ThunderStruck: WWE Summerslam 2013 Reaction

Rob Van Dam defeats Dean Ambrose by DQ when the Shield gets involved. Big Show and Mark Henry make the save. Is anyone surprised by this? The Shield have taken a backseat to other storylines as of late, but they haven’t lost their push. I don’t see Ambrose losing the belt anytime soon. Solid match, but too short to be anything memorable, especially with that finish.

Bray Wyatt defeats Kane with his sister-abigail finisher after getting help from Rowan and Harper. Kane is taken to the back by the Family after the match. Not the best wrestling match we could’ve received from these two, but the story here is what’s considered more important. Wyatt wins his debut match in WWE at Summerslam, and now he’s got Kane to most likely join his group. Exciting start to the show!

Damien Sandow takes on Cody Rhodes. Cody wins with Cross-Rhodes. What a match! If the card wasn’t so stacked on the upper card, this would be what you call a show stealing performance. These two have both maximized every opportunity in this rivalry to make themselves look good, and it paid off brilliantly here at Summerslam.

Up next is the World Heavyweight Championship at Christian challenges Alberto Del Rio! A hundred near falls later(or so it felt like) ADR wins with the cross armbreaker! What a back and forth contest! If I called the last one a show stealer, then this one was whatever you call a step above that! Fantastic chemistry, combinations, and near falls to keep the crowd on the edge of their seats. Great match!

Renee Young interviews Alberto Del Rio in the ring after the match and says this is a great night, because he’s still our champion and representing all the Latinos. Intense stuff by Del Rio, but nothing new from him.

Miz interviews Maria Menounos but gets interrupted by Fandango w/Summer Rae. Miz dances with Maria and it angers Fandango and his dance partner. Random stuff here, but obviously WWE likes to include all their wrestlers in any way that they can when it comes to big pay per views like this one.

Natalya is taking on Brie Bella next. Natalya has Cameron and Naomi in her corner and Brie has sister Nicki and Eva Marie in hers. Natti wins the match with the sharpshooter. It was nothing special, but it was certainly vicious on both ends. These two did a good job of making the rivalry feel very personal, and that’s what being a WWE diva is all about.

A video is shown from earlier today with Ryback bullying one of the catering staff. He dumps soup down the employee’s shirt and then insults him some more before dumping the whole bucket of soup over his head. Lame. Glad he’s not wrestling. King pointed out that Ryback isn’t an ambassador for the be a star campaign.

It’s time for CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar! First, we get a video package. These are overdone. Lesnar starts off strong, but Punk bounces back with knees to the head of Lesnar and connects with a suicide dive. They go back and forth with big moves on the outside. Unbelievable back and forth action in this one! Punk totally destroys his body to put on an incredible matchup! Punk with a blow to the family jewels of Lesnar when he tries to hit him with a steel chair. Punk flies with the chair in his arms for the elbow and connects! Heyman stops Punk from scoring the pin when he hits a GTS. Punk gets the vise on Brock but Heyman interrupts and gets a vise of his own. Lesnar nails Punk with a chair over and over before delivering an F5 on the steel chair for the three count win. The match was phenomenal, and it’s now my match of the year as of this moment. The interference by Heyman doesn’t even hurt the quality of this one. Simply amazing, and CM Punk carried that wrestling match without a doubt. Suck it, Kevin Nash.

To follow up that incredible encounter, it’s Kaitlyn and Dolph Ziggler taking on AJ Lee and Big E Langston. Ziggler counters a big ending with a zig zag and picks up the win for his team! Not an epic contest and though it was certainly tough to follow up the prior match, the crowd bought into it and got excited for the finish. Nice work for Dolph Ziggler; I hope this means he can move back into the World Title scene soon.

Backstage, Miz knocks out Fandango when he interrupts him as he recaps the show.

It’s main event time! We get the video package building up to the match. Triple H comes out to the bow down to the king music by motorhead. Dbry wins the match with a knee to the head on Cena and becomes the new WWE Champion after a grueling battle! Five star match! Cena shakes Dbry and Hunter’s hand to end the show. What a match! Randy Orton comes out after the match with the briefcase and stares Dbry down, but he just holds onto it before walking away without cashing in. Hunter nails Dbry with a pedigree and Orton comes down for the cash in and the victory. Orton is the new WWE Champion as Summerslam ends.

The show was phenomenal. I have no doubt that Dbry will win back the gold at Night of Champions. I half expected the screwjob, so let’s just take it for what it is. I’m giving the show 9/10 for being amazing on all levels. Thanks for reading!

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  • Leonid Khryaev

    Punk vs Lesnar is a five-star match, no doubt about it.