TNA Impact Wrestling Results – January 24, 2013

– We kick of this week’s edition of Impact with a replay of last week’s wedding. If you missed it, Taz revealed himself to be apart of the Aces and Eights. We immediately go into footage from the post-show. We see Brooke standing over a downed Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray. Ray and Hogan hold each other’s hand and the fans chant the Hulkster’s name.

Hogan is helped out by Christian York and Sting while Ray is being helped by Joe Park and Tommy Dreamer.

– We’re not sent to a live (taped) shot with Todd Keneley and Mike Tenay. They mentioned Taz being gone. Tenay says last Thursday was the most shocked he’s ever been in his TNA tenure. He’s clearly upset.

– The Aces ad Eights are clapping while some masked dude drives around in a circle backstage. They raise eight fingers in the air and we get an opening Impact video package. This is new.

The A&8s, led by Taz, are walking down to the ring. Everyone’s wearing plaid and biker vests. Taz has the mic. He calls the Aces a machine. A machine with an individual agenda to get revenge and redemption. He says he’s under direction and living off a vision of a “higher power.” Now he runs down Brooke and Bully. They were just another victim. Taz says his contract makes him bulletproof. If anyone touches him, he basically owns TNA. Why would they give that to an announcer? “I’m Teflon Taz!” he says. He once again mentions the higher power and ends his promo.

– Tara and Jesse are in the back discussing her title defense against Velvet Sky. Jesse runs down Velvet Sky and says he and Tara are Impact Wrestling’s Power Couple. The KO title is on the line after the break.

– A really neat video package highlights the career of Christopher Daniels. We get sent to a live shot of Daniels and Kaz preparing in the back. Daniels calls tonight a turning point for TNA. They need Christopher Daniels because he isn’t a creature, he’s a feature. He rhymes some more. He’s going to be Christopher Daniels, World Heavyweight Champion…of the World.

– Taz is joining the announce table. Tenay says he has a lot of questions to which Taz replies “fire away, bro.”

TNA Knockouts Championship: Velvet Sky vs. Tara

After a lot of annoying bickering between Tenay and Taz, the match finally begins. Velvet goes for a quick roll up that gets a two. She wrenches the arm and goes behind. She transfers from a side headlock to another roll up. This one gets one. Tara sends Velvet to the canvas with a shoulder block. Tara is knocked down by an arm drag. Sky comes flying in with multiple forearms. She ends her combo with a russian legsweep sending Tara to the outside. Tara hops on the apron where she’s brought back inside by Sky. Sky connects with a low dropkick. She boots Tara in the rib area and Tara retreats with Jesse, sending us to a midmatch break.

Velvet lands a boot but a whip is reversed by Tara. Tara’s attack is countered by a Sky headscissors. Sky comes off the top rope with a crossbody. Pin attempt lands a two count. Sky chops Tara in the corner as Taz and Tenay return to bickering. Velvet moves on from chops to boots before sending Tara across the ring. She tries a monkey flip but Tara holds onto the ropes, sending Sky crashing. Tara gets a two on the pin.

Tara slams Sky’s face against the mat. Snap suplex gets a two count. Tara steps over Sky before connecting with her standing moonsault that gets a two. Rear chinlock is applied by Tara. Velvet gets to her feet and elbows Tara. Sky escapes but is caught by her hair and slammed down to the floor. Tara lifts Sky and tosses her, by her hair, across the ring. Tara positions Velvet in front of the turnbuckle and goes up top. Velvet Sky stops her and throws her from the top to the center of the ring.

Velvet connects with multiple shots to the face before knocking Tara out with a clothesline. She lands another clothesline before connecting with a headscissors takedown. Velvet lands a modified facebuster and goes for the cover. Jesse distracts Terrell during what would have been a victory for Velvet. Velvet rolls up Tara and gets a two count. Sky tries a suplex but Godderz grabs her feet, forcing Tara to fall on her. Tara covers Sky and gets a three as Jesse held onto Sky’s feet.

Winner: Tara

– An interviewer asks Sting who he holds accountable for the wedding. Sting says now is not the right time. He’ll address last week later.

– Kenny King is hyping himself in the back with Zema Ion enters the ring. King says tonight is about looking good. Ion should stay on the apron while King does all the heavy lifting.

– Joseph Park, with new lawyer music, is out to the ring with a black document in hand. His place is not in a courtroom or in front of a judge. His place is in an Impact ring. Park’s debut match didn’t go as he planned but he fought hard. He didn’t get “the ‘W’ as the boys call it.” Park wants to be the best in Impact Wrestling so next week, during Open Fight Night in the UK, he’s going to call out somebody. He raises his passport in the air and the fans are fully behind him. But who, Park ponders? He doesn’t want to kayfab everyone but he’s going to take the week and deliberate. He’s going to look at video, take “copious notes” and make his decision next week. It’s the television debut of Joseph Park and he’s going to get the W.

I believe in Joseph Park.

Zema Ion and Kenny King vs. Christian York and Rob Van Dam

I miss Joseph Park. Match starts with Ion and Van Dam. The opening headlock results in Ion booting RVD in the face. Ion lands a knee but is popped up by RVD. Van Dam connects with a double legged dropkick before tagging in York. York takes Ion down with a knee. He boots Ion in the back of the head and tags RVD in. RVD comes in and sends Ion flying across the ring with a big monkey flip. RVD kicks Ion in the face. RVD tries to gain momentum but King distracts him. Ion lands a boot to the back and tags King in. King hits a snap suplex. Cover gets a two.

Ion is back in. He kicks RVD multiple times in the ribs. Ion stomps on RVD’s chest before elbowing York off the apron. RVD fights Ion off but Ion gets the advantage with an eye rake. Ion sends RVD to the mat and climbs the turnbuckle. He misses a 450 splash. Ion prevents RVD from tagging but RVD stuns Ion with a mule kick.

Both partners are tagged in. York lands a modified russian legsweep. He lands a clothesline but is taken out by a knee to the face. York covers but it’s broken up by York. Ion and RVD fight while King stuns York with a jawbreaker. York fires back with a clothesline that sends King to the outside. King pulls York to the outside as RVD slams Ion to the mat. RVD goes up top but King shoves him into the top turnbuckle. King joins Van Dam up top but RVD fights him off. RVD signals for the frog splash but Ion sends RVD off the turnbuckle and onto the rail. Ion tags himself in as King gullotines York with the top rope. Ion distracts York allowing King to connect with a springboard blockbuster. Ion covers and gets the win.

Winners: Zema Ion and Kenny King

– Taz gets a call on his cell phone and is forced to leave the announce booth. Meanwhile, Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan show up 50 minutes late. Like Sting, Ray says he’s going to do his talking in the ring.

– Future Hall of Famers Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco are with Samoa Joe. Kurt has been ignoring the calls and texts of the young guys and they think Joe can contact Kurt. Kurt enters the lockerroom and Joe leaves, saying they’ll talk later. Angle updates Wes and Garrett on his condition and we head elsewhere.

– Elsewhere happens to be a video package for the Bully Ray-Brooke Hogan relationship.

That leads to Brooke and Bully in the ring. Ray says last week should’ve been the greatest night of their lives, in reality, it was a nightmare. A lot of people were hurt. Ray says he expected this from Devon but never from Taz. He asks Tenay where Taz went. He then calls Taz a coward. Ray doesn’t care that he got hurt, he’s mad because the Aces and Eights hurt the people around him. The only person that trusted him, Sting. The man he’s been trying to get the trust of, Hulk Hogan. The one the Aces hurt the most was the woman Bully loves. Ray promises revenge. Hilariously, Ray says he can’t get revenge until Hulk removes his suspension. This brings out Sting.

Sting says the world knows Hulk Hogan doesn’t do anything halfway. Sting says Hogan may have walked Brooke down the aisle but he’s still only come halfway. Sting says it’s time for Hulk to “go all the way.” Next week, Stinger and the Impact Roster (sans Jeff Hardy) are going to be in the UK. Sting wants Hulk Hogan to end the suspension that allows Bully Ray to show up every week, get microphone time and all of the regular roster perks.

– We get a highlight package of the confrontation between the Tag Team Champions and the team of Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. We’re backstage now with Aries and Roode hyping their superiority over the champions. One of them will have to face Hernandez and Roode volunteers Aries. Aries doesn’t disagree with Roode’s points but says Hernandez is the power guy. Roode is the power guy. He volunteers Roode for the position. They finally agree on Roode versus Hernandez.

– Taz is back in the announce booth for the next match.

Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez

Roode and Hernandez grapple with Hernandez sending Roode across the ring. Roode goes behind and clubs Hernandez over the back. He follows that up with an elbow. A cornered Hernandez is attacked with stomps and jabs to the head. Hernandez reverses a whip and sends Roode over his head. He lifts Roode up and puts him in the air with a stalling vertical suplex. Hernandez finally drops the It Factor and circles the ring. He stops Roode on the apron but Roode rakes the eyes. Roode comes back inside and connects with a neckbreaker. The cover gets a one count.

Roode boots the back of SuperMex. He corners Hernandez and connects with a shoulder block. Snapmare by Roode as Taz asks Keneley if he has a sense of humor. Roode jaws with Chavo before raking the back of Hernandez. Hernandez connects with multiple blows to the ribs. Hernandez tries to get some momentum but Roode elbows him to the floor for a two count. Roode drops an elbow. He follows that up by dropping the knee. The cover gets Roode a two.

Roode applies a side chinlock. Hernandez gets to his feet with Roode on his back. Roode tosses Hernandez onto the apron. Hernandez comes flying in the ring with a shoulderblock. Hernandez gets a corner splash and boots Roode in the midsection. He connects with a backbreaker and brings Roode to his feet. Roode boots Hernandez in the face. A chop by the It Factor. Roode tries to charge but Hernandez stops him with a shoulder block. Hernandez tries to fly out of the ring but Aries runs down and gets Roode out of the way. Chavo and Aries brawl with Chavo missing four punches before doing anything.

Inside the ring, Roode connects with a bulldog for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

– Kurt Angle is in the ring and he’s tired of the cheap shots and the injuries the Aces and Eights have brought into Impact Wrestling. Angle says Taz doesn’t know what revenge is. Next week, on OFN, Angle is going to get revenge by calling out Ken Anderson. He wants Ken right now because he has something to tell him personally.

Anderson comes out of the special Aces and Eights entrance and he’s decked out with an A&8s vest. He doesn’t want to fight Kurt next week. He wants to do it now. He strikes Angle in the face and connects with a barrage of punches. He takes his eye off Kurt for a second and is struck down by a clothesline. Angle tries to apply the Ankle Lock but Anderson escapes. Angle says there will be no escape next week because Angle-Anderson will be in a steel cage.

– We return to the Aces and Eights clubhouse with Anderson yelling at “hookers.” Devon asks Anderson to relax because the guys have a battle plan.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Christopher Daniels vs. Jeff Hardy

The match begins with Jeff Hardy clapping the fans into a frenzy. They hook up with Daniels guiding Hardy into the corner. Daniels lets go of Hardy, who goes back to clapping the fans into the match. Daniels attacks but Hardy gets him into a side headlock. Daniels takes him into the corner and connects with multiple shoulder blocks. Daniels whips Hardy but Hardy fires back with a headscissors takedown. Hardy clotheslines Daniels into a seated position and goes for a rope aided turnbuckle. Daniels rolls to the outside, forcing Hardy to fall to the mat. Daniels throws Jeff outside of the ring and Kazarian enters, raising Daniels’ hand in the air and sending us to a break.

He return with Daniels covering Hardy for a two count. Kazarian attacked Hardy during the break. Back in real time, Daniels points his elbow in the eye of the champion. Back body drop by Daniels. Daniels runs the ropes and collides with Hardy’s back. He covers, two count. Full mount striking from Daniels. He transitions that to a bunch of stomps. Hardy staggers around the ring and into the corner. Daniels guides Hardy to the center and headbutts him. He chokes Hardy with his knee. Daniels connects with a reverse neckbreaker, two count.

Daniels wrenches the neck of the champion. Hardy gets to his feet and elbows Daniels off. Like Tara earlier, Daniels pulls Hardy to the canvas by his hair. Daniels stomps on Hardy some more as Kazarian jaws at him from the outside. Hardy reverses a whip into a clothesline. Daniels and Hardy trade punches before Hardy goes low with a kick. He takes Daniels out with a forearm. Reverse atomic drop. Low legdrop. Double legged dropkick. Daniels blocks a kick but Hardy counters with a mule kick. Two count.

Hardy boots Daniels in the face and goes up top. He connects with a splash that gets a two count. Daniels catches Hardy on a counter and takes him out with a death valley driver. He goes for the pin and gets a two count. Daniels floats over and applies a choke with the leg. Hardy gets his feet on the ropes to break the hold. Daniels strikes Hardy in the face before placing him on top of the turnbuckle. He connects with another thrust to the face. Hardy fires back with multiple strikes and connects with a front suplex off the top turnbuckle. He covers, Daniels gets his feet on the ropes at two.

Daniels connects with Angel’s Wings out of nowhere. He goes for the cover but Hardy kicks out at two. Hardy goes up top for BME but Hardy rolls out of the way. Hardy misses Whisper in the Wind. Daniels goes for the cover and only gets two. Hardy counters a strike into a Twist of Fate. He lands another one and kicks Kazarian into the steel rail. He goes up top and connects with the Swanton for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

– Taz is angry over the result so he walks down to the ring and asks Hardy what he’s going to do when the Aces and Eights strike. This distraction allows a masked member of the Aces and Eights to attack the leg of Hardy with a hammer ending the show.