TNA Impact Wrestling Results – December 27, 2012

– Tonight is Open Fight Night and Todd Keneley, Taz and Mike Tenay let us know it’s the last one of 2012. Out to kick the program off tonight is Bully Ray. Ray says the last few months have made something obvious: he and Hulk Hogan cannot get along. Ray doesn’t know what he has to do. He wants to prove he’s trustworthy but the Hulkster just won’t open that door. Ray has respect for Hogan and tonight, he’s calling him out. Not for a fight but for a talk.

Hogan’s music plays but he’s nowhere to be seen. About a minute passes before a Hogan comes out, but it’s Brooke. Ray asks her where Hulk is and she just stares at him with the dead eyes she has. “He knows,” she says. She doesn’t know how he knows. Ray asks what does he know. “He knows about us.” Ray wants to know how he knows. There’s nothing to know about anything.

Do these people watch Impact? The show ended with these guys kissing.

Brooke says the Impact Zone isn’t the right place to deal with this. They have to go find him so she can show the Hulkster what kind of guy Ray is. This is pretty bad. Ray storms off and reiterates his confusion as to what there is to know. Brooke chases him and they try to have a secret conversation despite a camera following them. Awful.

– We’re with our friends Todd, Taz and Tenay. They call the Ray stuff awkward. Tenay says Open Fight Night is unpredictable because any challenge issued must be challenged (unless Hulk Hogan is being called out apparently).

Austin Aries is now making his way to the ring. He admonishes the crowd for telling him he sucks. Aries says he had Jeff Hardy beat last week. He should be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He was screwed and he’s calling that man out. He’s not mad at Bobby Roode because he did the same thing to him. They’re even now, one to one. Tonight the tie gets broken because Aries wants a fight.

But not right now, because the only place Bobby Roode and Austin Aries wrestle is in the main event.

– It’s time for Samoa Joe and he doesn’t look happy. Tenay says Joe has a “kickass physical presence.” Joe wants “Masked Man.” He promises an unmasking tonight.

Samoa Joe vs. MASKED MAN

Joe attacks MM on the opening. He gets a boatload of jabs in before the ref gets him off. An irish whip is followed by a charge and an enziguri. “A concussion like blow,” says Todd Keneley. Joe tries the unmasking but Masked Man goes for the eyes and lands a lariat. Masked Dude pounds Joe in the corner. He takes Joe to the center and connects with another blow. Joe falls in the middle rope and the Masked Man chokes him. Cover gets a one.

Masked Guy applies a rear chinlock. The crowd is pretty dead. Joe gets to his feet and elbows his way out. Masked Man stops it with a knee and a strike to the back. Joe avoids a charge and connects with the high corner knee a la CM Punk. He tries the Muscle Buster but Masked Dude punches him. He flies off only to land on a Joe atomic drop. Joe takes Masked Man down and lands the Senton. He measures Masked Guy and gets the Coquina Clutch. Joe and Masked fall to the floor. A lengthy struggle ends with a Samoa Joe win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

– Joe turns the Masked Man over and puts him in a sitting position. He starts the unmasking when he’s chased off by other members of the Aces and Eights. That reveal of Ryan Braddock will have to wait another day, I guess.

– The Robbies are conversing when Jesse passes by. They make fun of Jesse for being with Tara. They exchange verbal jabs, Robbie E fails to spell stupid. E says tonight is Open BRO Night and he challenges Jesse to a Bro Out.

– Kenny King and Christian York are talking backstage. King plans on calling out RVD and he tells York to watch and take notes.

– Robbie E and T are in the ring now. E says it’s not Open Fight Night, it’s Open BRO Night. He calls Jesse Godderz a wannabe Robbie E. “The fake Robbie E.” He wants Jesse to come out so he can show him what it’s like to be a real bro.

E says there are three rules to a Bro Off. Rule number one is “every bro for himself.” Rule two says everything you do, has to end with bro, bro. He asks the DJ to hit his music, bro. And starts dancing, bro.

It’s Jesse’s turn and he poses to music. “That’s how you bro off, dude,” says Jesse. Robbie E saw two problems. He says in a bro off, it’s bros, not hos and points to Tara. The other problem, which he addresses as problem #3 is that Jesse ended his thing with dude, not bro, bro. Robbie E starts to announce himself the winner when Robbie T says there’s one more bro to go. He starts posing.

Robbie T actually saved this from being awful. He did the “carrying your partner over your head thing” like Jesse does with Tara and he started dancing badly.

– RVD is out for OFN. He says his efforts have elevated the X Division to a new level. Van Dam calls out Christian York. We cut to a backstage camera with King and York with King looking very upset.

Rob Van Dam vs. Christian York

York goes down low with a dropkick. An Irish Whip is reversed by RVD. They dodge moves and trade blows. York counters a roundhouse kick to a neat half nelson suplex. RVD catches York’s foot but York attacks him with a kick. York headscissors Van Dam out of the ring. York brings RVD back in and climbs the turnbuckle. He nails RVD in the back of the head with a missile dropkick. RVD misses a clothesline, allowing York to connect with a neckbreaker. “Mood swing,” says Todd Keneley. They trade kicks with RVD sending York into the corner. RVD tries his monkey flip but York strikes with a high knee. Cover gets two.

York goes up top and connects with a double stomp to the back of the X Division Champion. He pins and gets a two count. York measures RVD and rushes for the corner cannon ball. Van Dam avoids It and connects with a blow to the face. York fires back with one of his own. York stuns Van Dam with a kick but RVD reverses a whip. York tries a headscissors but RVD catches him for a side slam. Split legged moonsault gets a two count.

Spring board side kick from Van Dam to York is followed up with the Rolling Thunder. He goes up top for the Five Star and connects for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

– Devon is trying to talk the Aces and Eights into a new recruit. Doc, with two random girls, walks in and Devon asks if it’s going to work. Doc says yes.

– We’re in Louisville, Kentucky with Joseph Park. He says wrestling is in his blood. He talks about his brother Chris and great grandpa Jebidiah. Park says he’s set the bar, Danny Davis says Park isn’t ready. Park got his face busted up and he snapped “in a good way.” Danny Davis says whatever that was got his attention.

– The Impact MVPs, Daniels and Kazarian are wondering why their merchandise isn’t in stock. Kaz tosses a bunch of AJ Styles shirts in the garbage as Daniels says they have one more gift for us.

– Daniels is out now. The fans chant “where’s your boyfriend.” That’s a thing. He says he’s had a great 2012 and it’s time for him to give back to all the little people. He calls out AJ Styles for one last time again.

Kaz is out in AJ gear. Daniels addresses him as “AJ” and asks if he wants to do it one last time. Kaz grabs the mic and mocks Styles’ accent.

Fans: We want AJ.
Kazarian: I’m right here *AJ Styles pose*

Daniels says they won’t have Styles-Daniels one last time again but the fans can admire them. This brings out Chavo and Hernandez. Chavo says they are going to end Bad Influence’s year on a bad note with a “foot right up your rear.”

Daniels and Kazarian vs. Chavo and Hernandez

The four men brawl with Hernandez and Chavo clearing the ring of Daniels. Chavo lands a senton on Daniels. Supermex is there with a splash. Cover gets two. Chavo is tagged in as Kaz is slammed to the mat. Chavo flies with a springboard senton. Kaz pokes the eye and tags Daniels in. Daniels is hiptossed by Chavo. Hernandez is back in as they double whip Daniels. Hernandez catches Daniels with a bearhug. He releases him with the belly to belly and admires the damage.

Chavo is legal now. He climbs the turnbuckle, flying down with an axe handle. Daniels falls to the corner where Chavo attacks with a multitude of kicks. Hernandez is tagged as Chavo lands the body slam. Hernandez slams Chavo on Daniels. Kaz tries to come in so Chavo slams Kaz on Daniels. Chavo nails Daniels with a short drop kick. Hernandez chokes Daniels in the corner with his legs. Big splash from the big man. Hernandez applies a front face lock. Chavo cheap shots Daniels in the face. Daniels retreats to the corner and asks for a time out as we get sent to a commercial break.

We return with Hernandez having Daniels in the air for a stalling vertical suplex. He finally drops Daniels and measures him. Kaz distracts Hernandez but he’s struck by Daniels when Hernandez dodges a clothesline. Hernandez sends Daniels out of the ring and follows him. He puts Daniel back inside and leaps for his shoulderblock. Kaz drags Daniels out of the way and Daniels takes advantage of the fall, tagging in Kaz. Kaz mounts Hernandez and punches him in the face. Daniels back in, the pair double team Hernandez into the turnbuckle. Daniels steps on Hernandez’s throat, forcing a ref break. Double team elbow/leg drop from Kazarian and Daniels is followed up by a Kaz pin that gets two.

Kaz applies a front headlock. Hernandez gets to his feet but Kaz pounds him back down and into the heel corner. Kaz chokes Hernandez with his boot before going back to the front headlock. Daniels nails Chavo in the face as Hernandez starts to get momentum. The heels double team as Chavo tries to get in, gaining the ref’s attention. Corner forearm by Daniels. Hernandez staggers into a spin kick from Kaz. Daniels pounds Hernandez in the back. Daniels corners Hernandez and climbs him for the mounted punches. Hernandez tosses him off and nails him with the big shoulder block.

Kaz and Chavo are tagged in. Chavo head scissors Kaz to the mat. Monkey flip centers Kaz. Spinning back breaker gets a two. Chavo two of the three amigos but Kaz gets out of it. Chavo quickly goes back and nails another suplex. Pinfall is broken up by Daniels. Daniels and Kaz double team clothesline Chavo. That gets a two count. Chavo sends Kaz and Daniels out of the ring and get the crowd hyped. They both leap out of the ring and onto the heels.

Chavo rolls Kaz back in and gets his springboard senton. Cover gets a two count. Kaz whips Chavo into the corner. He rushes but Chavo places him on the apron. Kaz misses a springboard assault so Chavo goes upstairs. Frogsplash gets the win.

Winners: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

– Jeff Hardy says revenge is on it’s way for Aries but he’ll enjoy watching him and Roode beat each other up.

– We’re back in the Aces and Eights clubhouse. Mr. Anderson is the mystery man they were talking to. Devon says they have an agenda as two ladies rub up against Anderson. Ken Anderson is unsure if he wants to do it. The women whisper something in his ear and he says he’ll consider. He asks for time to think about it and Devon is okay with that.

– Gail Kim is up next for the women’s rendition of Open Fight Night. She calls out Miss Tessmacher.

Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher

Opening grapple results in Kim taking Tessmacher to the mat. Kim wrenches the arm. Tessmacher tries to escape but Kim slams her to the mat. Tessmacher gets up and takes Kim out with a hiptoss. Pin gets a one. Kim charges but Tessmacher stops her with a drop toehold. Tessmacher attacks with the Stink Face. Kim dodges a Tessmacher charge but Tessmacher audibles and lands a clothesline that sends Kim out of the ring. Tessmacher sends Kim back inside. She tries to return but Kim catches her. She slams Tessmacher’s face to the mat. Big belly to back suplex gets a two count.

Kim picks Tessmacher up by the hair and slams her into the turnbuckle. Kim tries to climb but Tessmacher fights her off. Kim goes up anyways and tries a hurricanrana. Tessmacher holds on and Kim falls to the mat. Kim gets to her feet so Tessmacher grabs her and chokes her up top. She comes down with a flying forearm and gets a long two count.

Kim catches Tessmacher with a big leg to the head. A forearm is followed by an irish whip. She rushes into Tessmacher with a shoulderblock to the midsection. Kim lifts Tessmacher and places her head near her ass. She tries the back body drop again but Tessmacher counters into a bulldog. Tessmacher fires with multiple forearms and a big clothesline. Another clothesline. Hurricanrana by tessmacher. She climbs a cornered Kim and brings her down with a big face buster. Two count.

Kim counters a Tessmacher manuever but Tessmacher stops a clothesline with a neckbreaker. Tessmacher screams and climbs the ropes. She comes down and eats canvas as Kim moves out of the way. Eat Defeat from Kim grabs her the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

– We return with hype for next week’s Impact. It’s the first one of the new year and Sting is coming back.

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

Roode grapples Aries into the corner. Aries dodges a Roode punch. Roode dodges an Aries punch. Roode goes behind Aries, Aries reverses it. He wrenches the arm until Roode takes him down with a drop toehold. Aries does a drop toehold of his own. Aries sarcastically claps. They trade words as Roode extends his hand for a shake. Both men try to kick the other at the same time. Roode is bleeding from his ear. Roode gets the side headlock and takes Aries down with a shoulderblock. Aries falls to the mat and holds his knee. Roode tries to attack but the ref holds him back.

Roode attacks the “injured” knee and tries to lock on the figure four. Aries kicks Roode to the outside and runs to springboard to the outside. Roode comes back in and cuts Aries off. The two trade shoves as the show goes to break.

I think Jeff Hardy is watching or something. We hear the embarrassingly bad inner monologue before the break.

We are back with Aries and Roode trading body blows. Roode lands the vertical suplex. He misses a knee drop which allows Aries to connect with a low dropkick. Aries tries an elbow drop but Roode rolls out of the way. Roode sets Aries on the top turnbuckle and pounds him the head. He climbs the ropes but Aries stops him with punches. Roode stays on his game and tries the superplex. Aries stops him some more. He slaps his hands around Roode’s ears. Roode does the same to Aries. They repeat the procedure. Aries connects with the eye poke so Roode does the same. Roode boxes the ears of Aries once more. Aries does the same. He does it again. Once more. Roode finally falls so Aries measures him. Roode sidesteps a dropkick and tries the spear.

Aries catches him and latches on the Last Chancery. Roode breaks out of it by drilling Aries’ eyes. Roode catches the arm and applies the Crossface. Aries breaks out by going towards the eyes and the two reconnect. Roode kicks Aries and places him in the corner. They trade corner blows. Now they trade blocks. Roode drops to his knees and asks for timeout. Aries rushes towards him but gets rolled up for the pin. Earl Hebner counts two when he sees Roode’s feet on the ropes. Aries catches Roode with a roll up and holds the tights. Roode rolls out of it and Hebner takes him to task for holding the tights.

Roode drops Aries with a huge spinebuster that gets a two count. The It Factor leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. Hebner takes it away which allows A Double to get up. He connects with a huge rolling forearm that gets him the two count. Aries leaves the ring and gets the chair. Earl Hebner screams at him too. Hebner gets mad at both men for “breaking every rule.” The both nail Hebner in the midsection and toss him out of the ring.

No contest

Aries and Roode stare at each other before rushing for the chair. They play tug of way with the chair when Jeff Hardy’s music hits. He comes from behind and decks both men with clotheslines. He clotheslines Aries out of the ring and lands the Twist of Faith on Bobby Roode. He stands tall in the middle of the ring as the show comes to a close.