ThunderStruck: WWE Super Smackdown Analysis 11/06/12

Michael Cole interviews Sheamus to start the show. Cole shows a video from a pub last night where Big Show attacked Regal and Sheamus. Sheamus says show went too far. Show appears on the tron and tells Sheamus he has no reason to fight him. Wade Barrett comes out and tells Sheamus he’s surprised he wants to fight anyone when they have a match booked for main event. Sheamus wants to fight Barrett now, but Barrett goes to the back. Barrett runs into Booker T. Booker tells Barrett that he will team with Big Show tonight to take on Sheamus and William Regal.

^I love how Smackdown is far more focused on the World Title picture than any drama with the GM. I also love the fact that William Regal is incorporated into the show because of what country they’re filming in. My only request now would be for WWE to use Regal more often here in the states as well. Good opening segment to set up what should be a solid show.

Kofi Kingston defeats Miz with a crossbody to retain the IC Title. Miz offers Kofi a handshake after the match but Kofi kicks him to the outside.

^Well, we’ve seen these two go at it about five times now since the rivalry began. I’m not complaining too much though because I’m intrigued by the possible Miz face turn that’s coming from him at the moment. I fully expect him to be the last member of Team Foley at the Survivor Series ppv.

Titus O’Neil pins Rey Mysterio as the PTP defeat Mysterio and Sin Cara. Matt Striker interviews the PTP after the match.

^This rivalry has money written all over it. I’d like to see some backstage segments and maybe some locker room attacks or antics of some sort to heat things up. I know eventually these two teams will be facing off for the tag titles, but right now just watching them all get together and wrestle is quite the privilege.

Backstage segment with Teddy Long and Booker T. Booker wants Teddy to tell him he is original, and Teddy sucks up but Booker flips out. Booker then tells him he was just joking with him.

^This was funny stuff. People complain about Teddy so much, but I like the guy’s personality. Booker as a GM is alright, but I’m still hoping he might step into the ring again and maybe work some matches with maybe Damien Sandow or even a vet like Dolph Ziggler once he wins the World Title.

Big Show and Wade Barrett defeat Sheamus and William Regal. Show knocks Regal out with the WMD and gets the pin.

^Good match here. Having vets like Show and Regal in the same ring with today’s stars of Barrett and Sheamus shows you just how much the business has changed in the last fifteen years. I really enjoyed this match, and I’m sure the British crowd loved it just as much.

Matt Striker interviews Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio says he will show the world that Orton is just a crying little girl. Rosa Mendes stops by and wishes ADR good luck tonight. Striker interviews Orton next and Orton says he loves this type of match because he can get sick and twisted.

^Interviews before a big match with a video package; this reminded me a lot of what we see on Main Event each week. Good buildup for the final match of the night.

Randy Orton defeats Alberto Del Rio in the main event falls count anywhere match. Orton hits an RKO on ADR on the steel steps in the center of the ring to get the three count.

^This match was fun! Orton took care of Ricardo and had yet another great match with ADR. This one was definitely more of a brawl, but the intensity of the rivalry still shined through and I think we’ll be lucky to see this rivalry continue as we move towards the new year.

Overall, Smackdown had four wrestling matches and all of them were solid. Quality wrestling with simple storylines makes for a very entertaining show. I can’t quite figure out why WWE doesn’t script Raw the same way. Great show tonight!

I won’t have the regular rundown up on Saturday, but we will have our TNA Turning Point predictions posted instead. Also, the Raw Analysis next week may come a bit late on Tuesday. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me!