock).

^This was mostly a squash, and a waste of Gabriel’s talents. But I like the intensity of Swagger when he cuts promos now. I would’ve booked this to be six or eight minutes longer and showcased more of Gabriel’s pure athleticism.

Drew McIntyre goes one on one with Tensai. The match ends quickly when Mahal and Slater jump in and attack Tensai to cause a DQ. Brodus Clay comes out and saves Tensai. Tensai dances with Brodus and the funkadactyls.

^This was done to turn Tensai face with Brodus. It feels like forever ago that McIntyre was IC Champ and wrestling real rivalries.

Antonio Cesaro defeats Sin Cara using the neutralizer.

^This one was really good. Cesaro worked hard to make Sin Cara’s mistakes look good(the hurricanrana follow through and the fall off the rope into a punch). I thoroughly enjoyed the overall chemistry between these two.

Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton. He basically says he will defeat Mark Henry tonight.

^Orton talks too slow, and he doesn’t say much to create excitement for his matches.

Matt Striker interviews Miz after the commercial. Miz says he saw something lethal in Brock Lesnar’s eyes, but he’s still here on Smackdown. Antonio Cesaro interrupts him and calls Miz a typical American for complaining. Miz attacks Cesaro and they brawl until refs break them up.

^Can I just say that I love this rivalry and the fact that WWE is going to continue with it? Miz can have a great match with Cesaro, and a WrestleMania encounter for the US Title could be unforgettable if it was given the right amount of time.

Mark Henry defeats Randy Orton to earn a spot in the Elimination Chamber.

^Nothing too special here. Henry looks like the kickass monster. Something tells me Mark Henry will win the Elimination Chamber and be booked against Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania for the World Title.

The show only had two good matches on it with Cody/Kofi and Cesaro/Sin Cara leading the way. There wasn’t too much talking but the matches weren’t really booked to be anything standout. Just a very mediocre edition of Smackdown overall. It’s not what I would call a reasonable follow up to the high quality Raw this past Monday. I’ll be back with the Raw analysis on Tuesday. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me and don’t forget to post your thoughts, comments and opinions below!