TNA Impact Wrestling Results – December 13, 2012

– We are looking live (on tape) at the TNA Impact Zone. Todd Keneley welcomes us to the program, letting us know Final Resolution was just four days ago. Out to kick the show off, the It Factor, Bobby Roode. Roode says he’s confused and pissed off at the actions of the Aces and Eights. He considers himself an intelligent businessman and he made a big business investment into the World Heavyweight Championship. He guaranteed a new champion would be crowned last Sunday but the A&8s didn’t come through on their end of the deal. Roode wants answers and he wants them now.

The Aces and Eights, led by newly crowned Television Champion Devon and the Director of Chaos, are out now. Roode shouts “I want answers.” Devon says a better deal came up. Roode asks if someone outbid him. Devon says they’re a club that likes to do business with business people and someone offered a better deal. Roode wants to know who. Devon says that when a deal is made, they keep their business within the club. “That’s the way it goes.” Devon leads the A&8s into the ring and lets Roode know they can’t tell him who outbid him. Now. Later on tonight, he might get his answer. Devon and Doc approach Roode when Jeff Hardy’s music plays.

Jeff Hardy and James Storm rush the ring and attack Doc and Devon. They clear the ring of the unmasked members of the Aces and Eights. Words are exchanged as Keneley brings up what the Aces and Eights did to Hardy on last week’s program.

– We’re at the commentator’s table now. Keneley says the Aces and Eights attacked Roode and Hardy at Final Resolution and someone put the hit on those guys. Tenay says we might find out later tonight and wants to see James Storm and Jeff Hardy versus the Aces and Eights.

– Next week is Championship Thursday. The Knockouts title is going to be up for grabs. An interview with Velvet Sky plays. She says she’s more focused than ever. “The pigeons are ready for action now.” Yep.

– Mickie James is crying, believing she let her fans and herself down coming off her lost to Tara at Final Resolution. She apparently wore overalls during the event. She says she wanted to come back and make an impact so she’s disappointed in herself. She calls it bullshit.

– Keneley says the Knockouts division is coming back and a lot of the credit has to go to Brooke Hogan. Seriously. He reminds us next week’s Championship Thursday will revolve around the Knockouts Title.

Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky

Rayne tells Sky this is “her ring.” Tenay and Keneley bring up the history between the two women as Rayne attacks Sky from behind. An irish whip is countered by Sky into one of her own. Sky sends Rayne into the top turnbuckle. She does it on the opposite side. Sky spanks Rayne and takes her down with a snapmare. Big kick to the back. She snaps the neck and connects with a low dropkick for two.

Sky tries a double underhook but Rayne gets out of it and lands a clothesline. Rayne pulls Sky’s hair by stepping on it and lifting her hands. Rayne takes Sky into the ropes and chokes her with the middle one. Reverse facebuster by Rayne. She forgoes a pin and goes for what Keneley calls the “pelvic thrust.” She goes for the cover, gets two. She goes for another cover. Another two count.

Rayne and Terrell exchange some words allowing Sky to come back with some chops to the chest. Sky sends Rayne’s face into her knee three times. Clothesline. Another one. Sky lands a back elbow and a low kick. One handed running bulldog by Sky. Sky locks the double underhook and sends Rayne to the mat with a facebuster for the win.

Winner: Velvet Sky

– Wes Brisco, Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff are in the back. Angle says they have a tag match but he’s going to be in their corner. Like last week’s crappy insurance ad, Kurt Angle gives the two guys 5 Hour Energy bottles.

– The Aces and Eights versus Jeff Hardy and James Storm is officially set for later in the show.

– Kazarian and Daniels are entering the arena. The interviewer asks them if they had anything to do with paying off the Aces and Eights and they deny it. They’re friends with Bobby Roode. Kaz says it was probably AJ Styles.

– A neat video package highlighting the brawl between the Aces and Eights and Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco plays.

The Robbies, E and T, are out for the next match. Todd Keneley says he was a participant on The List. Angle is in the corner of Briscoe and Bischoff.

Robbie E and Robbie T vs. Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff

Big Robbie T hits a powerslam on Wes Brisco. E tags himself in and T holds Wes down as E gets in a cheapshot. Robbie E rubs his boot againt Brisco’s face until the ref pulls him off. Brisco fights back but Robbie takes him down to the mat. Robbie T comes in illegally and prevents Brisco from getting to his corner. T is tagged. He slaps the back of Wes’ head. Bearhug from Robbie T.

Wes elbows out of it but is stopped from making the tag. Robbie E lands a cheapshot on Garrett and the two double team Wes in the corner. E is in now. Robbie yells at Brisco’s face. He lands a body slam and goes up top. He comes down and catches Wes Brisco’s counter. He tries an elbow drop but Wes rolls out of the way. Garrett is tagged in.

He comes in with multiple clothesline to E. Robbie reverses a whip but Garrett lands a shoulderblock. Stinger Splash from Garrett. Flapjack. T distracts Garrett allowing E to make the tag. Brisco gets the hidden tag as Garrett takes Robbie T out with a jawbreaker. Brisco comes flying in with a huge crossbody off the top rope for the win.

Winners: Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff

– Angle is celebrating on the outside when a masked member of the Aces and Eights takes Kurt Angle out from behind. He runs away as Garrett and Wes check up on Kurt. Angle holds his knee as Keneley speculates this has something to do with Angle’s TV title match with Devon next week.

– We return to a replay of the attack on Angle’s leg. Angle is in the medical office and a doctor is checking out his knee. He says there’s “significant swelling” as Garrett Bischoff retrieves ice.

– We’re taken to Louisville, Kentucky: OVW. Hulk Hogan said Joseph Park could wrestle but he has to take it back to step one and train at OVW. Park arrives and reads the slogan “tomorrow’s superstars…today!” Park enters the place and talks to a guy. The trainer says OVW has trained more wrestlers than any other company in the business. The trainer wants Park to start right now.

We’re taken to the ring. Park is running around it. Now he’s inside doing situps. He can’t give the trainer a situp. Park vomits as the trainer says there is no timeout.

– Tara walks into Brooke Hogan’s office. She says their boyfriends are fighting and she doesn’t want any harm between the two. Tara also wants to pick her opponent for Championship Thursday next week. Brooke refuses this request and says Tara will find out next Thursday like everyone else. Brooke makes fun of Tara’s lack of fame, which is pretty funny when you think about it.

– We’re sent to a commercial break with a promo for the 1-3-13 thing.

– Kenny King is seen taping his fingers in the back. He says RVD-King is a dream match. He learns more from his losses than wins and tonight isn’t about the belt but about knocking RVD “square on [his] ass.” I guess they’re fighting.

– Jeff Hardy and James Storm are out for their match. Keneley wonders how Hardy can walk after his match with Roode at Final Resolution. The Director of Chaos and a masked man are representing the A&8s tonight.

James Storm and Jeff Hardy vs. the Aces and Eights

Doc and Storm start us off. They share some words before Storm blocks a Doc pucnh. He gets in multiple punches. Doc tries some offense but Storm dodges that. Storm counters a whip and that exchange ends in a Storm forearm. Hardy is tagged in and comes flying with an ax handle. He wrenches the arm but Doc escapes and tags the Masked Man. Masked dude reverses a whip but Hardy flies in with a forearm. Corner forearm. Mystery man whips Hardy into the corner but Hardy counters to a head-scissors the sends the Prospect outside. Hardy hops on the apron and measures the Aces and Eights. He runs and flies onto both members. He returns to the center of the ring and poses as we head to a mid-match break.

Doc is met by a Jeff Hardy boot. The Masked Man knocks Hardy out with a clothesline and Doc takes advantage of the distraction. Hardy rolls to the outside. The Masked Man gets multiple cheapshots in on Hardy as the ref is distracted by Storm and Doc. Hardy and Doc are back in the ring now. Doc lifts Hardy and lands a shot to the neck. Doc begins working over the rib area of Jeff Hardy. The Masked Man is tagged and applies his boot to Hardy’s face. Hardy tries to escape so the Prospect attacks the midsection. Hardy is taken to the corner. The Masked Man works Hardy over before tagging Doc back in.

Doc connects with multiple boot shots to the rib area. The Director chokes Hardy with his boot. He tries to cheapshot Storm but he misses. Storm tries to come in but that just distracts the ref, allowing the Aces and Eights to double team Hardy. Masked Man drops an elbow and covers for two. He wraps his arms around the head of Jeff Hardy. Hardy works his way to his knees and connects with a jawbreaker. The Masked Man is up first and tags in Doc.

Doc lands a big boot to Jeff Hardy’s face. He chokes Hardy with the bottom rope as the fans chant “Let’s go Hardy.” Doc works over the ribs some more. Hardy tries to leap to his corner but Doc holds him down and drops an elbow to the spine. Headlock by Doc. Hardy fights his way to his feet. He stuns Doc with a kick but Storm is struck by Doc. Doc holds Hardy by his feet and tags the Masked Man back in.

An elbow drop is followed by a pin attempt. Two count. The Prospect sends his knees to Jeff Hardy’s face. He tries to choke Hardy but the ref breaks it up. Masked Man sends Hardy to the outside where Doc works him over. He whips Hardy into the steel barricade as the referee takes James Storm to task for trying to break it up. Doc sends Hardy back inside. The cover gets a two count.

Doc is tagged in and connects with a big splash. He covers but Storm breaks it up. Doc goes back to working over the rib area of Jeff Hardy. He follows that up with a headlock. Hardy tries to forearm his way out but Doc whips him into the corner. Hardy counters that and lands the Whisper in the Wind. Hardy crawls to the corner but his journey to Storm’s hand is interrupted by Doc. Doc drags Hardy to his corner and tags in the Prospect.

Hardy tries to sneak to Storm but the Masked Man catches his leg. Hardy kicks his way out and tags in Storm. Storm is sent on the apron by the Masked Man but connects with an enziguri. Storm goes up top and connects with a crossbody for two. Hardy sends Storm into the Masked Man. Double team suplex by the faces to the Masked Man.

Multiple mystery men and Devon come in and disrupt the match. The referee doesn’t call for the bell though. Hardy lands the Last Call on Doc while Hardy gets the Twist of Fate on the Masked Man. He covers for the win.

Winners: James Storm and Jeff Hardy

– Devon says the club doesn’t fight other people’s business. He reveals Austin Aries is the man that paid them off at Final Resolution. Taz is confused by the development. Tenay is skeptical.

– Hulk Hogan is in the back, furious at what the Aces and Eights said. Bobby Roode comes in and is angry at Aries. Hogan gets a phone call and it’s Aries. Hogan says A Double can speak his mind but he has to come clean regarding his affiliation with the Aces and Eights. He tells him he has until the end of the night. Hogan said Roode needs to back off and Roode says Hogan better have a plan.

– Up after the break, AJ Styles speaks.

– Great video package highlighting Christopher Daniels’ victory over AJ Styles on Sunday plays. AJ Styles is out when that’s over. Keneley and Tenay discuss Styles’ career decline as he does so.

Styles says he demanded this time. He needs to address the Impact Faithful. He says he doesn’t have to tell us where he’s been or what’s going on with him. Fans chant “YOU STILL GOT IT” as Styles assures them he’s not leaving. Styles, after a lot of pause, says he doesn’t know where he’s going. He’s unsure what the next step is. He’s spent so much time being the corporate guy and he’s forgotten “about number one.” Styles takes off all of the gear he’s wearing with the Impact Wrestling brand and says his next step has nothing to do with TNA. It’s all about AJ Styles. He’s tired of cleaning up TNA’s mess. He’s tired of doing the right thing so for now on, he’s going to do his own thing. The fans chant “AJ” as he leaves the ring.

– We get a replay of AJ Styles’ attempt at a heel turn. This was a taped show. They really could have piped in boos or something. I’m sure that’s not a foreign concept to them.

Dixie Carter tries to stop AJ Styles from leaving. “Who are you?” AJ tosses his shirt in Dixie’s face.

– Now we’re with Kazarian and Daniels. They think AJ Styles’ departure is amazing. Daniels does a little dance with his appletini. He says this is just like Christmas. Kazarian says he has a surprise for Daniels and leaves singing “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”

– Keneley, Taz and Tenay all express their disbelief at AJ’s actions as Kenny King makes his entrance. The following match is of the non-title variety.

Kenny King vs. Rob Van Dam

King gets a side headlock after a grapple. RVD tries to escape but King maintains possession of the hold. RVD goes behind but King does the same. RVD trips King but King quickly creates separation between the two.

Quick kick from Kenny King. RVD dodges a King quick and lands a big spin kick to King’s face. RVD poses but King attacks from behind with a knee strike sending van Dam out of the ring. King leaps off with a corkscrew dive. He sends RVD back inside and gets a two count. Snap suplex from King. He floats over to a mount and gets multiple strikes to the face. One count. King whips Van Dam into the corner. He comes flying in with a big back splash. The cover there gets a two count.

King boots RVD before lifting him. He whips RVD into the corner and charges. RVD counters with a quick kick. He strikes with a spin kick in the corner and goes up top. He comes down with a quick legdrop. He covers and gets two. RVD counters a kick but King is quick to strike with a huge kick to the face. King guillotines RVD with the top rope. RVD gets up but he’s taken out by a springboard blockbuster from Kenny King. That gets two.

King whips Van Dam into the corner again. He charges but RVD gets out of the way. Body slam by RVD. He attempts but misses the split legged moonsault. King tries something but RVD counters into a northern lights suplex pin. Two count. RVD dodges a spin kick and gets a quick kick of his own. He rolls King over and connects with a quick leg drop. RVD climbs the turnbuckle but is stopped by a Kenny King fist. King climbs the turnbuckle with RVD but RVD shoves him off. Big crossbody by RVD but King rolls through and gets the pin. He gets a rope-aided three count.

Winner: Kenny King

– Kenny King dances as we get a replay of his illegal win. Taz says a win is a win. “It’s all good in the hood.” King leaves the Impact Zone dancing some more.

– Bully Ray charges into Hulk Hogan’s office. He asks if Hogan has a different opinion after Final Resolution. Hogan says Bully wasn’t man enough to alert him of his relationship with Brooke. Hogan says Bully’s personal BS has turned into his business. Ray put Brooke into harm’s way. Bully Ray screams at Hogan and says nothing is going on between Brooke and Ray, at least from Bully’s point of view. He says nothing happened. Hulk has been treating Bully like shit and Brooke has been comforting him. Hogan says if he’s wrong about Bully-Brooke, Bully Ray has no reason to ever speak to Brooke again. Bully Ray says he deserves to be on Team Hogan. He’s always respected Hogan. Ray says what Brooke does is her business. She’s a grown business. He leaves as Hogan mouths “weak.”

Jesse vs. Bully Ray

Bully Ray chases Jesse around the ring. Both men get inside and Ray hammers Jesse with multiple strikes to the back. Clothesline by Ray. Bully Ray contemplates in the corner before going back to a fist to Godderz’s face. Shoulderblock takes Jesse out. Bully Ray measures Godderz and lands another punch to the face. Ray paces around the ring before returning to Jesse. Jesse misses a throat thrust that Ray sells. He chops Ray but Ray is unharmed. Another charm returns the same result. Godderz tries to gain some momentum off the ropes but runs into a big Bully Ray boot. Ray chokes Godderz in the corner. Big chop to the chest by Bully Ray.

Fans chant “ONE MORE TIME” so Ray sets up Godderz in another corner for another huge chop to the chest. Ray raises his hand in the middle of the ring and the fans want another chop to Godderz. Tara gets in the ring and begs Ray off Jesse. He raises his hand against her and makes her turn around. He spanks her but that opens up Ray to an attack from behind.

Godderz pounds Ray to the mat. He clubs Ray from behind and lands an ax handle to the back. Another club across the face. Another punch. Godderz delivers a forearm that knocks Bully to the mat. Nice dropkick opens the wound on Ray’s face. Some fan tries to get a “YOU CAN’T WRESTLE” chant going but Godderz has done okay. He connects with another dropkick. Godderz moves Bully to the center of the ring.

He gets some shots in but Ray stuns him with another big chop. Godderz fires back with a clothesline. Godderz nails multiple forearms to the face. He chokes Bully in the corner, prompting the ref to take him off. Big elbow from Godderz. He directs another punch to Ray’s face before distracting the ref, allowing Tara to choke Bully across the ropes. Another dropkick by Jesse Godderz. Jesse drops the leg but Bully avoids it. Bubba Cutter gets the three count for Bully Ray.

Winner: Bully Ray

– A bloody Bully Ray pierces the camera with a stare. The referee raises his arms in victory and he leaves, screaming “WHAT’S IT GONNA TAKE.”

– Aries is walking in the back. He tells the camera to back off because he’s about to tell the world what he’s done.

– 1.3.13 promo plays again.

– Austin Aries makes his entrance and confirms what the Aces and Eights said earlier: he is the man that trumped Bobby Roode’s offer to the A&8s. Aries says Roode should understand since he subscribes to the phrase “money talks.” Aries says he understands the Aces and Eights refusal to fight other people’s battles. He brings up Hogan getting him to fight his battle against the A&8s earlier in the year. When that was over, the Hulkster tossed Aries aside to hop on the Jeff Hardy bandwagon. That is why Aries has been doing what he’s done. He won’t stop until he’s champion again.

This brings out Jeff Hardy. Hardy says this is all about him. He says it was pathetic Aries went to “a motorcycle gang” because all he had to do was ask. Aries is skeptical because he’s always had to jump through hoops. Hardy says he likes how Aries has expanded his imagination but all Aries has to do is show up. Hardy challenges Aries to a match next week on Championship Thursday for the title.

Aries laughs. He calls the Impact Zone cast members idiots. He asks if they would like to see the match and they cheer. Aries says he doesn’t do what the fans want. He doesn’t do what Hardy wants. He does what he wants. Hardy says he always gives the fans what they want and cheapshots Aries to the mat.

Aries goes for the brain buster but Hardy escape and lands the Twist of Fate. Hardy goes up top for the Swanton but Aries escapes to end the show.