TNA Impact Wrestling Results – January 10, 2013

– TNA returns to PPV with Genesis in three days so the show starts off with TNA’s union against the Aces and Eights: Sting, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. Tenay recaps the unmasking of Mike Knox last week during their entrance.

The Stinger says last week was only the beginning because this Sunday, he’s going to take Doc out at Genesis. He invites the Aces and Eights into the ring and hands the mic off to Samoa Joe. Joe puts the Aces and Eights on notice. When they get in his face, he’s going to beat them down and choke them out. It’s Kurt’s turn. He says he promised to unmask every member of the A&8s in 2013. He started that last week and wants to do it again. This week, he wants to expose someone else. He wants to know where this man stands and calls out Ken Anderson.

Anderson wants to know where they were at when the Aces and Eights beat him up a few weeks ago. He says Sting left him, replaced him with Bully Ray. Anderson is unaware of what the problem is. Kurt says he doesn’t have a problem but Anderson is either with them or going to fight them.

Mr. Anderson enters the ring as the fans chant Kurt’s name. Anderson, right near Angle’s face, says he doesn’t have to answer to him. He says he never liked Kurt. Angle says the feeling is mutual and attacks Anderson. Mr. Anderson rolls out of the ring as Kurt screams at him.

– Keneley says Anderson versus Angle is “probably” happening tonight. Also on the card, Jeff Hardy and James Storm versus Bobby Roode and Austin Aries and the return of the Gutcheck. Gutcheck is undergoing a format change and we’ll see two unsigned wrestlers compete. We see a video package of Jay Bradley. He names his opponent Brian Cage and says it will be one of them.

– Brooke Hogan is arriving. She receives a phone call and asks the camera man to not listen this time. Despite that, she says MARK loud enough for the camera to pick up. Subtle.

– Zema Ion is already in the ring for the next match which happens to be apart of the X Division tournament. The winner of this match faces Christian York at the PPV and the winner of that match will face RVD for the title on the same show.

Zema Ion vs. Kenny King

The pair lock up with King getting multiple kicks in on Ion. Ion reverses an Irish Whip but King places him on the apron and knocks him off it with an enziguri. He gains some steam and corkscrews out of the ring. Ion gets out of the way and back into the ring. He flies out with a springboard strike of his own. This one successful. Ion dodges a clothesline back inside the ring but is knocked down by a spinning heel kick. Cover gets two.

Snap suplex by King. He transfers his body into a mount and gets multiple punches before the pin. A two count. King places Ion over his head but Ion squirms out. King corners him but Ion reverses a whip. Ion lands on the apron and lands a jawbreaker on King. He follows that up with a DDT and a pin that gets a two count.

King grabs Ion by the Hair and places him in Fireman’s Carry position. He tries the Royal Flush but Ion reverses it into a rollup. Ion lays King out with a powerbomb but only gets two. Ion goes up top and comes down with a 450 splash that hits nothing. King lands a double legged dropkick and takes Ion out with the Royal Flush for the win.

Winner: Kenny King

– King versus Christian York is announced for the PPV. King grabs the microphone from Hemme and says she’ll announce him the next X Division champion on Sunday.

– Robbie E is sad. First Jersey Shore was cancelled. Then he got out-bro’d in his Bro off. Now, Jesse Godderz and Tara challenged E to an inter-gender tag match. E tries to talk Tessmacher into it but she disagrees…unless she gets to tag with Robbie T. She slaps his chest and the two walk away with E shouting “BRO.”

– Joseph Park is excited. He’s back in the Impact Zone and he’s a real wrestler now. He’s going to show Hulk Hogan that. He has trouble getting in however, because the door is locked.

Jesse and Tara vs. Robbie T and Miss Tessmacher

Jesse tries to attack T from behind but T shrugs it off. Jesse tries a whip but T holds his ground. After an arm drag, Robbie T body slams Godderz to the mat. Tara is tagged in, forcing Tessmacher in. Tessmacher lands multiple clotheslines before knocking Tara down with a forearm. She corners Tara and slams her down with a facebuster. Stink face. Tara tags Jesse in and T is made legal.

Robbie grabs Jesse by the throat and throws him into the turnbuckle. T drops Godderz with a huge powerbomb for the win.

Winners: Robbie T and Tessmacher

– Robbie E raises the arms of T and Tessmacher in the air. Music starts and Robbie T begins dancing. Tessmacher joins in and I can’t tell if Robbie E is into this. The Ts, Robbie and essmacher share a kiss which makes Tessmacher faint. Robbie E is jealous.

– Brian Cage wants to be a pro wrestler and he tells us about it in a Gutcheck video package. Cage and Bradley are seen warming up backstage. The reformatted Gutcheck is after the break.

Brian Cage vs. Jay Bradley

The bell starts and the guys grapple. The referee breaks them up in the corner and Cage shoves Bradley. Cage takes Bradley to the mat and tries a front headlock but Bradley avoids it and gets a roll up. Cage gets a pin of his own for one. Bradley pounds Cage in the face so Cage replies with one of his own. Cage gets an uppercut, Bradley gets a knee and raises his arm in the air. He runs the ropes for an attack but gets struck by a Cage uppercut. Bradley lands a big boot and dusts his shoe off on the top rope. Bradley kicks Cage on the mat. The kicks turn to punches until Cage gets some offense in. Bradley stops it with a stalling slam. Bradley drops a knee as Keneley talks about his Japanese training. Bradley fires up the lariat when Cage cuts him off with a dropkick. Cage grabs Bradley on the apron and uses the second rope to suplex him back inside. Cage climbs the turnbuckle and comes down with an elbow that gets a long two.

Bradley raises two fingers in the air and slowly gets to his feet. Bradley avoids a discus elbow and connects with the Lariat for the win.

Winner: Jay Bradley

– The Aces and Eights are in the back. Ken Anderson, already in the room, says there is a time and a place to have a good time and right now isn’t one. Anderson says something has to be done and the VP says he’s right. They send the girls out of the room and converge around a table. VP says the first order of business is Mike Knox. He berates him for losing his mask and asks him if he has anything to say. Knox says he was left in the ring and VP says they don’t want to hear excuses. Doc lost his mask and earned his spot at the table. Knox will get his chance tonight.

– Up after the break, Joseph Park and Hulk Hogan.

– Joseph Park is back from Wrestling Camp and in the Impact Zone. He asks Hulk Hogan down to the ring for a respectful discussion. Hogan congratulates Park on his success but wants him to cut to the chase. Park thanks Hogan for giving him the motivation to train professionally. He thanks OVW and Danny Davis and asks Hulk to consider him a wrestler. Hogan says it took him two years to train and that Park needs some more time. Park says he did everything Hogan asked of him and now he wants a match with a member of the Aces and Eights. Hogan, annoyed that someone wants to wrestle for him, says Park can have any match he wants and shoos him off.

Brooke Hogan appears on the Impact video screen. She asks if Hulk really wants to deal with this in public and demands he stays inside the ring during the commercial break.

We finally return with Brooke complaining to Hulk about not answering text messages and voicemails. She asks Hulk if he’s going to reinstate “Mark,” as the fans chant “WE WANT BULLY.” Hulk Hogan says he’s not reinstating Bully Ray and storms off. How dare two adults date! Brooke Hogan picks up her microphone and feigns crying.

– The quality of Impact just went up a billion percent because we’re with Austin Aries. Bobby Roode is also there. They talk new gear and say they’re both wearing their new gear. They may not be able to agree on gear but they both agree they deserve to be World Champion more than Hardy. Aries says Roode is the longest reigning champion and the pair are a “Wet Dream Team.”

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs. James Storm and Jeff Hardy

Roode and Hardy kick us off. Roode with the side headlock. Hardy pushes him off but Roode fires back with a shoulderblock. Hardy gets an arm drag but Roode is back to his feet. Hardy knocks him with a shoulderblock. Aries is tagged in and jaws with Roode for a bit. Aries grabs the arm and slams Hardy to the mat. He applies a front headlock while staring at Roode. Hardy breaks out of it and whips Aries. Aries reverses but Hardy reverses into a headscissors. Roode comes in but Hardy tags storm and the pair take him out. Hardy and Storm team up for Poetry in Motion on Aries. Aries is hung up on the ropes as Roode screams at him. Roode teases walking away but Aries stops him and they jaw some more, sending us to a commercial break.

We’re back with Roode running into a Hardy elbow. Hardy tries to go up top but Aries grabs his leg. Roode crotches Hardy by hitting the ropes and stomps on the champ. Aries is tagged in and climbs the turnbuckle, coming down with an ax handle. Aries sets Hardy’s foot on the rope and stomps on it. Hardy tries to tag in Storm but Aries wears him out with another front headlock. Aries works over the head, finally sending Hardy’s face into Roode’s boot. Roode is legal now. Hardy counters a strike and lands a sunset flip pin. Two count after the Aries distraction.

Roode takes Hardy out and pins him. Two count. Aries slaps his hands together as the referee is dealing with Storm and is thus legal. He drops an elbow and covers Hardy. Another two count. Aries attacks the head again. Roode is back in. He bodyslams Hardy to the mat and goes up top. The splash pin is broken up by Storm. Aries is back in. He stomps the face of Hardy and tells Roode to watch. Aries goes up top and drops a corkscrew elbow. He only gets a two on the pin.

Aries claps the ears of Hardy and tags Roode back in. Quick vertical suplex by Roode is followed up by a kneedrop to the face. Aries wants back in and Roode obliges. Back body drop by Aries. Aries goes up top and drops a knee of his own. Roode tags himself in as the two exchange more words, and climbs the turnbuckle. He hops off but Hardy gets his feet up to stun Roode. Roode prevents Hardy from tagging but only temporarily as Hardy ands a mule kick. In comes Storm.

Storm lands a forearm on Aries. An inverted atomic drop follows that. He russian leg sweeps Roode and Whips Roode to the corner. He flips him over his head on the rebound. Aries counters a strike but Storm turns that into an Alabama Slam. Roode puts Storm on the apron but Storm connects with the enziguri. Neckbreaker on Roode gets a two count. Storm connects with Closing Time on Aries and starts setting up for the Last Call. Daniels distracts the referee as Kazarian attacks Storm. Hardy connects with Twist of Fate on Roode inside the ring. Roode gets up so Hardy tries it again. Aries strikes Hardy from behind with the belt for the DQ.

Winners: James Storm and Jeff Hardy

– Roode and Aries work over Hardy. Aries raises the World Title in the air but Roode takes it and raises it over his head. Aries takes it back so Roode stomps on Hardy. Aries and Roode play tug of war with the belt sending us backstage.

– Brooke Hogan is on the phone with Bully Ray. She tells him its not a good idea for him to show up.

– Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are shooting a promo in the back. The Big Morgan and the Big Organ are going to show everyone that size matters. Chavo and Hernandez, upset they can’t talk about Eddie Guerrero, attack Ryan and Morgan from behind. Chavo pulls Hernandez off and says they should save it for Sunday, despite starting it.

– Joseph Park versus Devon is added to the Genesis PPV. So is James Storm v. Christopher Daniels.

– Mr. Anderson takes forever to get to the ring and when he does, he slowly announces his stats. Highlight of the entrance was some guy shouting Kennedy when Anderson tried to repeat his last name. Anderson stalls some more by exiting the ring when Angle tries to start the match. Angle asks Anderson when did he turn into a bitch.

Mike Knox slides into the ring and attacks Angle with the hammer. Wes Briscoe and Garrett Bischoff chase Knox off. Samoa Joe is right after them. Kurt is stretchered out of the arena with Garrett and Wes staring at the Aces and Eights with the least menacing glares ever.

Suddenly, Sting is out. He grabs the microphone out and suggests a fight with Mike Knox. Devon tells Knox to head to the ring and it looks like we have a new main event, after the break.

Sting vs. Mike Knox

Sting strikes Knox with the bat as soon as he enters the ring. Earl rings the bell but not before throwing out both the bat and the hammer out of the ring. Knox works over Sting in the corner before taking him out with a short arm clothesline. Knox chokes Sting with the middle rope. He then charges onto Sting. Sting rolls to the outside so Knox joins him. Sting strikes him with multiple punches and successfully creates separation. Sting sends Knox shoulder first into the steel steps. He picks Knox up and repeats the offensive strike. The fans chant one more time so Sting obliges and sends Knox into the steps once more.

Sting guides Knox across the outside and sits him on a chair. He delivers a Stinger Splash to a sitting Mike Knox. Sting rolls Knoxy back in and kicks him. Knox tries to grab his hammer but Sting cuts him off and goes for the Deathlock. Knox kicks Sting off and lands a corner splash. Sting no-sells and lands a Stinger Splash in the corner. He follow that up with the Scorpion Deathdrop for the win.

Winner: Sting

Sting lifts the hammer and slams it against Mike Knox’s hand. He goes for the killshot when Devon and the Aces and Eights appear with Brooke Hogan. Devon says if Sting does anything more, the next time he sees Brooke, he won’t be able to recognize her. He says they will reign supreme in 2013. Bully Ray is here and he attacks the Aces and Eights with a chain. Brooke Hogan is released and Ray chases them off.

The Hulkster appears on the ramp with his arms crossed. Apparently he’s not pleased with Bully Ray saving his daughter from the biker gang. We head to a commercial break with ten minutes left in the program.

We return with Hulk sarcastically saying he should thank Bully Ray for putting his daughter in danger and for causing all of the chaos in Impact Wrestling. Ray asks Sting to convince Hogan but Sting just does some hand gestures. Ray says Hulk has it all wrong. Ray’s been in the business for twenty years and wrestling is his life. Ray says he never thought he could love anything as much as he loved pro wrestling, then Brooke Hogan showed up. She came into his life because she was apologizing for Hulk Hogan being such a “hard-ass.” Ray says this has happened entirely too quickly and Hogan throws his microphone to the floor.

He grabs Brooke by her hand. “I’m not too good at this feely stuff and all of these emotions. I’m a hardass. I know I’m a hard ass.” He goes on like this for a few more seconds before dropping to his knees. Hulk Hogan’s eyes are pretty damn wide right now. Ray puts a ring around Brooke’s finger. “All I know is this, I love you. I know our entire relationship has played out in front of the entire world. I don’t care.” He says he wants her to marry him to which Brooke says yes. The pair share a kiss in the middle of the ring and Hulk Hogan leaves in anger.

Not only does Ray want her to marry him but he wants to do it next week, in the Impact Zone. Another kiss is shared and the engaged couple embrace as Hogan leaves and Sting looks from the corner.

Everything typed happened.

  • Michael Grooms

    Sting could have played out his career facing legends infront of 15,000 people a night but instead he is facing nobodies like Luke Gallows and Mike Knox, such a waste.

  • Knees2Faces

    Wow! TNA is as lame as WCW became! Hulk reusing WWE jobbers as a group that has no credibility in the ring, no promotion for the upcoming PPV that’s apparently this weekend, and does anyone else think Hogan is trying to create a Vince and Stephanie storyline. TNA = Poor Mans WWE!

    Bring back 6 sides! TNA was exciting and unpredictable 2-3 years ago and look at what it is now :(