TNA Impact Wrestling Results – November 22, 2012

– Previously on Impact, Wes Brisco saved the day, Kurt Angle got him a spot on the Gutcheck, the Aces and Eights let in the Director of Chaos AND destroyed Magnus, and James Storm lost his #1 Contender spot.

– Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay and Taz welcome and wish us a Happy Thanksgiving. If you’re in America, I hope you’re having a swell one.

We immediately move to the ring with Jeremy Borash and Wes Brisco. Brisco’s opponent is Garrett Bischoff. They’re giving this legendary first time ever matchup on Free TV?

Wes Brisco vs. Garrett Bischoff

Wes goes behind and slams Garrett to the mat. Garrett elbows out and slams Brisco down. Front headlock from the Bisch. Wes gets a harmmerlock but Garrett reverses and gets one of his own. More reversals, this one results in a takedown of Garrett. Brisco misses the legdrop and walks into a Garrett armdrag. Both men admire the other for a while as Kurt Angle walks down to the ring.

Garrett and Wes lock up. Wes tries to take Garrett into the corner but Garrett is the one that corners Wes. Ref breaks it up. Both men with dropkicks that hit air. Garrett with the shoulderblock. Garrett tries a hip toss but Wes reverses. Shoulder tackle by Wes gets a two count. Garrett takes Wes down by the head into a side headlock. Taz is hyping Garrett as someone that’ll bring the fight to you. Fans clap Wes to his feet where Wes shakes Garrett off. Garrett comes back with a shoulder block. The two dudes trade forearms until Wes boots Garrett. Neckbreaker from Wes. Two count.

Big clothesline from Garrett. Garrett applies a chinlock as Angle shouts words of encouragement for Wes. Wes elbows his way out but Garrett clubs him against the head. Garrett with the whip but Wes comes back with a corkscrew crossbody. Leg sweep by Wes gets a two. Lots of counters. Wes lifts Garrett for a suplex but Garrett counters into a small package for two. Bischoff with a flapjack. Wes hits a really weird move that looked like a ranhei and gets the win.

Winner: Wes Brisco

– Angle, Bischoff and Brisco embrace in the center of the ring. The announcers tell us history has been made as Wes is the first man to win his Gutcheck challenge.

– Al Snow is in the back with former winners of the Gutcheck.

– We’re back from break and we get more Angle/Brisco/Garrett stuff. Angle is excited for THE FUTURE. He tells Garrett and Wes they have to slow down.

– It’s Joey Ryan time! Ryan grabs a microphone and talks about Open Fight Night. He says he knows a thing or two about the Gutcheck but he didn’t need Gutcheck to be a star. Joey Ryan was born a star! Ryan says Hulk Hogan can’t break up Ryan and Morgan. Hogan can’t break up the future tag team champs so Ryan calls out Chavo Guerrero. “Matt is big and Joey Ryan is a giant and everybody knows: size matters” – Joey Ryan.

Chavo reminds us he’s Eddie’s nephew and poses with an Eddie sign.

Joey Ryan vs. Chavo Guerrero

Ryan attacks Chavo as soon as he enters the ring. Chavo turns the tides and sends Ryan to the mat with a hiptoss. Splash to Ryan. Ryan asks for timeout but Chavo gives him uppercuts. Ryan takes momentum with knees but misses a splash. More uppercuts from Chavo. Guerrero sends Ryan facefirst into the top turnbuckle. He tries more but Ryan holds on to the top rope. Ryan attacks the back of Guerrero and poses on the top rope. Ryan with a blow to the face. He goes back to the injured shoulder. Chavo fights back but Ryan sends him into the corner. Guerrero blocks an attack but Ryan is there with a dropkick. Ryan goes for the cover (after a pose) and gets two.

Ryan twists Chavo’s head. Ryan tries more but Chavo delivers a dropkick of his own. The pair trade blows until Ryan reverses an irish whip. Chavo counters that into a headscissors takedown. Ryan sends Chavo onto the apron but Chavo punches him down and springboards in with a splash. Three Amigos. Guerrero points to the sky just in case we forgot about Eddie and climbs the turnbuckle. He points to the sky again when Matt Morgan enters the fray. Morgan grabs Chavo by the throat and delivers a gigantic chokeslam for the DQ.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero (DQ)

– Hernandez runs in after the bell is rung and chases Ryan and Morgan off.

– Austin Aries is in the back. The interviewer asks him his plans for Open Fight Night. Aries says he knows who he’s going to call out. That person doesn’t need a Gutcheck, they need a reality check.

– We are welcomed back to Open Fight Night with Sam “The C.A.W.” Shaw. Tenay lets us know he fought Doug Williams in his Gutcheck matchup and Taz says Shaw has a big upside. Shaw calls out the first Gutcheck winner Alex Silva.

Sam Shaw vs. Alex Silva

Silva enters the ring with a takedown of Shaw. Silva pounds Shaw’s head as Tenay explains what OVW is (it’s TNA’s farm system). Silva with a big back drop to Shaw. Silva needs knee pads. He punches Shaw down to the ground. Silva connects with an elbow before going for the pin. One count. Silva whips Shaw and lands an elbow on the rebound. Silva asks the fans if he should finish this now. He goes for the legdrop (second Gutcheck legdrop of the night) but misses. Silva whips Shaw across the ring and connects with a clothesline. Rear chinlock from Silva.

Shaw tries to elbow his way out but Silva slams him to the ground by the hair. Silva screams “O! CANADA!” and gets some boos. Another rear chinlock from Silva. Shaw gets out but Silva immediately takes him out with a body slam. Silva stomps Shaw with his boot and goes for a taunt. Another back drop but Shaw lands on his feet (kind of). Weak spear from Shaw. He mounts Silva and gets a bunch of punches in. Two dropkicks from Shaw to Silva. He hits the Randy Orton backbreaker and then a reverse neckbreaker. He climbs the top rope and connects with a legdrop off the top rope. Everyone is trying to make the Hulkster proud, brother.

Winner: Sam Shaw

– Eric Young (with turkey costume) is with ODB. They walk into Hogan’s office and ask about a turkey match. Young says it’s a tradition. He wants the turkey costume tradition to continue. Hogan says it’s OFN and he can do what he wants.

– EY and ODB are in the back again. The Robbies E and T aren’t pleased with the turkey suit. Last year, the turkey challenge ruined Big Robbie’s life. Robbie E (I think) wants Eric Young to call him out. Jesse Godderz walks by with Tara. He joins the conversation. Eric Young says he can call both of them out. The Ultimate Turkey Boy Extravaganza: Eric Young vs. Jesse Godderz vs. Eric Young. An instant classic.

– Keneley, Taz and Tenay recap the beatdown of Magnus last week. We get a nifty video package the highlights the path of destruction caused by the Aces and Eights.

– Devon and the Aces and Eights feast on a turkey. Devon says the Director of Chaos is at the table for the first time as a full patch member. Devon says they have some business to attend to and a man he calls “V.P” throws a dart at the board of roster pics. It lands, the A&8s laugh and we go to a commercial break.

– We return with a really decent Christian York video package. He’s the next winner out to the ring. York is handed a mic and he talks about his journey to the major leagues. He calls out Jeff Hardy.

Christian York vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy wrenches the arm and goes behind. York throws some elbows but he’s stopped by Hardy. They trade counters until Hardy knocks him down with an elbow. York works the arm until Hardy rolls out. York rolls along but Hardy sends him off. York fires back with a shoulderblock. Hardy lands a kick but York fires with some of his own. He takes Hardy off his feet with a dropkick to send us to a mid-match ad break.

We’re back with Hardy sending York into the corner. He delivers a kick before humping the air. This lets York counter a whip but Hardy counters with an elbow. He misses Whisper in the Wind and York gets a two. York grabs Hardy by the hair. He picks him up and lands multiple clotheslines. Another two count for York. York tries to lift Hardy but Hardy pucnhes his way out. York catches a Hardy blow in the corner and sends the Charismatic Enigma down. Flying Knee from York gets a two.

Mule kick from Hardy. He goes for his corner dropkick but York is out of the way. York goes up top and screams something at the fans. He misses a double stomp but takes Hardy down with a Half Nelson Suplex. Nice. Corner cannonball from York. Two count. York stays on Hardy and locks his legs around Hardy’s body. Jeff reaches the ropes forcing the break. York measures Hardy for a clothesline but Hardy avoids it. Hardy lands a kick but York counters a Twist of Fate. York lands a Twist of Fate of his own. Two count.

Hardy counters a York attack that Keneley calls Mood Swing. Hardy lands a front suplex and goes up top as Keneley lets us know Mood Swing is a swinging neckbreaker. York stops Hardy from finishing his ascent. York joins him and tries to set Jeff up for a superplex. Hardy with a sunset flip powerbomb. Hardy clothesline. An elbow. York reverses a whip but Hardy fires back with a forearm. Twist of Fate. Hardy goes up top. He nails the Swanton for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

– After match highlights, York and Hardy shake hands in the middle of the ring. Hardy goes up top to celebrate his win when Bobby Roode comes out of nowhere and kills York with a Spinebuster. He lands a spear on Hardy to a chorus of boos.

– A video package highlighting Taeler Hendrix plays next. She says she’s been busting her ass off at OVW and deserves to be with TNA Wrestling.

Brooke Hogan catches up with Hendrix in the back. Brooke says Taeler has a bunch of talent. If she has any nerves, she should use them as adrenaline.

– Taeler Hendrix is out next with her Open Fight Night entry. She calls out Tara.

Taeler Hendrix vs. Tara

Hendrix offers her hand for a shake but Tara slaps it away. The ladies grapple with Tara sending Taeler to the canvas. They meet again, this time with Tara going behind and slamming Hendrix to the mat. Tara gets her shoulders massaged by Godderz before re-entering the fray with strikes to Hendrix. Bodyslam. Tara goes back and shares a kiss with Jesse. Tara tosses Hendrix, by her hair, across the ring. Tara positions Hendrix in front of the camera and asks her to smile. Tara hangs Taeler by her hair across her back. The referee Taryn Terrell commands her to stop. Hendrix tries to fire back but Tara slams her down to the mat. Tara kicks Hendrix in the stomach and retreats to her boytoy Jesse. Hendrix catches Tara off guard with a dropkick and has a quick rollup for two.

Hip toss from Hendrix. Hendrix dodges two punches and delivers the protobomb. Headbutt from Hendrix. Multiple jabs meet Tara’s face. Crossbody. Hendrix covers but only gets a two. Jesse screams at Hendrix, causing the distraction. Tara tries to attack but Hendrix dodgers. Big roundkick to the back of the head for a two count for Hendrix. Tara stuns Hendrix by slamming her face first into her knee. Huge slap from Tara. Hendrix is taken out with the Widow’s Peak for the Tara victory.

Winner: Tara

– Up after the break, the Triple Threat Turkey Suit Match!

– Eric Young, Jesse Godderz and the Robbies E and T all make their entrances for the Turkey Suit Challenge.

Eric Young vs. Jesse vs. Robbie E

Eric Young grapples with the official as Robbie E and Jesse charge him. Young is there with a clothesline for both men. Jesse with an ax handle smash across the back. He whips Young and connects with a dropkick. Fistbump between Godderz and Robbie. Robbie attacks Young with an elbow. Robbie and Jesse converse some before they nail Young with a double team flapjock. Double poses. Robbie goes for the pin but Jesse pulls him off. Jesse tries the same thing only to be pulled off by Robbie.

The two heels bicker until Robbie strikes with a knee. Godderz blocks a strikes and pounds on Robbie in the corner. Young goes up top and connects with a missile dropkick. Forearm for Robbie E. Robbie whips Young onto the apron but EY makes his way back in. Big belly to belly suplex gets two before Jesse breaks it up. Tara enters the ring but ODB takes her out. Jesse chokes Eric Young with the rope as Robbie E rests in the corner. Tara and ODB roll over the official and out of the ring. Eric Young takes Jesse out of the ring but he’s caught by Robbie T. Robbie E tries an attack but EY gets out of the way and the Robbies collide. Jesse goes for his stunner but Eric Young counters into a rollup for the win.

Winner: Eric Young

– Jessue reluctantly takes the Turkey Suit as Tara re-assures him of his hotness. He puts the suit. The segment ends with Mike Tenay telling someone to alert TMZ. “The tradition lives on!” – Mike Tenay

– The fun comes to a crashing stop when the Aces and Eights attack Eric Young inside the ring. Devon strikes with the bat as a Prospect nails Young with a big boot to the face. ODB is handcuffed as the Aces and Eights stretch Young out. The Director of Chaos takes the hammer and slams it against EY’s ankle. Doc delivers another one as Devon screams “how does it feel!?”

Relief comes in the form of TNA officials and the Aces and Eights run off.

– We return from commercial action with replays of the Eric Young beatdown. Kazarian and Daniels are up next. They’re given a mic and they taunt the crowd for a bit. Daniels reminds us he challenged AJ Styles to one last match at Final Resolution. People have been asking Daniels why and Daniels says he’s the kind of friend always there in times of need. Kazarian calls out AJ Styles.

Kazarian vs. AJ Styles

Side headlock by Kaz. AJ tries to get out of it but Kaz drops to his knees to maintain possession of the hold. Styles punches Kaz off. They trade counters until Kaz gets a jackknife cover. AJ kicks out into the backslide. Two count. Small cradle for Kaz gets two. Styles takes Kaz to the corner. Kaz fires back with a kick to the midsection. He goes for an assault but Styles cuts him off with a dropkick. Kaz rolls out of the ring. AJ teases a chase but he leaps on the apron. Headscissors take down to Kaz. Back inside the ring, Styles takes Kaz down with a snapmare. Boot to the back. Backbreaker from Styles. AJ kicks Kazarian as Kaz squrims to the corner. The referee teases a disqualification but Kaz catches Styles with a hit to the eye.

Kaz corners AJ. AJ catches him with an elbow but Kazarian brings him down. Clothesline. Kaz boots the downed AJ Styles as the fans chant “AJ.” Kazarian uses the ropes for leverage and stands on AJ’s back. Kazarian lifts AJ and hits a gutwrench suplex. One count. Vertical suplex onto the top rope from Kaz. He punts the chest of AJ, forcing AJ out of the ring. Gangnam Style from Kazarian. AJ gets back in but Kaz clubs him across the back. Styles squirms out of a suplex and connects with clotheslines. He goes for a corner forearm but Kaz is out of the way. Springboard DDT to AJ. Kazarian and the referee argue allowing AJ up. AJ catches Kaz with a rollup but Kaz counters into a pin. He tries to use the ropes for leverage but only gets two. More arguing between Kaz and the ref. They shove each other until Kaz falls into a school boy for two. Kaz gets up but runs into the Pele Kick from AJ Styles. Cover gets the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

– We’re with Austin Aries in the back. He says the person he’s going to call out is going to open Pandora’s Box.

– TGMTEL is out for Open Fight Night, not in wrestling gear though. He says he’s been telling everybody he has big things. He says he isn’t getting a fair shake around the Impact Zone. The playing field isn’t even for Austin Aries. He says there’s one name responsible for his problems: Hogan. He says it’s OFN and he wants to call Hogan out.

He decides to clear things up and be more specific. He wants Brooke Hogan.

Brooke appears on the stage and Aries says he doesn’t want to wrestler her. He knows she isn’t a wrestler but she’s a Hogan. He says he’s tired of the name Hogan. He says Brooke is probably tired of that name too because she can’t hide her private life (as someone in the Impact Zone screams “you’re screwing Bully Ray!”). Aries says Brooke has dreamt of dropping the Hogan name. Maybe to become Mrs. Brooke Trump but she’d never dream of becoming Mrs. Bully Ray. Brooke scoffs at the idea.

Aries says Brooke looks confused so he shows her some footage from a few weeks ago. Aries walking backstage and passing by an argument between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan. He says that’s innocent enough so he shows footage from last week. Tara and Jesse walk in on Bully Ray and Brooke in her office. Brooke screams “how dare you” as Aries says she didn’t have to settle for Ray because A-Double could’ve given her all the stuffing she could handle.

That brings out the Hulkster. Bully Ray runs from behind him and chases Aries out of the ring. Hogan points at Aries and calls him a deadman. Brooke and Bully Ray share a glance with Hulk looking disappointed. Brooke says it’s not what it looks like and storms off ending the show.