TNA Hardcore Justice Results – August 7, 2011

TNA Hardcore Justice Results
Sunday, August 7, 2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida

The pay-per-view starts with a video highlighting the feud of Sting and Kurt Angle. They’ll face one another tonight for the TNA Championship. The pryos go off and we’re live from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay says tonight is a ‘night of champions’ with no less than five title matches. He plugs Sting vs. Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship.

X Division Championship Match
– Brian Kendrick (c) vs. Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley

Alex Shelley, one half of the Motor City Machine Guns, is out first. Austin Aries comes out next. Finally, X Division Champion Brian Kendrick comes out next in baggy pants similar to what he wore in WWE.

The start:

The bell rings and each man is looking to get the opening advantage. Aries lands blows on Kendrick then Shelley then back to Kendrick and Shelley. He takes both out again but Kendrick hits him with a running clothesline, sending him to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Kendrick and Shelley work in the ring with Shelley trying to apply a submission hold. He gets a quick cover for a one count on Kendrick. Austin Aries looks on from the outside. Kendrick and Shelley are both back on their feet. Alex Shelley takes Kendrick down to the mat with a wrist lock. He gets back up but down again with an ankle pick. Aries gets in but Shelley gives him a knife edge chop to send him back to the outside. Shelley and Kendrick circle one another as the crowd seems subdued. Kendrick is in the corner with Aries holding him there. Shelley looks to land offense but instead starts jawing with Aries. Shelley takes Aries off the apron with right hands. Kendrick and Shelley work in the ring as Aries gets back in. He eats an inverted atomic drop by Shelley followed by a drop kick from Kendrick. Shelley gets a quick cover.

Snap suplex attempt from Shelley onto Kendrick but Austin Aries gets back in and rakes the back of Shelley. Some how, Aries goes to the mat. Kendrick uses the distractions to go to work on Shelley. Shelley counters off the ropes but Shelley ends up going to the outside. Kendrick attempted the suicide dive but he was cut off by Aries. Shelley gets on the apron and Aries kicks him back off. It’s Kendrick and Aries in the ring as Aries throws Kendrick over the top rope to the outside. Kendrick got his leg caught on the apron to take a nasty bump. Shelley lands offense from the outside but gets in to face Aries. Aries lands offense and takes Kendrick out off the apron. Arie sends Shelley to the outside then suicide dives to the outside onto both his opponents. Back in the ring, Shelley counters a standing moonsault attempt by Austin Aries. Shelley applies an armbar submission on Brian Kendrick who is back in the ring. Aries is down in the corner.

Kendrick lands offense on Shelley, countering out of the submission hold. Shelley defends against a dragon screw with a leg whip. Kendrick is on the mat as Shelley goes to the top rope. Aries is up but ends up eating a kick from Shelley. Shelley goes back to the top but Kendrick is up. Shelley kicks Kendrick off the top and jumps off the top rope onto him. Shelley locks in the spinning figure four on Kendrick in the middle of the ring. Austin Aries gets back in making the save in the process. Aries goes to work on Kendrick, kicking him in the face. He shifts his attention on Shelley, hitting a bulldog. Bridge chinlock submission by Aries on Shelley. Kendrick comes in and makes the save. Aries makes a run at Kendrick (who is in the corner). Kendrick gets a leg up and takes him up. Kendrick lands more offense and gets a two count on Aries. Shelley is on the outside. Aries counters and sets Kendrick up on the top rope. Alex Shelley sneaks back in and all three are working in the corner. Shelley puts Aries on his shoulders, Kendrick attempted Sliced Bread but he fell off.

The finish:

Suplex by Aries on Shelley. Aries takes Kendrick off the apron. Aries hits a drop kick on Shelley. He follows it with a brainbuster suplex for a two count. Kendrick makes the save.

Out of nowhere Kendrick hits Sliced Bread on Shelley and follows it with the pinfall.

Winner & still X Division Champion, Brian Kendrick

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Tara and Miss Tessmacher. They cut a promo about their upcoming match. Mexican America come out first.

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match
– Tara & Ms. Tessmacher (c) vs. Rosita & Sarita

The start:

It’s Tara and Rosita working in the ring. Rosita hits a hurricanrana on Tara but walks into a boot off a counter. Rosita rolls Tara out of the ring and gets involved with Miss Tessmacher. Rosita finally tags in Sarita. Lots of tagging by the women of Mexican America. Miss Tessmacher and Sarita.

Mid-match notes:

Tessmacher tags in Tara and she goes after Sarita, bringing her down to the mat. Rosita gets in and makes the save. Tara and Sarita are in the ring with Miss Tessmacher wanting a tag. Rosita is lurking on the outside. She pulls Tessmacher off the apron. Rosita gets on the apron and kicks Tara in the face. Sarita throws Tara down and tags in Sarita.

Tara and Rosita are the legal Knockouts. Tara attempts Widow’s Peak but Rosita rolls through and has leverage from Sarita from the apron. They break it up and Tara ends up press slamming Rosita. Rosita counters and goes to make tag but Miss Tessmacher throws Sarita off the apron.

The finish:

Back in the ring, Tara hits Widow’s Peak on Rosita and follows it with the pinfall.

Winners & still Knockout Tag Team Champions, Tara & Miss Tessmacher

Backstage, JB is with The Pope. He asks him about his match with Devon but The Pope is texting on his phone. His mic keeps going in and out so the promo is mostly inaudible. He’s talking about Devon’s kids but I keep losing sound. Pope says he doesn’t know what Devon’s problem is. He says he wants to be a positive influence to his kids. The Pope says he’s going to go out there and do the right thing.

Bound For Glory Series Match
– “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. Devon

The start:

Matt Morgan is announced as the ‘BFG Series Analyst.’ He comes out and joins Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary. ‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero comes out first and money drops from the ceiling. Devon comes out next for this Bound For Glory Series Match. The Pope is in the ring with a microphone. Pope tells Devon he respects him and says he just Tweeted it as a matter of fact. He says he looks at Devon as his big brother and expects a lot out of him. Pope says he cares about this BFG thing but he cares a lot more about him and those kids (he points to Devon’s kids). Pope lays down in the ring. Devon says he’s going to get those points but he’s going to whop him for them. He demands that Pope get up.

The Pope gets up, takes off his shirt and the match is underway.

Mid-match notes:

They lockup and Devon starts to work the wrist of The Pope. Devon off the ropes with a shoulder block on The Pope. Pope counters but Devon counters with a hiptoss. Two count from Devon on The Pope. Devon tells Pope not to play with him and smacks him in the face. Devon locks in a wristlock on The Pope. Pope counters with a side headlock. The Pope whips Devon off the ropes and finally lands a cross-body. Pope works the wrist of Devon. The Pope lands offense on Devon. Devon gets up and goes back to work, landing a hiptoss on The Pope. Devon locks in a submission lock on The Pope on the mat. Devon hits a flying elbow on The Pope after Pope went off the ropes. Devon follows with a power slam followed by a diving headbutt into a lateral press cover for a two count.

Pope gets on the apron, Devon knocks him off and onto the outside. Devon follows him to the outside and ends up running into the steel ring post. The Pope grabs a foreign object and looks over at Devon’s sons. Devon counters, throwing Pope off the crowd barricade and rolling him back in the ring for a two count. Devon applies a submission hold on Pope but Pope counters out. Devon counters with a slam and another near fall. The Pope counters and lands elbows to the head of Devon. He follows with a backhand chop. Pope lands a kick to the back of Devon’s head to the outside. Cross-body off the top rope by Pope onto Devon for a two count.

The finish:

Devon hits a shoulder block in a counter. He charges at Pope but Pope gets out of the way and lands an uppercut. Pop takes down his knee pads and goes for DDE but Devon spears him and gets a two count. The Pope is able to roll up Devon out of nowhere and catch him for the three count.

Winner – ‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero

After the match, The Pope tries to shake Devon’s hand. Devon passes him by but looks at his kids on his way out of the ring. Devon gets back in the ring and shakes Pope’s hand, then gets out of the ring and goes to the back.

JB is backstage with Rob Van Dam. He tells RVD he has a chance to get the first victory over Crimson and lead the standings in the BFG Series. Jerry Lynn walks into the segment and says he’s going to be in Rob Van Dam’s corner tonight. He says they go way back and he’s going to watch his back tonight.

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match
– Tara & Ms. Tessmacher (c) vs. Rosita & Sarita

The start:

They recap the feud between Mickie James and Winter with a video package before the match. Winter comes out first with Angelina Love. The Knockout Champion, Mickie James, is out next. Winter immediately tries rolling up Mickie James. She kicks out quick. Mickie gets Winter on the mat and works on her lower body in a submission hold. Winter rolls to the apron but kicks Mickie when she walks over. Winter pushes Mickie into the turnbuckle. Lots of standing switches but Mickie gets a quick two count.

Mid-match notes:

Winter lands a knee to the face of Mickie James. She goes for a slam but Mickie counters and lands a dropkick to Winter’s knee. Two count for Mickie. Winter rolls out the ring to regroup. Mickie finally goes to the outside to give chase. Angelina Love ends up providing a distraction for Winter as she takes Mickie out over the rail. Winter gets back in the ring while Mickie is still out on the crowd side of the steel barricade. Mickie gets back to ringside but is greeted by a kick from Angelina Love. Winter goes to the outside and gets Mickie. She gets a two count. Winter locks in a submission hold in on Mickie James.

Mickie counters and gets a two count. Winter counters and gets back in control of the match. She grabs Mickie by her hair and hits a backbreaker. Winter has Mickie draped over her knee. She wrenches down on the hold but Mickie counters with knee shots to the Challenger’s head. Mickie is out and countering and hits a head scissors takeover on Winter. Mickie lands more offense and picks Winter up and face plants her on the mat. Mickie goes off the top rope and lands a Thez press. Angelina Love comes and hits BAB on Mickie with the referee distracted by Winter. Winter only gets a two count.

Mickie counters on Winter, locking in a back bridge pin but only gets a two count. Winter goes back on the offensive, setting Mickie on the top rope. Mickie hits a tornado DDT on Winter, sending Winter to the outside. Angelina goes for the BAB again on Mickie but Mickie counters and hits a neckbreaker, sending her to the outside. Mickie goes out and gets Winter and rolls her back into the ring.Winter spits some type of red mist in the eyes of Mickie James, giving her the chance to pin Mickie and win the title.

Winner & new Knockouts Champion, Winter

Backstage, JB interviews Brian Kendrick about his match tonight. Austin Aries interrupts it. Austin Aries says tonight’s match was a 2-on-1 handicap match and at the end of the day he can’t beat him. Aries says until Kendrick beats him one-on-one he can’t call himself a real champion. He tells Kendrick to go take a shower because he looks like he’s homeless. Aries says until Kendrick beats him he’s not the real X Division Champion.

Bound For Glory Series Match
– Rob Van Dam vs. Crimson

Crimson is out first in this Bound For Glory Series Match. Rob Van Dam comes out with Jerry Lynn. Lynn is wearing a job guy Impact Wrestling shirt.

The start:

The bell rings and the match is underway. Crimson and Rob Van Dam lockup to start things out. RVD lands a kick to the knee of Crimson. Crimson counters with a clothesline. Crimson gets a quick two count.

Mid-match notes:

Suplex from Crimson onto RVD. A scoop and a slam on RVD for another two count. RVD counters by whipping Crimson into the corner and kicking him in the face. RVD springs off the middle ropes and lands more offense on Crimson. Rolling thunder off the ropes onto Van Dam. Two count on Crimson. Crimson lands knees to the head of Rob Van Dam followed by a spinning neckbreaker in a counter. He gets another pin attempt. RVD fights back with right hands. Crimson hits a high t-bone suplex and another two count. RVD rolls out of the ring to regroup. Crimson comes to the outside but Van Dam kicks him in the face. Crimson pulls RVD back to the outside as Van Dam had gotten back in. Crimson rolls RVD back in and gets yet another two count.

Crimson throws RVD into the corner, sending him down to the mat and allowing Crimson to get another pin attempt. Crimson works with RVD on the mat, locking a submission hold on his head. Moonsault from Rob Van Dam in a counter but Crimson kicks out of a pin attempt. RVD goes off the top in a thrust kick attempt but Crimson gets out of the way. Crimson counters with a suplex and another pin attempt. The crowd is so dead it’s hard to watch. Crimson sends RVD off the ropes and RVD kicks him in the face. Van Dam connects with another kick, sending Crimson to the mat. RVD hits the 5-Star Frog Splash and covers Crimson for a two count. Crimson is down in the ring as RVD considered another 5-Star Frog Splash but thought otherwise. Crimson is back up and counters with an explosive spear. Two count for Crimson on RVD.

The finish:

Crimson hits his finisher on Rob Van Dam but Jerry Lynn runs in and makes the save. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner via disqualification, Crimson

After the match, Rob Van Dam chews Lynn out in the ring.

Backstage, JB is with Mr. Anderson. Anderson cuts an a-hole promo. He says Bull Ray is full of hot air and there isn’t enough room for two a-holes in Immortal. He says Bully Ray gives a-hole a bad name.

Six Man Tag Team Match
– Fortune vs. Immortal

Scott Steiner, Gunner and Abyss come out to the ring first representing Immortal. Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and AJ Styles come out next representing Fortune in this 6-man tag team match.

The start:

The bell rings and Gunner and Kazarian start things out for their respective teams. Hammerlock by Kazarian on Gunner, bringing him down to the mat. Gunner tries to reverse Kazarian’s hold and finally gets to a vertical base. Kazarian hits a dropkick on Gunner once he gets out. Scott Steiner is tagged in. Steiner pushes Kazarian down and flexes. He talks trash then poses to the crowd. Gunner hits a crucifix on Steiner, bringing him down to the mat.

Mid-match notes:

Kaz tags in AJ Styles. Styles goes to work on Steiner but Steiner backs him into the corner and chops away. Christopher Daniels tags in, allowing him and AJ to use some double team work to counter Steiner. Steiner counters and hits a scoop slam on Daniels. He tags in Abyss. Abyss powers Daniels down, cutting off his tag attempt. Abyss sends Daniels off the ropes but Daniels counters. AJ Styles springboards in, Kazarian springboards in and Fortune has cleared the ring. It’s back to Abyss and Daniels in the ring. Daniels plants Abyss down on the mat. He runs at Abyss but Abyss catches him and plants him with authority. Daniels is sent to the outside where he is attacked by Steiner. Back in the ring, it’s Gunner and Daniels. Gunner applies a rear chinlock on Daniels. Daniels gets back to his feet but Gunner hits a suplex and gets a cover. Gunner tags in Steiner. Steiner goes to work on Daniels, putting him in the corner and chopping away.

Steiner tags in Abyss. They double-team Daniels in the Immortal corner. Abyss throws Daniels into the corner and goes for the chokeslam. Daniels rolls through and tags in Kazarian. Hurricanrana from Kazarian on Abyss. Kaz hits lots of offense on Abyss and gets a quick cover. Gunner makes the save. Kaz nearly falls out of the ring but ends up sending Gunner to the outside. Kaz is working quick and lands a DDT on Abyss. AJ Styles pulls down the top rope, allowing Kazarian to dive to the outside. The match has broken down and gone to the outside. Both teams are fighting it out on the outside. Kazarian rolls Abyss back into the ring. Steiner throws Kazarian off the apron as he tries to get back in. Gunner and Steiner get a table from under the ring.

Referee Brian Hebner gets Abyss and Kazarian back in the ring. Abyss scares Hebner out of the ring but he gets back into watch Abyss go to town on his opponent. Abyss tags in Steiner. Steiner chops away on Kazarian and hits a Steiner line followed by an elbow drop. Gunner is tagged in and hits a snap suplex on Kazarian for a two count. Right hands from Kazarian in a counter. Gunner counters with an elbow and a two count. Abyss is tagged in for Immortal. Abyss hammers away with right hands on Kazarian. DDT from Kazarian onto Abyss in a counter. Both men are down and need tags. Kaz tags in Styles and AJ cuts off a tag attempt by Abyss. Gunner gets in the ring but he eats a hammerlock suplex from AJ. It’s AJ versus Immortal as he lands offense on everyone. Springboard cross-body from AJ to Abyss for a two count. Steiner makes the save. Now AJ attempts the Styles Clash on Abyss but Abyss counters to a chokeslam. AJ counters and nearly rolls up Abyss. Pelee kick on Abyss but Gunner makes the save. Kazarian gets in and takes out Gunner.

The match completely breaks down with offense all over the place. Styles is still working with Abyss. Styles goes to the top rope but Gunner knocks him off. Gunner sets up the table ion the outside. Kazarian, Abyss, and the referee are working as Gunner puts Daniels through a table on the outside.

The finish:

AJ Styles springs back into the ring, hitting a Pelee/moonsault combination on Abyss to get the pinfall victory.

Winners, Fortune

After the match, Gunner and Steiner are upset at Abyss. There’s a lot of yelling and finger pointing but no physical contact as Steiner and Gunner leave Abyss in the ring.

Challenge Match
– Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

Backstage, JB is with Bully Ray. Bully Ray agrees with Mr. Anderson there’s only room for one a-hole in Immortal. It’s him. He said everyone makes mistakes, he made a mistake by carrying around ‘that sack of crap’ Devon around for all those years. He said JB’s parents made a mistake when they decided to have him and Hogan and Bischoff made a mistake when they allowed Anderson in Immortal. Bully Ray comes out but goes behind the stage. The lights go out an Mr. Anderson is out. He poses at the top of the ramp and his microphone drops. Anderson does the mic gimmick but Bully Ray is right behind him. Anderson says he knows Bully Ray is behind him and they got at it exchanging blows left and right.

Anderson uses the mic as a weapon and they’re fighting their way down the ramp to the ring. Anderson bangs Ray’s head off the crowd control barricade and sends him face first into the steel ring steps. He then uses his shirt to choke him.

The start:

The bell finally rings as both men are in the ring with Bully Ray pleading with Anderson to stop his attack. Anderson punches and kicks Ray in the corner. He shoots him across the ring and ends up walking into a big boot from Bully Ray. Heat on Bully Ray as he waits for Anderson to get up and lands a clothesline. Ray rakes the back of Anderson and follows with right hands.

Mid-match notes:

Bully Ray chops away at Anderson in the corner following a headbutt. Ray taunts Anderson to hit him in the face. He chops away at him. Side slam but Bully Ray on Anderson for a two count. Stiff right hand from Ray onto Anderson. Anderson is wobbly but counters with hard right hands. Bully Ray sends Anderson off the ropes and elbows him into the face. He gets a quick cover for a two count. Anderson sticks his fingers in the eyes of Bully Ray as Ray had his hands in Anderson’s mouth. Vertical suplex from Bully Ray on Anderson. He follow it with a cover. Anderson slaps Ray in the face then follows with right hands. Bully Ray goes for a full nelson but Anderson counters and hits a DDT. Both men are down.

They exchange right hands from their knees. Very stiff work from Anderson onto Bully Ray but he’s not able to knock him down. Finally Anderson is able to clothesline Ray back to the mat followed by an elbow. Spinning neckbreker from Anderson onto Ray for a cover. Anderson tries a couple of times to go for the Mic Check but Ray counters. Anderson continues his assault and hits a clothesline followed by a cover. Anderson walks into a power move from Ray and is down for a two count. Bully Ray goes off the middle rope onto Anderson but Anderson gets out of the way. Anderson goes off the top rope onto Ray and gets a two count. Ray reverses it and nearly gets the three count. Anderson lands an elbow on Bully Ray. He goes off the top rope but fall into an RKO by Bully for a two count.

Bully Ray grabs a chain, Anderson picks him up above his head but falls in a huge botch. Anderson goes for the two count after dropping Ray.

The finish:

Anderson goes to the top rope and Bully Ray says ‘screw you’ and walks out. On his way up the ramp, Ray stumbles but Anderson goes out and gets him. Anderson tosses Ray back into the ring but Bully Ray ends up pinning him after a low blow

Winner – Bully Ray

Backstage, JB is with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Hogan says does it sound like it’s going great. Scott Steiner, Abyss and Gunner walk in. Hogan and Bischoff let Abyss have it. Bully Ray runs in and asks if they just saw what just happened. Hogan says they didn’t see it because they’re taking care of some business back here. They won’t let Abyss leave with them, he looks like he’s going to cry.

Tag Team Championship Match
– Beer Money (c) vs. Mexican America

The start:

Anarquia and Hernandez, the challengers, are out first with Rosita and Sarita. Anarquia gets on the mic and says when they win the Tag Team Championship tonight they’re going to hang the Mexican flag all over the word. The Tag Team Champions, Beer Money, are out next. Earl Hebner ejects Rosita and Sarita from ringside prior to the match. The bell rings and Bobby Roode starts out with Hernandez. Anarquia taunts from the apron. Roode lands offense on Hernandez, ignoring Anarquia.

Mid-match notes:

Roode tags in James Storm. Storm continues where Roode left off and gets a quick cover. Hernandez counters and tags in Anarquia. Bobby Roode tags in and they land a series of knee drops on Anarquia. Roode sends him into the corner and ends up applying an armbar submission. Hernandez makes the save. Roode hits a power slam and tags in James Storm. They double team Anarquia but Hernandez comes in. They hit a double clothesline and Roode leaves with Storm in clear control of Anarquia. The match breaks down but it ends up with Roode tossing Storm over the top rope to the outside onto Anarquia. Roode is in the ring alone, pumping the crowd. Storm throws Anarquia into the guard rail where the fans have draped the American flag over it. Roode and Anarquia work in the ring with Anarquia trying to gain momentum.

Hernandez interferes on Roode from the outside as Storm and Earl Hebner get into it on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, it’s Hernandez and Roode. Roode uses right hands but Hernandez counters with a shoulder block. Hernandez establishes control and goes for the cover. Storm in for the save. Anarquia is tagged in, Mexican America double-teams Bobby Roode. Double underhook butterfly suplex by Anarquia on Roode. Hernandez is tagged back in, continuing the attack on Roode. Hernandez applies a backbreaker submission across his shoulders on Roode. Roode counters with chops as he went for tag but Hernandez grabbed him by his hair. Roode hits his double R spinebuster but both men are down.

Hernandez tags in Anarquia but Roode also tags in Storm. Storm hits all kinds of offense and here comes Hernandez. James Storm takes him out too and covers Anarquia but Hernandez stops it with a double sledge. Bobby Roode is back in and he helps Storm double team Hernandez. Beer Money suplex. Roode splashes off the top onto Anarquia as Storm covers him. He only gets a two count. Hernandez pulls Roode off the apron from the outside. He gets back in, shoulder blocking Storm right to Anarquia for a two count.

The finish:

Storm hit the double knees on Hernandez and Roode kicks him right into the Last Call on Anarquia, allowing Storm to get the pinfall victory.

Winners & still Tag Team Champions, Beer Money

Backstage, JB is with Kurt Angle. Angle says Sting is one of the best wrestlers in the world and he’s never really beat him. He says to be the best ever he has to beat Sting. Angle says Sting I won’t lose; that’s it, I won’t lose.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
– Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle

The challenger, Kurt Angle, is out to the ring first. Out next is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting. Jeremy Borash is in the ring for the formal introductions.

The start:

The bell rings and we’re underway. Sting and Angle lock up as Sting applies a wristlock on the Challenger. Kurt reverses it and goes to a hammer lock.

Mid-match notes:

Side headlock takedown from Angle onto Sting. Sting gets back to a vertical base and ends up hitting a hip tosses. Shoulder block from Sting on Angle but Angle counters with hip tosses of his own. Armdrag from Angle onto Sting, holding him on the mat. Sting backs Angle into the corner, breaking his submission hold. Sting lands right hands to the face of Angle. He sends him chest-first into the corner and lands offense to the leg of Angle. Boot to the midsection from Sting onto the Challenger.

Sting goes off the ropes but Angle counters with an elbow and hits a right hand. He sends Sting off the ropes but Sting holds on then dumps Angle to the outside. Sting goes to the outside to follow up on his attack. He bounces Angle’s head off the steel ring steps in two corners. Sting clears the count then goes back to Angle on the outside. He throw Angle into the rail and back into the ring.

Angle counters with a fall away slam as he sells his left hamstring. Chinlock submission hold applied by Angle onto Sting. Sting gets to his knees and finally back to a vertical base. Sting backs Angle does with elbows but Kurt counters with a knee into the Champion’s midsection. Angle lands more offense and gets a two count. Angle puts Sting back into a chinlock but Sting once again counters out. Kurt whips Sting coast-to-coast but Sting counters with a clothesline out of the corner. Both men are down and the double count out begins. They stir at the same time and Sting goes at Angle with clotheslines. Sting hits Angle with a DDT and gets a two count. Angle walks into a boot from Sting but he counters with a overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Sting drops Angle down and gets a two count. German suplex from Angle. Here comes another and another. Lateral press into a two count. Sting is on the mat as Angle goes for the moonsault off the top rope. He misses and a grimace as I watch him bump his neck. Sting hits the Angle Slam and gets a two count. Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock on Angle. Kurt makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Sting hits the Stinger Splash in the corner. He goes for another but Angle moves. Angle Slam on the Champion. Two count for Angle. Angle runs at Sting in the corner but Sting moves and Angle goes shoulder-first into the post. Sting locks Angle in the ankle lock. The referee checks for submission.

Angle counters and locks in the Scorpion Deathlock. Angle is selling his left ankle while he has the hold locked in. Sting gets to the ropes to break the hold. Angle hits Sting with several double sledges. Angle counters with multiple German suplexes. Kurt drops down and locks Sting into the ankle lock. Sting rolls through and nearly gets the three count. Angle goes for the enziguri kick but the referee is knocked out. Sting is knocked down in the process.

Hulk Hogan comes out with a chair. He lines up on Sting as Sting gets to a vertical base but Kurt Angle takes the chair from him. Kurt uses the chair on Sting then hits the Angle Slam and the three count.

The finish:

Winner & new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle

After the match, Hogan looks stunned as he stares at Angle from the top of the ramp as we go to a video clip promoting No Surrender.