ThunderStruck: WWE WrestleMania 29 Reaction

The Miz defeats Wade Barrett on the pre-show with the figure four leglock to win the Intercontinental Championship: The IC Title history at WrestleMania has all but disappeared in terms of importance, but the Miz and Wade Barrett gave a solid performance(just under ten minutes) that kept the crowd alive. I enjoyed the match, and I’d like to think that WWE will do more with the IC Title this coming year and propel the Miz back into the main event scene by next year’s WrestleMania.

The Shield defeats Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Big Show when Dean Ambrose gets the pin on Randy Orton. Show knocks out both Orton and Sheamus after the match: I don’t think there was a better way to officially open the show than with this match. The action was fast paced, and the crowd was into it. I like the way Show went about turning his back on Orton and Sheamus, because you really understand his reasoning with how things went down. Both guys refused to tag him, so he knocked them out when they lost. If they didn’t want him on the team, why pick him at all? The logic to booking them as a solid group just to have Orton and Sheamus snub Show for the tags is very lazy and insults our intelligence. Good to see the Shield pick up the win, but WWE could’ve booked it in a smarter way.

Mark Henry defeats Ryback after Henry collapses on top of him. Ryback hits shell shocked after the match: I actually like the logic to this whole thing. My complaint is that the match was slow, but we basically knew that’s how it would go. Henry gets a big WrestleMania win, and I feel he deserves that. Ryback gets his big WrestleMania moment, and his rise up the ladder to superstardom has earned him that as well. A rematch is now very possible, and next time it could be at a pay per view where WM rematches are known to outdo their predecessor(Extreme Rules). What’s to complain about? I enjoyed the entire match with the tests of strength, and I like how the outcome was booked to make both men look good.

Team Hell No retains against Big E and Dolph Ziggler. Dbry pins Ziggler after a flying headbutt: This was a very good tag team match, and I’m not at all disappointed with the outcome. Big E showed his size and power, but he also showed his total lack of wrestling ability. Ziggler worked damn hard and kept the team looking good, and overall I’d say this was one of the better WrestleMania tag team matches that I’ve seen in the last few years.

Fandango defeats Chris Jericho with a poor rollup after ‘countering’ the walls of Jericho: My two complaints are that Fandango was extremely sloppy during the final two minutes with everything he did, and Jericho basically carried the match to make it good. On the positive side, Jericho made this match look good with a guy that executes his character fairly well. I may not love the Fandango gimmick, but the guy act his persona better than most with such a goofy gimmick. I honestly enjoyed the overall action of this one, and it really pissed me off that the finish was so choppy when the match itself delivered on such a good level.

Alberto Del Rio defeats Jack Swagger using the cross armbreaker: A lot of people have said that this rivalry didn’t have a main event feel to it, and I have to disagree. If you watch Smackdown and Main Event as regularly as you watch Monday Night Raw, you would probably have seen the buildup for this match and been anticipating it. The wrestling was very good, and the crowd was actually quite into the match, especially at the finish when Swagger tapped out. Ziggler didn’t cash in his briefcase, and that’s perfectly okay too.

The Undertaker defeats CM Punk with the tombstone piledriver: Five star match. Both men brought it, and the action never stopped. These guys reminded us of what WrestleMania magic is all about. The kickouts weren’t overdone, and the finish was memorable as the two countered each other back and forth. I didn’t expect the streak to end tonight, and I’m glad it didn’t. Punk is a fantastic wrestler, but a guy that plans on retiring in the next few years has no business breaking such an illustrious record.

Triple H defeats Brock Lesnar with a pedigree on the steel steps: Even with Shawn Michaels and Paul Heyman involved, this was a four star match for me. The wrestling and brawling was far superior than the match they had at Summerslam, and they kept me interested from bell to bell. The brutal nature and aggressiveness from both men really gave it an extra personal feel that just made it that much better. Great match with more of a story than a wrestling match, but definitely a highlight of the night for me.

John Cena defeats the Rock with the AA to win the WWE Championship. The two shake hands and embrace after the match. Rock says thank you to the fans and meets Cena at the end of the ramp to raise his arm as the show closes: The match started off pretty good and then went to a slower than slow pace. However, it picked up with an awesome series of kickouts and false finishes that seemed to never end. A lot of people will complain and say that these false finishes can hurt a match when they’re overdone(me being one of those people), but it wasn’t a bad thing here. This is the the main event of WrestleMania! We’re supposed to be on the edge of our seats! I enjoyed the match overall, and I was pleased with Cena getting the clean victory over the great one. Do I think there will be a rubber match now? Absolutely. Do I think it could be any better than their first two matches? Maybe. I think this second match was far better than their first in terms of suspense and overall wrestling, but some may disagree. Great WrestleMania moment to close the show with Rock and Cena showing that much respect towards one another.

Best Match of the night: Punk/Taker

Worst Match of the night: Ryback/Henry for their speed, but still not a bad match at all.

WrestleMania was unique and had a well developed card. People complain that the booking has been inconsistent, but in terms of the actual card I feel that the foundation was laid out quite clearly and WWE delivered a very good show. Maybe I’m just a “bad fan” for enjoying what I saw tonight, but I was literally caught up in every match and enjoyed what I was watching from start to finish. I think in terms of booking now, things are very wide open for what direction they could head in towards Extreme Rules, but that isn’t really a bad thing. WWE has the freedom to do what they want, and that works well because you don’t know how many part timers will stick around for the next show.

8.5 out of ten. Great night and great show with three awesome matches and a very good world title match. I’d be curious to know what you thought of the show and what specifically made you feel the way you did. A lot of the complaints seem to be centered around the fact that certain things didn’t happen that were rumored, but why can’t the focus be on the good things that did happen? I’ll be back with the Raw Analysis on Tuesday. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me

  • Gav Harrison Formaly Hickman

    Great night? It was a terrible show the crowd hated the rock v Cena match Cena didn’t need the title and the ending sucked,there were only 2 good matches it was a poor PPV and very sloppy and I’m just one of a hell of alot of ppl that’s saying the same

    • ChrisUK92

      Glad someone on here shares my veiws. More was expected of this ppv, taker v punk was disapointing, and the crowds always suck at live events nowadays

  • Tmain

    I thought it was a very good ppv. I give it a 7 out of 10. Some of the matches were slow but the storytelling was there which was nice. I also liked how it was a whole night of wrestling. No backstage stuff. Just matches one after another. Cm punk and taker easily stole the show. I’m glad taker kept the streak. Anyone who can sit there and say it was a bad ppv must not watch some of the others in the past few years. Yeah it was choppy at times and yeah they didn’t do anything with the divas and the ic title should have been on the main card but to me was a solid show. The future looks a lil bright for the wwe.

    • ChrisUK92

      just matches one after the other? Did you tv not show all the promos for all the matches 20 times?

  • Kliq_Fan_4_Life

    Were we watching the same PPV? It was mediocre at best. Taker/Punk easily stole the show but staggering the three top matches one after the other was the most moronic Wrestlemania booking decision since they had Jericho/HHH right after Hogan/Rock at 18. The crowd was totally wiped out after Taker/Punk and never came back. They were completely dead for the majority of the last two matches and the lack of crowd reaction made both matches seem considerably duller than they were (and Rock/Cena II was DULL). Jericho/Fandago was solid but way too short. And not a single big surprise the entire night… huge letdown. If I’m paying $60 for a PPV I should be able to expect a little more than one great match and zero surprises/swerves/turns.

  • Christopher Walder

    You’re being extremely generous with your review. You’re clearly too much of a fan to look at the card and matches objectively and give an unbiased review.

    At best, WrestleMania 29 was a 5.5-6/10. Nothing more, nothing less.

    It’s a five hour show, and matches are getting bumped? Who timed this thing? I don’t think anyone in attendance was seriously disappointed when Brodus/Tensai/Cameron/Naomi vs Rhodes Scholars/Bella Twins was scrapped, but it just goes to show how mismanaged the night was.

    You can tell by the time Rock/Cena rolled through, that they had to rush their match. No spectacular entrances? It was just one finisher after another. Not impressed.

    Having three Main Events go back-to-back-to-back was draining for the live crowd. They were completely shot after Punk/Undertaker. It took away from the overall atmosphere.

    You enjoyed Ryback vs Mark Henry? Well you’re the only one. It was horribly booked. So we’re supposed to believe that after getting landed on because Ryback couldn’t land the ShellShocked in the first place, he can all of a sudden lift him up perfectly after being near unconscious in the ring? Give me a break. Ryback has yet to win a meaningful match, unless you count beating Primo & Epico something to write home about.

    “A lot of the complaints seem to be centered around the fact that certain
    things didn’t happen that were rumored, but why can’t the focus be on
    the good things that did happen?” That’s not a review. All you did was look at the good (which wasn’t even good) and brush away the bad, when there was PLENTY to be upset over. Sure, Ziggler didn’t cash in and Cena didn’t turn heel, but there was still A LOT to have gripes with over this event.

    I’m sorry, but this review doesn’t do it for me. You’re clearly a hardcore WWE fan, which is fine, but your head is too clouded with your love for the company to write a half-decent, unbiased review of an extremely mediocre WrestleMania.

  • Darnez

    I felt as though the show was a solid ppv. The only problem is this is Wrestlemania and it shouldn’t be just “solid”. Giving the WWE props, the presentation through out the show was great. I get that not everybody likes a certain style of music. But it kept the Wrestlemania Vibe alive. Tag match was good, the Henry vs Ryback match felt a bit slow (but what did you honestly expect), Lesnar v H was a good BRAWL (Brawl being the keyword, not a wrestling match) which is what it was supposed to be so no complaints there. Missed the WHC title and the Y2J/Fandango (but did see Jerichos entrance which looked sweet). Punk/Taker for sure had the match of the night. My issue with Cena/Rock was 5 minutes straight of nothing but finishers/counter finishers to end the match. Which to me feels a bit cheap. I am happy with Cena winning and the show of respect after that. I think my biggest issue was the crowd. Apart from a few spots, they seemed generally dead, it took a lot out of the show. I get that some of the matches were not that exciting..but come on its Wrestlemania show a little bit of excitement.

  • Deez Nuts

    Here are my two cents:

    The Shield Match was a good opener. Nice pace but nothing out of the ordinary.

    Ryback/Henry was as poor as expected. Ryback looked hurt to me maybe that affected his poor performance. Surprised that Henry went over but I like it.

    Jericho/Fandango was sloppy. I expected more for some reason. I guess it is because it’s Jericho at WM. Really not his fault but not his best performance either.

    Tag Title Match was good. Fast pace. Suspenseful. Ziggler put on a good show. Didn’t know who was going to win. AJ kind of disappeared. So, that would be my only complaint.

    Del Rio/Swagger. It was a good solid match. Nice pace. Good combinations. I liked the finish. It was solid. Nothing spectacular but it was a solid match. I enjoyed it. I didn’t know who was going to win going into it and I feel like that helped.

    Taker/Punk was not a 5 star match. Sorry Punk and Taker marks but Im not gonna jizz my pants like you guys. It was NOT a 5 star match. I did enjoy the match tho. For me 4 stars. Nice story telling and good combos. But, I expected this from them.

    HHH/Lesnar was a battle. I thought this was just as good as Taker/Punk. Again, good story telling. But again, I expected this.

    Cena/Rock was everything I expected. No swerves. It was decent but meh. I don’t have a problem with Cena winning. I don’t like the Rock holding the WWE title on a part time basis so Im fine with Cena winning. But, it was everything you expected. I thought they overdid the false finishes and at the end they were just trying to use their finishers and that was it.

    Final thoughts:
    Nix the 25 Cena/Rock promos and cut out the irrelevant Puff Daddy (and limit the performers time whomever it is). Also, I felt like I knew the outcome of most of these matches heading into it. At least, creatively, throw me some kind of swerve. Give me a WOW factor. Give me a reason to justify spending $70.00 on this so that I will do it again next year. There were literally none. Not the best WM. It was very very vanilla for a Wrestlemania.

    And that’s the bottom line because I fucking said so.

  • Mano

    About the three main events, Taker/Punk was the best of them, not because it was the first of the three but because they do moves and the match was at top all the time.

    not better than the last 4 of WM matches for Taker but its better than HHH/Lesner because Lesner isnt a wrestler at all, he just know to do 1~2 moves in the whole match, and Cena/Rock is worse cause more than half of the time we just see finisher till finisher till finisher like they dont have anything else to do.

    its just 5-6 Stars as i think.

  • ChrisUK92

    The show was no more than a 6 rating at best. Here’s my opinion on the show and some suggestions of maybe what could of happened instead.
    The Pre-show was a good start, but I feel this should have been the Opening match and make it a bit longer to get the show off to a good start. Maybe have a divas match to get the guys in the audience going.
    The Shield match was a good match, they worked well as a team and worked over Big Show well. The ending was poor; I think Orton should of double crossed his team, set him up on his way to being a heel, rather that have Big Show made out to be the villian.
    Henry v Ryback had some decent moments in it, but as expected was just a show of strength, but I was very surprised to see Henry win. Very disapointed not to see Three 6 Mafia perform.
    Kane has always been my favourite wrestler, but since he’s come back he has been a bit sloppy, but he put in a fantastic performance in the tag match working well with Ziggler. These two held the match together and Big E was very disapointing for what WWE were bigging him up to be. When Ziggler hit ZigZag I thought it was over, so I was very surprised and pleased to see Team Hell No retain.
    Nice entrance by Y2J and started the match off well taking it to Fan…Dan….Go. Both men worked the match well but the ending was slow and badly worked and some more wrestling could have been done if the match went on for longer.
    Then it was time for the mixed tag match, but it never happened. I was really disapointed not to see this match happen, I was really looking forward to it and even cried when it never happened.
    WHC time and they didn’t even show Swagger’s entrance. WTF!? I was looking very much forward to this match, and both men fought very well and was a good solid match. The match should of gone on longer and I was disapointed with the ending, I had expected Swagger to win. Bit surprised not to see Ziggler cash in aswell; I think Swagger should have gone back into the win and punish Del Rio and lock in the ankle lock to take him out, then out comes Ziggler and cashes in.
    Taker v Punk. First off, an amazing performance by Living Colour, highlight of the night for me. And what an entrance by the Undertaker. The match, however, failed to deliver what was promised. The Undertaker said he would destroy punk and this never happened. The match was good, don’t get me wrong, Taker was in good shape, the two guys fought well but it wasn’t a 5* match. it was only a 4*. I was half expecting Punk to end the streak but the match just didn’t have the atmosphere for me to really get into it.
    Triple H v Lesnar was very enjoyable for me I thought both men used the environment well, and they didn’t overly use Michaels which made him more effective. It had me in suspence towards the end wondering if Lesnar would tap out to his own submission move but he worked it well. 5/5 match for me.
    Cena v The Rock. II. Firstly, the match should have been longer, and I was expecting to have proper entrances like last year, but hey ho. Both men wrestled well, and it did get a bit repetitive towards the end when they were just hitting finishers, if the match had been longer, i’m sure more wrestling could of been achieved. The crowd didn’t help the atmosphere either, nothing like it was when Rock faced Hogan. But I’m pleased Cena won, I’ve come to like Cena better since last year and a part-timer should not be the WWE champion.
    Disapointing for me to stay up til 6 in the morning to watch this (I’m from the UK btw) and alot more should have been achieved. Too many promos, too much p. Diddy or whatever he calls himself these days, which ruined the matches. First time I bought Wrestlemania, would I but it again? After tonight, probably not. Lets hope things get better quickly.

  • Nathan

    I hope WWE realises the lameness of their product when all the kids buy the next 12 PPVs! I finished wrestlemania not really caring about what was going to happen on raw, but how much the execs will have to pay the creative team in termination payments. 5/10 at best and saying wrestlemania was disappointing is an understatement