TNA Impact Wrestling Results – December 20, 2012

– TNA Impact opens with a classy black and white screen paying tribute to the victims of the Newtown, CT tragedy. Immediately transitions to Previously on Impact… Tara defends her KO title, the Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan drama continued and the Aces and Eights did things.

– Mike Tenay, Todd Keneley and Tazz talk about Championship Thursday. In addition to Tara’s defense, Jeff Hardy defends his title against Austin Aries and Devon defends his TV title against Kurt Angle. That last of which is kicking the show off tonight.

Angle is disappointed when Devon shows up with the Aces and Eights. He says he has a pack of his own and his pack, which consists of Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff, walk down the aisle. Thank goodness for Joe or that’d be the least threatening “pack” of all-time.

Television Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Devon ©

The bell rings and the two vets grapple into the corner. Dual chants going on for Devon and Angle as Devon has a side headlock applied. Angle gets out of it but is brought down with a Devon shoulderblock. Devon misses a forearm but blocks a german suplex attempt by Angle. Clothesline takes Devon down. Angle pounds Devon over the head before the Irish Whip. Devon reverses but Angle holds onto the ropes. Devon charges but Angle gets out of the way, sending Devon to the outside. The Aces and Eights and Team Angle start brawling on the outside. Devon sneaks into the ring and gets a chop block on Angle sending us to a commercial break.

We return with Devon dropping an elbow on Angle’s knee. He puts the leg on the ropes and stomps on it. Cover gets a two count. Devon wraps his leg around Angle’s leg while Keneley asks if the damage has been done. Angle kicks out but Devon comes back with another chop block. Devon lets Kurt get up but he quickly stuns him with a eye poke. Devon tries a corner clothesline but Angle gets an elbow up. Angle goes up top and comes down with a missile dropkick.

Angle is up first and strikes with multiple clotheslines. Belly to belly suplex gets a two. Devon ges out of the Angle slam and gets a spinebuster. He covers and gets a really long two count. Devon gets up and measures Angle. Angle dodges a punch and gets a German Suplex. Suplex #2 is successful. He gets number three and THE STRAPS ARE DOWN. Angle turns Devon over and applies the Ankle Lock. The Aces and Eights are out to distract the ref while Devon taps inside the ring. A masked guy comes in and nails Angle with a pipe. Devon covers Angle and gets the win.

Winner and STILL Television Champion Devon

– Tenay and Keneley are angry Angle isn’t the champion as Devon celebrates with the A&8s. Garrett, Joe and Briscoe come to Angle’s aid and help him get up.

– We’re in the back with Brooke Hogan. Velvet Sky, Miss Tessmacher, ODB and Mickie James are under deliberation. Velvet says she hasn’t gotten a shot and it’s her time. Brooke talks to ODB and brings up Eric Young. She says family should come first. Hogan eliminates ODB for having a husband or something.

– Kenny King is being interviewed. He sees he has no beef with RVD after King’s victory last week. King calls himself and RVD “the two most kickingest dudes in TNA.”

Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan vs. Kenny King and Rob Van Dam

The match starts with RVD and Joey Ryan. Ryan kicks RVD and doe a little dance. He repeats the combo. RVD comes back with a kick of his own and a clothesline. Another clothesline. A spinkick knocks Joey Ryan to the floor. Standing moonsault gets a two.

RVD twists the arm and brings King into the match. He gets a side headlock but Ryan immediately gets out of it. King spins out of Ryan’s hold and takes King down. Irish whip. Ryan dodges a spin kick and tags Morgan in. Morgan comes in with a clothesline. He knees King across the ring. King moves to the ropes for respite but Morgan catches him and puts his boot to King’s back. They reset in the middle and Morgan takes King down with a headbutt. Ryan is legal now. He corners King and chokes him with his boot. Ryan cheapshots RVD. Ryan gets a quick jab to King’s abdomen. King fires back with two punches that take Ryan down. Ryan distracts the ref allowing Morgan to attack King.

Morgan is tagged in now. King is cornered and gets another boot to his throat, this time from the Blueprint. King is whipped into the corner and brought down with a sidewalk slam. Ryan is in now. Ryan picks King up and whips him. King floats over and gets a pin. Two count. King dodges a clothesline and tags RVD in. RVD lights Ryan up with multiple kicks to the thighs. He slams Ryan’s head into the top turnbuckle. King and RVD double team Morgan with dropkicks. King gets a reverse atomic drop to Ryan. He follows that up with a spinkick.

Morgan stares down with King so King leaves the ring. Morgan nails RVD with the Carbon Footprint and Ryan covers for the victory.

Winners: Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

– King sarcastically asks RVD if he’s alright as Ryan celebrates in the ring.

– “The answer is close.” We get another 1.3.13 promo.

– We’re back with highlights from AJ Styles’ heel turn last week. Now we’re in the lockerroom with Kazarian. Kaz says we’re five days from Christmas and it’s his favorite time of the year. He has a surprise for his fans that will show how gracious he is. Someone named “Nick” calls him. Kaz asks him how Donner is.

– It’s Hulk Hogan time. He says the Impact Zone cast members make him feel like he’s 18 years old again. 2012 has been a great year for Impact Wrestling. Hogan has seen this “teeny-tiny” company start to grow. He says this is the year that company turned into a huge monster. He puts over the talent, jack. Hogan says us fans get to vote for the Impact Wrestler of the year. They’re going to announce the winner on January 3rd.

This is when the Aces and Eights cuts him off. Hogan is angry Devon isn’t out by himself. Devon wonders if Hogan believes all the lies Hogan says. 2012 was the years of the Aces and Eights, says Devon. The A&8s represent the truth, unlike Hulk Hogan. The fans start chanting Hogan’s name while Devon tries to say 2013 will be the year of the Aces and Eights. Devon says they will be revealed and gold will be accomplished but Hulk Hogan won’t be around to watch it unfold.

The Aces and Eights start to surround Hogan when Bully Ray runs in for the save. The A&8s leave despite having a good 3 or 4 man advantage. Bully and Hogan stare at each other as some fans chant “shake his hand.” The Hulkster leaves.

– I think Jeff Hardy is talking to himself in a mirror. He’s talking about Austin Aries. Hardy is disappointed Aries would pay someone to hurt him. Hardy promises to beat Aries three times.

– Brooke is with Mickie, Velvet and Tessmacher. Brooke says Tessmacher has already proven herself because she’s won the title twice. Tessmacher says she’s been here the whole time and deserves a fair shot. Mickie James says she hasn’t had a fair shot at the title. Tessmacher gets eliminated because she didn’t get injured and won the title twice. Don’t get married or have success if you’re a TNA Knockout.

– Frankie Kazarian walks down the aisle with gifts in hand. There’s a throne in the middle of the ring. A Christmas tree as well. Kaz says he has the holiday spirit. His Christmas tree has two stars on top of it as we see a cutout of Daniels and Kaz atop the thing. He brings out Christopher Daniels.

Daniels is handed an appletini as he makes his way to the ring. Kazarian says Daniels can sit on the throne “FOR NOW wink wink.” He says Daniels has been a dear friend to him. Someone trustworthy and honest. A saint even. Kaz says he’s arranged for a very special visitor and that man is Santa Claus, “the man with the largest sack I’ve ever seen.”

Santa and Daniels shake hands as Kazarian introduces him. Daniels and Kaz have a gift for Santa since he’s always giving gifts to everyone. It’s a pair of Zubaz pants. Santa asks Daniels a question and asks him to sit on his lap. Daniels gets his picture taken as Santa asks if Daniels has been “a good boy.” The fans chant no because they’re dicks. Daniels says he’s been really good. He’s gotten rid of the biggest loser in Impact Wrestling history. Santa says since Daniels has given the Impact fans “what they wanted,” he can make Daniels’ wish come true. Daniels says it’s not about the gifts you get but the gifts you give. He asks Santa to give anything to AJ Styles’ kids because AJ is a loser that won’t be able to give them anything.

James Storm feels compelled to interrupt this for some reason. Storm is angry because Daniels and Kaz are making a mockery of Christmas. Storm says they can make fun of AJ all they want but can’t make fun of Christmas. I think he’s serious but it’s really hard to tell. Daniels brings up the fact that Storm is the reason AJ can’t wrestle for the World title for a year. Storm gets in the ring as Kaz hilariously tosses an ornament in his direction.

James Storm begins to question the authenticity of Santa. He’s now upset because he wanted a gun for his sixth birthday and didn’t get it. He wanted a truck when he was sixteen and didn’t get it. If this Santa is the REAL Santa, Storm wants to know what he asked for last Christmas. Santa says it was something country and brings up some country singer named Travis. Storm says he asked for a case of beer because those are expensive or something and then kicks Santa dead.

– Austin Aries questions why we can’t hear his inner thoughts. Hardy challenging Aries will turn out to be the biggest mistake of Hardy’s career.

– We get a name and face to the 1.3.13 promos. It’s Sting. He says he’s going to put an end to the Aces and Eights.

– We’re in the Aces and Eights clubhouse. They’re not pleased with what happened during the Hogan segment. Devon says he has someone in mind to take out Hogan.

– We’re in the final deliberations with Mickie James and Velvet Sky. Brooke Hogan says she’s doing Velvet a favor since she’s only wrestled one match and gives the title match to Mickie James.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Mickie James vs. Tara© w/ Jesse

Mickie goes for a quick rollup for one. She takes Tara down and tries another cover. Another one count. Tara sloppily reverses into a bridge but Mickie gets out of it. Forearm from James. Tara reverses an irish whip but Mickie gets another rollup. Two count. Tara cuts Mickie off with a knee. James ducks a clothesline and takes Tara down with a snapmare. James runs the ropes for momentum when Jesse trips her. Tara gets the two count off the move.

Tara tosses James across the ring by her hair. She brings James to the middle and covers for two. Se goes back to the cover and gets another two count. Another pin, another two count. Tara pounds Mickie in the back. She pulls James by her hair, forcing Taryn Terrell to count her off. Tara goes back to the hair, this time rubbing James’ face against the mat. Mickie’s head gets rammed into the mat twice. James is rolled over but Tara only gets a one count.

Tara corners James and attacks with a shoulderblock. Tara whips James hard across the ring and blows a kiss to Jesse. She hoes over to Jesse and kisses him before returning to Mickie for the pin. One count. Tara stretches Mickie’s body by placing a knee in her back and holding her arms. James elbows out of it but Tara puts her in a fireman’s carry. She goes for the spiderrack but Mickie reverses for a headscissors takedown. James gets the pin but Jesse distracts Terrell. Both girls are up but Tara takes James out with a powerslam that gets two.

Tara tries the standing moonsault but Mickie blocks it with her knees. Both Knockouts get to their knees and trade slaps. Mickie slams Tara’s face into the canvas and forearms her. Tara stops Mickie with another knee. She whips James into the corner but James blocks it with a kick. She gets another kick. Two clotheslines is followed up with a crossbody. Big neckbreaker from Mickie. She covers and gets two.

Mickie tries to pick Tara up but Tara strikes her in the chest. Mickie gets out of Widow’s Peak and nails her spike DDT. She goes for the cover but Jesse pulls Tara out of the ring. Terrell threatens disqualification as Jesse tries to walk Tara out. Mickie climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off and onto Jesse with the Thesz Press. She takes Tara back inside and tries to join her. Jesse stops her by holding on to her legs. Tara spikes Mickie’s knee into her own knee with an atomic drop looking move and gets the win.

Winner and STILL Knockouts Champion: Tara

– We’re in Louisville, Kentucky now. OVW. Joseph Park is being trained. Some of the past Gutcheck winners make a cameo. Sam Shaw (?) gets shoulderblocked by an old guy. Park throws a really bad punch so the trainer decides to show him how to do it. He punches Park in the face causing a nose bleed. This incites Park who takes the trainer out with the Black Hole Slam.

– We get reminded Aries paid the Aces and Eights off during his entrance. Tenay talks about the risk Hardy is taking by challenging Aries to this match.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy©

We return from break and the bell rings. The two try to take advantage with Hardy getting a side headlock for a bit. Aries breaks out and the two stand on opposite corners. They grapple with Hardy cornering Aries. Aries knees his way out of it. He kicks Hardy in the shoulder. Aries tries to throw Hardy’s face into the turnbuckle but Hardy gets out of it and does that to Aries. Hardy covers and gets a two. Body slam by Aries. He goes to the apron and tries a springboard senton. Hardy blocks it with his knees and throws Aries with a snapmare. Back dropkick gets a two count.

Hardy mounts Aries in the corner and punches him ten times. Aries is tied up in the ropes so Hardy takes advantage, sending Aries to the outside. Jeff measures Aries to jump out but Aries walks away, asking for timeout. Aries calmly return to the ring and we reset.

Aries kicks Hardy. He whips Hardy and takes the champ out with a forearm. Two count. Aries tries to lift Hardy but he punches his way out. Hardy clotheslines Aries out of the ring and goes to the apron. Hardy measures Aries again but Aries moves. Hardy flies off anyways but Aries avoids it. Aries returns to the ring and directs the referee to count Hardy out. This sends us to a commercial break.

Aries re-enters the ring with a senton on Jeff Hardy for a two count. He stomps on Hardy’s face before booting the champ in the back. Aries chokes Hardy with his boot. He uses the ropes to get air and comes down with an elbow drop. Two count. Aries pulls Hardy’s head back. Hardy gets to his feet and elbows out of it. Aries stops the momentum with a hairpull. Fistdrop by the challenger. Two count. Another elbow from Aries, this time to the back. He goes back to the face assault. Hardy gets to the ropes and elbows out of Aries’ grasp. Aries attacks the back with a punch. Hardy is down in the corner so Aries measures him and connects with a punch. Aries returns to the jabs. He follows that with an elbow to the head. Aries tries an irish whip but Hardy tops himself and takes Aries out with a headscissors takedown. Aries charges Hardy but Hardy gets his feet up. He comes down with a splash but Aries get the knees up. He covers and gets two.

Hardy blocks a brainbuster attempt and attacks with a front suplex. Hardy cuts Aries down with strikes. Aries tries a whip but Hardy comes back with a forearm. Front slam from Hardy. The champ goes up top and comes down with a splash. Two count. Hardy ties the Twist but Aries gets out of it. Hardy tries the headscissors but Aries swings Hardy off and onto the ropes, crotching him. Rolling corner elbow from Aries to Hardy. He flies into Hardy’s face with a big dropkick. He gets another two count.

Hardy counters another brainbuster attempt. He takes Aries out with a release powerbomb. Aries kicks out after two. Aries gathers himself in the corner and trades punches with Hardy. Aries reverses a whip but Hardy stuns him with an elbow. Hardy misses Whisper in the Wind completely. Aries picks Hardy up in the middle of the ring but Hardy knees out of his grasp. He boots Aries twice and sends him head first into the turnbuckle. Twist of Fate. Aries stumbles to the corner as the fans chant for Hardy. Hardy tries another Twist but Aries gets out. Aries goes up top and comes down into a Hardy reverse atomic drop. Hardy tries a catapult but Aries kicks him off, which forces the referee down in the process.

Aries connects with a lowblow and takes Jeff Hardy out with the brainbuster. He calls out for another ref and turns Hardy over. He covers and a new ref comes out. Bobby Roode pulls the ref out and counts on his own. He counts to two before getting Aries’ attention. Roode lays Aries out with a spinebuster and leaves. The ref and Hardy are both up now. Aries gets nailed with the Twist of Fate. Hardy goes up top, connects with the Swanton Bomb and gets the win.

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy

– Taz and Tenay make sure we knows Roode wasn’t helping Hardy so much as getting revenge on Aries.

– We’re in the back with Hogan. He says he’s going to clear up the World title scene in 2013. Hulk stops talking as we see Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray making out against a car. The Hulkster speeds off in his car and the show ends.