Tigre Uno Talks Wrestling Differences In U.S. And Mexico, Wrestling, Goal In TNA & More

ImpactWrestling.com conducted an exclusive interview with X Division superstar Tigre Uno. Check out the highlights below.

What is the difference between wrestling in the United States/Mexico?
There is really not a difference wrestling in either country. Both countries have their crowds that are engaged and who expect more. And, they may challenge us as performers to give 100% as entertainers and athletes, always pushing us to represent our company (IMPACT WRESTLING) in the best positive light. Wrestling fans are intelligent and know what they want both in the U.S. and Mexico.

What is your goal and focus here at IMPACT Wrestling?
My goal is to perform to the best of my ability and give my maximum effort for the fans. These people pay money to watch live or take time out of their day to watch us on TV, so I want to give them and this company that has given me a great opportunity my very best.

Describe Sanada- both as a tag-team partner and also as an opponent in the X-Division?
I love being his partner because he represents all that is great with Japanese wresting- athleticism, excitement, discipline and hard work. He is one of the very best from Japan or anywhere.

As an opponent, I know that I better be prepared when facing Sanada. If I expect to prevail, I need to be at that top of my game and have full concentration and focus with an opponent of his caliber.

Who is your favorite TNA wrestler?
TNA has great athletes and performers, but I am a bit biased, because I trained in amateur wrestling before becoming to professional. And, I am in awe of Kurt Angle as both an Olympic Gold Medalist and as a decorated multi-time World Champion in professional wrestling.

You were recently in the ring against the World Tag Team Champions The BroMans, what is your opinion of them?
I understand why they may get under the skin of fans and wrestlers, but you cannot deny their ability to wrestle in front of an audience and draw a reaction from the fans. They are able to get folks to care, create emotion and in professional wrestling that is a good thing.

Any requests/comments for IMPACT Wrestling’s Head of Wrestling Operations, MVP?
I want him to know that I am always going to give him and TNA 100% effort in the ring. Hopefully he enjoys and endorses my in-ring style and feels that I merit an opportunity to challenge for the X-Division Championship.