TNA Impact Wrestling Results – January 17, 2013

– We are welcomed into the Impact Zone as the camera pans over a wedding cake and gifts. A graphic, promoting the marriage of “Mizz” Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray greets us before we’re sent to a video from earlier today. Bully admires his tux when Spike Dudley walks into his room. Ray admonishes him for the glasses. Shortly after Spike, Tommy Dreamer, fresh off of his Shield beatdown, is in. They all can’t believe Ray is getting married.

Now we’re with Brooke Hogan. Her bridesmaids are Mickie James, Christy Hemme and Miss Tessmacher. Tessmacher asks if Hulk is going to be there and everything gets awkward.

– Jeff Hardy is on his way to the ring. He reminds us this is a wrestling show and asks if we saw the Genesis main event. The crowd chants “YOU STILL GOT IT!” at him. The champ says the odds were stacked against him and “we, the creatures,” prevailed. Hardy wants to “keep it going” when Frankie Kazarian and new number one contender, Christopher Daniels, interrupts him. Kaz reminds Hardy that in one week, Daniels is going to become the new TNA Champion. Daniels calls Hardy “Jefferson,” before running down his credentials. When Daniels wins the championship, he’ll give the “Creatures of the Night” permission to worship him. Hardy tries to attack Daniels so Kazarian cuts him off.

They double team Hardy when James Storm decides to run in for the save. Storm picks up a mic and challenges Bad Influence to a tag match. Daniels and Kaz try to walk away when the Champ and Storm stop them and bring them back inside the ring.

Jeff Hardy and James Storm versus Bad Influence

Hardy works over Kazarian while Storm attacks Daniels. Daniels is booted in the face and clotheslined out of the ring. Hardy tosses Kaz on the apron, Storm brings him to the mat. Storm grabs the heads of Daniels and Kazarian and makes them headbutt one another while Hardy does his taunting dance to send us to a break.

We return with Storm tagging in Hardy. They double team elbow Daniels to the mat where Hardy covers. One count. Daniels counters a kick by catching the leg but Hardy maneuvers his way into a mule kick. Hardy wrenches the arm and tags in Storm. Cowboy come flying in with an ax handle. Storm pounds Daniels in the face. He repeats the strike. Daniels corners Storm where Kazarian striks him in the head. Hardy sees this and runs in distracting the ref, which allows Bad Influence to double team Storm.

Kazarian is legal now. Daniels clotheslines Storm on his way out. The cover gets a two count. Kazarian picks up Storm only to drop him with a nice dropkick. He tags in Daniels who chokes Storm in the corner with his boot. Daniels whips Storm hard into the corner and brings Kaz in. Daniels holds Storm while Kaz nails him in the rib area. He chokes Storm with the middle rope. Storm is cornered again, this time Kazarian nails him with multiple shoulder block shots. Storm tries to break out but Kaz rakes the eyes.

Daniels time. Daniels lands a variation of a neckbreaker that gets a two. He chops the back and twists the head. Rear chinlock by the Fallen Angel now. Storm elbows Daniels off but Daniels cuts him off by pulling the hair. Daniels incites Hardy before stomping Storm in the back. He returns to a choke which forces the ref to pull him off. Daniels attacks the head/neck area with elbows. Storm gets the rollup out of nowhere for a two count.

Daniels fires back with a clothesline. He re-applies the rear chinlock. Storm breaks out of it and connects with a big boot. Side russian leg sweep takes Daniels to the mat. Hardy is tagged in, Kaz is as well. Kaz is knocked down with a low dropkick. He leaps off the apron onto Kaz on the outside. Kaz rolls back inside and misses a clothesline. Hardy fires back with a firearm. Inverted atomic drop. Low leg drop and dropkick. Two count. Hardy takes Kaz out with Whisper in the Wind. The cover is broken up by Christopher Daniels at two.

Daniels pounds Hardy over the head. He connects with a jawbreaker on Kazarian when Daniels strikes him with an STO. Storm interrupts and hits Closing Time on Daniels. He leaps onto Daniels on the outside. Kazarian rejects a Twist of Fate and tries a rollup. Two count. Hardy connects with the Twist while Kaz is arguing with the referee for the win.

Winners: Jeff Hardy and James Storm

– Hardy is celebrating when Daniels strikes him from behind. He connects with Angels Wings on the Championship Title.

– Bruce Pritchard, Al Snow and Taz are seen conversing from earlier today. Jay Bradley and Brian Cage are the competitors for this week’s Gutcheck. The video is over and we see Cage and Bradley prepping backstage. Gutcheck is after the break.

– Spike Dudley and Tommy Dreamer are being dressed by Bully Ray when Joseph Park walks into the room. He thanks Bully Ray for pushing him into becoming a wrestler and hands him a gift: cigars. He says it’s not exactly street legal.

– It’s Gutcheck time. The judges are already in the ring. Bruce congrats Bradley on winning but says winning isn’t all that matters. He says Cage had a tremendous outing but it wasn’t enough. Brian Cage is eliminated.

Taz is up first with his decision on Bradley and it’s a no. Bradley points viciously at Taz. Borash gives Bradley the chance to “kick out.” Bradley says he’s humped enough highways, he probably owes child support. Bradley hypes his indy credentials and says it’s all brought him to the Impact Zone. He says he trended worldwide on Twitter and wants to be let in.

Al Snow says Bradley had a personality and presence and he connected with the crowd. His answer is yes. It’s 1-1.

Bruce Pritchard grabs the microphone and says Bradley has made the fans care. Both entities have passion, Bradley has guts and the answer is yes. Borash welcomes Bradley to Impact Wrestling and handshakes are shared by all.

– We’re welcomed back to Impact with the entrance of the Gutcheck’s most successful participant, Christian York. Kenny King and his radical theme song are up shortly after for what appears to be a rematch of the Finals of the X Division Tournament. We received replays of King taking out York with the Royal Flush.

Christian York versus Kenny King

York springboards out of the ring and onto King before he can enter. The bell rings with both men still on the outside. York slams King’s face against the steel steps and antagonizes him. King tries to send York into the steel pole but York counters and shoves King. King rolls back inside. York joins him. King whips York into the turnbuckle but York fires back with a clothesline. King struggles to his feet so York finishes the ascent. He whips King and cuts him off with a knee to the ribs. Pin gets a two count.

Tenay says we’ll get footage from a Bully Ray bachelor party.

York climbs King in the corner and begins punching him in the head. He connects with a spinning back kick and delivers multiple leg shots to the head. A chop brings King to the mat. York grabs King’s leg. King tries to break out of it but can’t. York holds onto King until King connects with a shot to the face. King tries the Royal Flush but York lands on his feet. Kenny tries a spin kick but York grabs the leg and drops King. York tries the Royal Flush but King escapes and rolls York up. He holds on to the tights for the win.

Winner: Kenny King

– Bully Ray is with Sting now. He tells Sting he’s the only person who trusts him. Ray wants to make Brooke happy and the only way that’ll happen is if Hulk walks her down the aisle. Ray asks Sting to ask Hulk to walk down with Brooke. Sting agrees.

– Taz says he has a lot of stuff to do and can’t be on commentary anymore tonight. He leaves as Tenay says “history is in the making tonight.”

– Austin Aries is dressing up when Bobby Roode steps in front of him. They argue over the Genesis main event. Aries is upset they’re going to celebrations and not having celebrations being thrown for them. Aries says he’s going to wear all black and Roode says he can’t do that. Aries calls it a funeral and promises to have a few objections.

– Hulk Hogan is walking into the Impact Zone, 55 minutes late. The interviewer asks if he’s here for the wedding to which Hulk replies with silence. The interviewer asks if Hulk is going to give Brooke away tonight and Hogan chases him off.

– Bully Ray, Spike Dudley and Tommy Dreamer are discussing when Taz enters the fray. They ask where Paul is. Dreamer gets serious and asks if Hulk is going to be there. Taz says Hulk is in a tough spot, he’s a dad. Ray tells his friends about his request of Sting. Ray finally tells the other he’s going to put his tux on and we get sent to a video package of the Ray-Hogan-Hogan drama.

– Sting’s music hits as Keneley somewhat recaps the Stinger’s beef with the Aces and Eights. Tenay quickly goes back to the Bully Ray stuff. Sting says love is in the air and tonight is a huge night. With love comes tension and he says he’s here to address the tension. He calls out Hulk Hogan.

After a very long walk, the Hulkster finally arrives in the ring. He tells Sting to cut the crap and poses. He wants to get down to business, brother. He brings up the history and similarities between the pair. Sting says Ray has helped them out a bunch of times. Hulk says everyone tells him he’s right. You can’t trust Bully, jack. Hulk says there’s something not right with Bully, there’s an ENERGY, dude. He will never trust Bully Ray.

Sting says Hogan needs to do this for himself and for Brooke. The fans chant “DO IT” over and over. Hogan gets mad and says he always does the right thing. He drops the mic and leaves the ring.

– Taryn Terrell is getting ready for…something when Gail Kim interrupts her. She shows Terrell a replay from the finish of the KO Genesis match. Kim had her feet under the ropes so there’s another number one contender’s match between Kim and Velvet tonight.

– Earlier this week, Bully Ray had his bachelor party in New York City. We see a bunch of video of Ray posing with ladies.

Number One Contender’s Match for the Knockouts Title: Gail Kim versus Velvet Sky

The opening grapple results in a standstill. Kim takes Sky to the corner when Terrell breaks it up. Side headlock from Kim to Sky. Sky sends her off and takes her down with a shoulderblock. Kim screams at Terrell as she gets back on the apron. Kim connects with a kick to the ribs. She slams Sky’s face against the turnbuckle and chokes her with her boot. Fireman’s carry position for Kim. Sky squirms out and gets a rollup. One count.

Sky counters a clothesline into a rollup of her own. Two count. Kim delivers another leg kick to Velvet Sky. She chokes her with the ropes. She slaps Sky, before firing with a huge clothesline. Kim tries a neckbreaker but Sky falls to the mat. Kim picks her up again and this time connects with the breaker. The cover gets a two count.

Sky prevents a Kim corner attack with a kick. She delivers a snap suplex that gets a two count. The crowd is way dead as Kim works over Sky in the corner. Kim slams Sky to the mat and places her knee over her throat. Kim headscissors the head of Velvet Sky. Km finally lets go where she brings Sky to her feet. She clubs Sky against the back. Sky blocks another corner attack with a big boot. This time, Kim fires back with a double legged dropkick. Eat Defeat is successful.

Kim goes for the cover when Sky gets her feet under the ropes to break it up at two. Kim and Terrell argue. Sky works off the distraction and lands a bull dog. She gets a series of clotheslines before taking Kim out with a headscissors takedown. Modified facebuster for Sky. Double underhook facebuster connects for the win.

Winner: Velvet Sky

– Dixie Carter is discussing Brooke Hogan’s career with Brooke. Two people that should never be on TV, fake crying. Dixie says that Hulk loves Brooke, no matter what happens tonight. The wedding is up after the break. Call and text your friends.

– Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are out before the festivities can begin. Roode says the only celebration that should be going on is the celebration of the It Factor and the Greatest Man That Ever Lived. There’d be no Impact Wrestling without Roode and Aries. They go on like that for a while. Aries says there used to be a time where TNA could be proud of its champions. Now it feels like the company has taken a trip ten years in the past. He runs down all the old champions, RVD, D-Von, Chavo, Hernandez and Jeff Hardy.

Roode and Aries object to the wedding when Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez interrupt. Chavo does his awful thing and says they also object. They object to Roode and Aries. He says he likes the wedding, because of course he would. Aries objects to Chavo’s objection of Aries’ objection. Chavo and Hernandez are so bad at being faces the writers have Aries and Roode utilize racial admonishment. The champs attack. Hernandez tries to lay Aries out with the Border Toss but Roode saves him and the heels leave.

– After the break, the wedding of Bully and Brooke.

– Hulk Hogan and Sting, two of the greatest of all-time, are discussing the wedding of Brooke Hogan. Hulk says he’s tried to protect Brooke all his life and he knows how the movie ends. Sting agrees with Hogan but says Hulk has done such a good job at raising his daughter, she’s able to see something in Bully. Something Hulk can’t see because the business has blinded him. Sting says Hulk has to walk Brooke down the aisle. Hulk says he always does the right thing.

“You are sitting in on history.” – Mike Tenay

Bully Ray is out, with tuxedo, smile and all. It’s time for the March of the Wedding Party. Tommy Dreamer and Miss Tessmacher are the first pair down the ramp. Nice chant for Dreamer. Spike Dudley and Mickie James are the pair after. Finally, Christy Hemme and Tazz stroll down the ramp.

The bride introduction is after our final commercial break.

We return with Brooke Hogan appearing on the ramp, sans the Hulkster. She looks back, sees nothing. Takes a few steps and looks back, sees more of the same. The fans begin cheering and Hulk Hogan appears from the side of the stage. The fans chant “HOGAN! HOGAN!” as Brooke and Hulk walk down the aisle. The Hogans reach the ring where the fans chant “SHAKE HIS HAND.” Hulk does nothing. The preacher begins his statements.

He asks “Who is giving away the bride,” to which Hulk replies “I do.” He continues until it’s finally time for Brooke and Bully to share their vows. Brooke can’t believe she’s sharing vows with Bully in the middle of a wrestling ring. She finally feels she can trust and calls Ray her best friend. It’s Ray’s turn. He says he started writing his vows before he realized Brooke doesn’t deserve words on paper, she deserves a message from the heart. Bully says he knew she was the one, the moment he laid eyes on her. He’s a happy person when he’s around her. The preacher does the “speak now or forever hold your peace thing,” and no one speaks up.

Bully and Brooke are given the rings. Brooke Hogan agrees to marry Bully Ray. Ray puts the ring on Brooke’s finger as the preacher asks Bully the same question. Bully replies with “I do.” The preacher is about to finish the wedding when Taz grabs the microphone and asks Bully if he wants to do it.

Ray asks if it’s hot and he takes his tux off. He turns around and reveals an Aces and Eights vest. The A&8s run the ring and take out Bully, Spike, Dreamer and the Hulkster. Mike Knox and Doc force Brooke to watch the beatdown. Devon kills Ray with a shot to the head. Sting somehow got into the battlezone while everything was happening because he’s down as well. Knox and Doc let go of Brooke and she rushes to the ring to check on Bully Ray. The show ends with a fearful Brooke surveying the damage.